Can I See Who Has Watched My Video on Facebook 2024

Can I See Who Has Watched My Video on Facebook

One of the most common questions regarding media uploads on Facebook is whether or not there is a way to see who has watched a video you uploaded on the application.

This is something that most Facebook users have wondered at one point in time or another, as it is natural to be curious about the different people that may be regularly viewing your videos.

Unfortunately, Facebook does not offer this information to the user. While Facebook likely has data on the individual users who have viewed any given Facebook video, it is not made readily available to users on the app.

This can be frustrating as not having access to this type of information will keep you from being able to determine who has been visiting your profile and watching your videos. This guide however can offer some ways around this restriction of information and help you easily determine who has been recently viewing your videos.

All of the methods in the guide below have been proven to help accurately determine who has recently viewed a video you uploaded to Facebook. Use the list of methods below to help you bypass Facebook’s current restriction on this type of information.

How To See Who Has Watched Your Video On Facebook

The next part of this guide will focus on the different ways that you can determine who has viewed a Facebook video that you have uploaded to the application.

There are several different methods that you can consider that will all increase your chances of accurately determining who has viewed your Facebook videos.

Some of these methods include paying attention to the other types of interactions users have with your video and also minding who is currently active on the application at the time of the video upload onto Facebook. All of these methods will be discussed in detail in the list below.

1. Look At Who Likes Your Video

One of the main indications that someone has viewed your video on Facebook is leaving a like on your video. “Likes” on Facebook are ways for other users to interact with posts and videos on the app. It can be satisfying for users to see their video “like” counts grow.

If a user has liked your video on Facebook, you can safely assume that they have seen your video in some capacity. While this cannot account for all of the total views that your video has, it can help to determine at least some of the people who have viewed your post.

Facebook will automatically notify you of any likes that your videos receive in real-time. This can help you determine who has viewed a video and also the time they did it. Business pages can also use their video “likes” to determine who exactly is interacting with the post.

2. Look At Who Comments

By the same token, if someone has commented on a video you have made on Facebook, then you can safely assume that they have seen the video. Keeping track of who has commented on the video can help you determine some of the activity your video is receiving.

Even though you will not be able to approximate the exact identity of everyone who has viewed your video, this will at least give you some indication about who has been looking at the videos you make.

If you have a business-type page, where some of the videos you make are targeted to advertise your services or products, the number of comments your receive can also be a good indicator of who exactly is interacting with your video.

3. Look At Who Is Active When You Posted The Video

When you use Facebook on a desktop or mobile device, your presence will be visible to other users of the application who are currently online. Your status will be set to active and you will appear in the currently active list of people you are friends with.

When making your videos and uploading them to the application, pay attention to who is currently active to help determine who from your friends’ list might be viewing your videos. While this method cannot determine exactly who has viewed your video, it can help you make a more accurate estimate by using the currently active list.

Keep in mind that some users could have their currently active status hidden from other users on Facebook. This can lead to your video being viewed by friends that you do not currently see active online.

4. Ask On Your Story Who Watched The Video

A very straightforward approach is to simply post a story or new post asking for a roll call of people that have viewed one of your videos.

This will allow you to get a more accurate representation of who is viewing your posts on Facebook. That being said, you should consider people who decide not to reply to your request. This can affect the overall accuracy of your information.

This is possibly the easiest method of determining who has viewed your Facebook post, although it does require some cooperation from your friends on the app.

How to See How Many Views Your Facebook Video Got

Luckily, it is much easier to determine the number of views on a Facebook post than it is to determine an exact user. Facebook offers more detail regarding the number of views than it does particular user views. Some of the ways to see your views on a Facebook post are listed below:

Tip: If you want to see who viewed your Facebook post and not specifically your video, then this is also possible.

1. Check People Reached on Facebook Page

Facebook automatically displays the number of people your post has reached at the bottom of your posts. These numbers will only be visible to the original poster of the accounts. This information can also be accessed from the Insight menu.

Your insight menu offers you a decent amount of information regarding your account’s interactions with other users on the application. There, you can find detailed graphs and charts representing your post views and frequency of views.

Having a Facebook page that is separate from your regular profile offers many more insights into the activity of your posts. Typically these types of pages are coined as business pages. People often create these pages to advertise their products or services on the application.

2. Check Insights

Your Facebook insights let you take a closer look at your page performance, including data on how many views your posts are receiving. Insight data is saved for two years. Keep in mind that if your page has been created as a community page, you will not have access to insights.

Using Facebook insights, you can better understand how other users are interacting with your profile and the posts you make. You can also view general page performance information and which of your posts receive the most interaction.

These are features that are similar to those of popular Facebook extensions like Flatbook and Super Viewer. Insights are only available for pages that are separate from typical user accounts.

If you have a standard Facebook account that is not intended for some form of advertising, then you will not have access to the same level of insight, though there will still be some general post information available.

3. Check Who Interacted With The Post

You check who interacted with your post using the Insights menu on the page that you are posting from. Using this information, it can be easy to determine who has been viewing your posts on Facebook.

You can also access more detailed post-interaction data using Facebook Insights if you are posting from a Facebook business page. Standard Facebook accounts will still have access to some level of insight such as a list of who has interacted with their post.

4. Post A Story Saying, If You Saw This Facebook Post, Reply to This Story

If you want to know for sure who has seen your Facebook post, the simplest way to do this is to post a story asking for people who have seen it to reply.

This will give you the chance to accurately determine some of the people who have seen the post. While this will not account for all possible post views, it will give you a little more insight into your post’s interaction activity.

Why Can’t I See Who Viewed My Video On Facebook?

Facebook does not make certain information available to the users of the application. This includes the specific identity of someone who has simply viewed your Facebook video.

While you will be notified if there has been some type of interaction like a comment or a “like”, someone just viewing your profile, post, or videos will not trigger any type of notification.

This is to help retain a level of anonymity and privacy for users of the Facebook application. Users might wish to keep their viewing of your post a secret for some reason. To get around these data limitations, you can use a third-party extension to gain more insight into the specifics of who is viewing your profile or posts.

Are There Apps That Show Who Viewed Your Facebook Video?

Many applications claim they can accurately display who has viewed your Facebook post. Generally, these claims are unfounded, but users have reported success using the two Facebook extension applications detailed above.

Flatbook and Super Viewer are the two most popular Facebook extensions. They add new features to Facebook like deep insights into who has viewed profiles, posts, and videos. They also offer real-time notifications to help you stay caught up with any potential activity that your post might get.

These are third-party applications and as such, should be used with caution. Third-party applications have been known to cause errors when using Facebook. That being said, these two applications are widely used and have generally favorable reviews.

Using an application to show who viewed your Facebook post is the best way to find out exactly who has been seeing your posts. Facebook Insight provides some level of detail but pales in comparison to the amount of information available when using Flatbook or Super Viewer.

Keep in mind that some third-party applications that claim to reveal who has viewed your Facebook posts can be predatory. You typically have to provide your account information like username and password when using these types of applications. Adding your account information to a fraudulent application could cause you to lose your account entirely.

Final Thoughts

This guide has provided you with all of the information that you need to accurately determine who has been viewing your Facebook videos. As this guide states, Facebook does not make this type of information readily available to the user.

Because of this, it is necessary to use some of the methods contained in this guide to help you get around these restrictions and determine who has been viewing your videos on Facebook. You should also keep in mind that any third-party applications or software that claims to be able to reveal this type of information to you should be avoided, as they are almost guaranteed to be a scam.

Using dangerous third-party software could compromise your Facebook account or even worse damage your device. It is wise to use the methods listed in this guide to help reveal who has been viewing your Facebook videos rather than attempt to utilize potentially malicious third-party applications.

There is likely a good reason for Facebook not to natively display who has viewed your videos. It is most likely to ensure privacy and a level of anonymity while browsing the app. You will only be notified when another user has somehow interacted with your account. These interactions include likes, shares, and comments.

It is likely that in the future Facebook will implement a native feature that allows users to view who in particular has viewed one of their posts. Until then, this guide can be a valuable asset to help you determine the identity of potential viewers of your videos.

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