WhatsApp is a messaging app that serves as an alternative to the messaging and calling service from your phone network. It is free and one of the most popular chat and call apps on your app store.

You can make free international calls and receive and send photos, videos, documents, and messages. It is also easy to connect with people in your contacts since the app will identify who in your contacts is a WhatsApp user. You can respond to messages in numerous ways, one of which is an animated heart. Below, you will find the steps that you need to take to send an animated heart.

1. Launch your WhatsApp app. The icon resembles a speech bubble with a phone inside of it against a green background. If you cannot find the app, swipe up on your Android or down on your iPhone and it will reveal a search bar that you can use to search for the app on your phone.

chat section

2. When you launch WhatsApp, it will open to the home screen, which will be the Chat section of the app. Here, you will need to find the person that you want to send the animated heart to. If the messages are recent, then the person will be located near the top of your Chats list. You need to tap the message thread to the person that you want to send the heart

tap text field

3. Once you tap the message thread, you will see the messages that you have sent to that person. At the bottom of the screen you will see a horizontal message oval. You will need to tap the message oval to reveal the keyboard that you need to send the message.

4. After you see the keyboard pop up on your screen, you will need to go to your emojis. To go to your emoji section, look at the icons on the top of your keyboard. The emoji icon is usually the second icon from the left, and it usually resembles a happy face icon. Tap the icon to reveal all of the emojis that up can use.

go to your emojis

5. After you tap the emoji icon, you will see all the recent emojis that you have used. At the bottom of the emoji section of your keyboard, you will see icons that classify the emojis. You need to tap the smiley face to navigate to the emoji category that has the hearts.

6. In this category, you will need to scroll down until you see the hearts. They are usually past the face emojis.

tap the heart

7. Once you get to the section with the hearts, you need to tap on the red heart. It will not appear animated when you initially tap it.

send the heart

8. Tap the arrow in the bottom right corner of the keyboard. This will send the heart to the contact that you selected.

Now, after you send the heart, you will see it move back and forth slightly.