Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites today. With over a billion active users and a large amount of multimedia content, Instagram gives its users access to media from everywhere in the world in a variety of forms.

There are pictures and videos that you can post to your profile for everyone who views it to see. You would have to manually delete these. The other way to post content that is viewed is to post a Story, which is a picture or video that stays on your profile for 24 hours.

People who view it are able to replay it as many times as they’d like until it is deleted after 24 hours or taken down by you prior to the 24 hours. If you are interested in seeing who is viewing your Stories, follow the steps below.

1. Launch the Instagram application. Its icon looks like a multicolored square with a camera outline in the middle of it. If you can’t find where it is located in your phone, swipe down on your iPhone screen or up on your Android to reveal a search bar that you can use to search it.

2. You will now be on your Instagram feed where you can see the posts of people you follow or of the people whose posts you regularly like, or red heart. Locate the Stories at the top of your screen in the small circles at the top of the screen.

3. The circles that you see in a colored outline are the Stories of the people you follow, and you can view these by tapping on them.

4. You need to look for the circle in the farthest left corner of the screen. If you’ve posted a Story, you will be able to view it here.

5. Tap that circle and it will take you to the Stories that you have posted. Since they delete after 24 hours, you will only see the ones that you have posted within that time frame.


6. In the bottom left corner of the Story, you will see a few overlapping circles with profiles in it. These are the profile pictures of some of the people that have viewed your Story. Tap on this.

7. A list of people who have viewed your Story will appear. You can scroll through them and see their profile names. You can also see if they screenshot your Story.

Instagram doesn’t have a built- in feature that allows users to see who viewed their profile due to user privacy. Looking at who viewed your Story is also a way to see who visited your account recently since the third- party apps that claim to give you the ability to see who viewed your profile don’t work.

If you have a public profile, however, this may not be an accurate representation of the followers who regularly view your profile since anyone who comes across your profile is able to view all of its content.

Check who views your Stories on a daily basis to get an accurate idea of the number of followers who regularly view your profile.