Recently Added is a Facebook feature that allows you to see friends that have been added to your Friends list recently.

The best thing about this feature is that you can see other peoples recently added friends to see if they’ve been accepting new people to their Friends list – this feature is great if you want to spy on a partner or friend.

Request Desktop Version Facebook

Since this feature is only available on the desktop version of Facebook, to find someone’s recent friends on your iPhone or Android mobile/tablet, you’ll have to request the desktop version of Facebook in your browser.


  1. In Safari, go to and log in
  2. Go to someone Facebook profile
  3. Click the address bar at the top of Safari

Request desktop version Facebook

3. In the URL, remove ‘m.’ in

desktop version of Facebook

4. You’ll be taken to the desktop version of Facebook in Safari


  1. Log into in Chrome
  2. Click on the 3 dots at the top right

Desktop version Facebook Chrome

3. Click Request Desktop Site

4. Doing this will take you to the desktop version of Facebook in Chrome

See Someone’s Recently Added Friends

  1. Go to a friend’s Facebook profile

Facebook profile desktop on mobile

  1. Click on Friends on the left side of their profile

Someones recently added friends mobile

  1. Click Recently Added in the menu above
  2. A list of their Recently Added friends will be displayed

How Long is a Friend in Recently Added?

A new friend on Facebook stays in Recently Added for 3.5 weeks from when the friend request was accepted.

This duration means that you’ll only be able to see someone’s recently added friends on Facebook if they’ve made a new friend within the last 3.5 weeks.

This 3.5 weeks duration was tested by someone in the Facebook community a few years ago.