When you like the content on Instagram, it’s made public for everyone who follows you to see. If someone doesn’t follow you, they can’t see what you like on Instagram. If you’re aware of this feature, you may restrict the things that you like because you know that others can see it.

Posts you've liked

If you want to see the content that you’ve liked on Instagram, click on your Profile > Settings > Account > Posts you’ve liked. From here, you can see all of the posts you’ve liked in chronological order. You can also choose whether to view this as singular posts or as a collection in the thumbnail view.

If you want to see want someone else liked using this feature, it’s not possible. There isn’t a way to collectively view the posts someone has been liking like with the ‘Posts you’ve liked’ feature’, but there is a way to see their like activity depending on the time you’re looking.

To see post someone else has liked:

Go to Instagram

1. Go to Instagram.

Click the Notification tab

2. Click on the Notification tab. This tab is the third button at the bottom, and it’s represented by a heart or Instagram like icon. In the notification page, you’ll see 2 tabs: You and Following.

3. Click the Following tab. This will show you the activity of everyone you follow by chronological order.

Find what someone likes

4. Scroll down to see the post someone else likes. With this feature, you can see the videos and photos someone is liking, what they comment on, comments that they like.

The Problem with this Feature

1. The first problem with viewing what someone likes on Instagram is that you can’t see the private posts that they like. With the Posts you’ve liked feature, they can see all the posts they’ve liked but with the following activity feature, you can only see the public posts they’ve liked – you won’t be able to see the posts of private accounts.

2. Another problem with this feature is that you can only see a maximum is 8 posts that they’ve liked. If they’ve been liking posts consecutively within a short time frame, then you’ll be able to see 8 posts that they’ve liked. If they’ve like more than 8 posts, you’ll see this activity below the first 8 posts depending on when they’ve liked it.

3. Another problem with this feature is that you have to keep scrolling down just to find what someone has liked. If you follow a lot of people and you’re trying to look at the activity of one person, it’ll take time to find their activity each time. If they rarely like posts, you may waste your time scrolling down just to see their activity. If you don’t like this feature, you can hide your activity from other people to stop them spying on you.