Are you getting everything out of Instagram that you could be? If you are just a regular Instagram user that is just using the app to share your photos and videos with friends, then you might not care about who is viewing your videos very much. If you are using Instagram for a business support tool or as a business platform itself, then you may want to look into how to view who is looking at your posts so you can capitalize on every opportunity. One of the most useful pieces of data from Instagram is how many people watched the videos you posted.

Instagram became famous for posting edited photos but has in recent time it became more and more popular to post your videos as well. If you are using Instagram to run social media campaigns for your business or you make your money directly from Instagram then it is really important to not just post videos, but to see how many people are viewing your video, what kind of videos are getting the most attention, and who exactly is viewing the content you are putting out. Keep reading if you are interested in getting the most out of Instagram for your business.

To see how popular a video is, is a very simple process. To find out how popular a video you posted is, you just have to look at the views or Follows. After you do this for one video, you can compare it to other videos that you have posted to see what videos went over better with your audience. Sadly, you cannot view who specifically looked at your videos. The numbers behind your videos are called metrics and they are the most important thing to look at when you are promoting yourself on social media or promoting a business. Its all about the numbers.

The number of views does not include videos that are on a loop. It doesn’t matter how many times a person loops your video it will only count as one view. The number is individual times a video is played is what this number shows. A view requires a person to watch your video for more than three seconds to count. If you made the video before 2015 it will not have a view counter under it.

Making a Business Profile on Instagram

If you really want to focus on getting the most out of your Instagram for yourself or your business, then you really need to convert it into a business profile. If you do this, it will give you the ability to view way more info about your posts than on a regular Instagram account.

Metrics might seem like a boring topic to deal with, but if you are spending money to bring in business or to promote yourself on Instagram then you need to be able to tell if the money is going towards to right things. If you are putting money into it, you need to be able to have a good grip on where and why you are putting the money where you do.

When you convert your Instagram account into a business account you have access to more metrics than just a regular Instagram account. These are called Instagram Insights and these tools are only available for photos and videos you post after you convert your account into a business account. So, the earlier you convert your account the better off you will be. You will start collecting data on your posts this way before you spend a bunch of money on the wrong promotions.


Impressions is the number of times your post has been viewed in total. The only issue with this measurement is that one person viewing the post over and over can push the numbers higher. That can mean the post seems like it reached a lot of people, but it could have been just a few people watching it over and over. This is a good tool when used with the rest of the tools but could be misleading by itself.

View Count

video views

This metric has already been mentioned but it is a useful tool and worth mentioning again. This is available to everyone on Instagram just by looking under the video you posted. Again, the Instagram requirement for a view to count is three seconds.


Reach is a very important number for people using Instagram for a business or personal promotion. Reach is exactly what it sounds like. It is how many people viewed the video post. Not how many times they watched it, but how many actual people viewed the post. That means that someone could watch your video 100 times and this number will only increase by one because only one person viewed it.


Now, Follows might be one of the most important numbers and most useful metric for video posts. This is the number of users that started to Follow your account on Instagram after they watched the video you posted. This can help your business or promotion by telling you what content is good at bringing new users in to regularly access your content.

How to Find Your Metrics

The way you find your metrics for a video on your Instagram business account is a very simple process. All you have to do is tap on the post of the video or photo you want to see the metrics for. Choose View Insights. This will bring up your metrics page for the post you tapped on and you can view all of the metrics data for that post only.