Craigslist started in 1995 and is a website that is used by anyone who wants to browse, share, or post a classified advertisement of just about any kind. Craigslist includes ads for things like job postings, goods and services, housing, things for sale, and even local events or news. The only kind of ads that Craigslist doesn’t have is personal ads.

The nicest thing about Craigslist is that is costs absolutely nothing to use. The website had a huge impact on the newspaper ad industry. Ads were how most papers made their money until Craigslist came along. It changed how easy it could be to post an ad and kept you from having to pay for all those pesky cost per letter ads in your local paper.

The website was created mainly to be used as a way to buy and sell items from local people in your area. The man who created it wanted people to be able to not have to worry about shipping goods and things like that and wanted people to be able to make transactions easier and more accessible to everyone. This being the case, Craigslist has a different domain for each location it has which means that if you are on the Indianapolis Craigslist site, only things in Indianapolis will show up.

Now of course people have been finding ways to get around this since the website started. It would be nice to be able to search all of Craigslist for many different reasons. Say you are trying to sell something that not many people own, and you need to search countless cities to see what people are selling their items for to get a good idea of how much you can sell yours for.

Basically, using it as a pricing tool for items. Imagine if you could search everywhere instead of one city at a time looking for the needle in the haystack. You can do it, but not through the Craigslist website sadly. It does take the use of third party tools to bypass restrictions and to search all of Craigslist at once.

Searching All of Craigslist at Once Using Web Based Search Engines

Most people use a computer to do their searching through Craigslist. You can search with a mobile device but doing it from a computer is just an overall better experience and easier to find what you are looking for. These web based Craigslist search engines make it easy to look through listings that are not in your Craigslist area and some of them can even show you listings from other sources like Craigslist online as well.


Statewidelist is the name of the first search engine in this list. This does exactly what you would think. This makes it easy to search your entire state for a certain item compared to the normal Craigslist search. You go to this sites home page and enter the name of the item you are looking for and then select a category to narrow the search if you want.

You select your state you want to search as well. You can even search for listings on Canada if you want. Underneath the spot you choose the sate you want to search is a few search filters you can choose between as well. This is one of the search engines that show listings from a different source along with your Craigslist results.

You can see postings on eBay using Statewidelise to help find those items that may be out there but not necessarily on Craigslist. eBay may have way more results for the item you are looking for than Craigslist, so this makes this search engine a good tool to have at your disposal.


SearchTempest is another one of these web bases search engines you can use to search Craigslist. This one is different than the last though. This search engine gives you the ability to search within so many miles of your city or zip code.

This allows you to not be restricted to just the city you live in but allows you to see listings from surrounding areas within whatever distance you choose. SearchTempest also allows you to search Canada for listings just like Statewidelist. You can also search using categories, sub-categories, and limit your results to posts that include pictures or with a certain price range.

If you really want to broaden your search, you can even search by state or world wide using this site which is incredibly useful compared to some of the other options available to search through Craigslist listings. The last feature worth mentioning here is that you can organize your results by distance or mileage.

How to Search All of Craigslist at Once on Your iOS Devices

If you are an iPhone or iPad user, the best way to search through Craigslist for anything would be using an app instead of the browser. The only problem with that is there isn’t an actual Craigslist app. There are, however, multiple apps on Apple’s App Store that will help you search through listings from Craigslist.

CPlus is one of the apps you can get on your iPhone or iPad that makes it easy to search through the ads on Craigslist. This app is color coded to help simplify the process of searching for what you want. This search engine has a large number of features. The most important feature is probably the ability to search multiple cities at once when using the app. That is the main goal here after all.

CPlus will even show you results inside a map view that you can create right in the app. That makes it extremely easy to find exactly where your item is located and how long it may take you to get there to pick your prize up. You can post your own listings using this app also. You can completely replace using Craigslist directly just by using this app. You can do everything you may need to on Craigslist through this app.

Qwilo is another app that you can use on your iPhone or iPad to search the cities and neighborhoods around you for listing on Craigslist. This year the developers of Qwilo made an ad free version available. If you want to get notifications or alerts sent to your device then you will have to upgrade to the Pro version of the app.

You can search through listings from multiple regions at once which is what makes it stand at the top of the search engine lists for you to use on iPhone or iPad. This is a great app for the all around Craigslist user and you won’t be disappointed if you decide to go this route.

How to Search All of Craigslist at Once on Your Android Device

The Google Play Store has a fairly large number of apps that will allow you to search through Craigslist listings as well.

CPlus makes the cut again on Android just as it did on the iOS devices. The Android version of the app functions basically the same way as the iOS version, but it does look a little less sharp which is hard to believe because the iOS version doesn’t look that great either. But it doesn’t really matter what it looks like. It matters how it works, and this works beautifully for searching multiple locations at the same time when looking for an item on Craigslist

Postings is the other app that makes the list for Android apps that you can use to search Craigslist listings in multiple places at once. This app looks amazing and you can tell that this app was built for easy regular use by the user. Postings has a pretty powerful search engine but you still can’t search the Personals section of Craigslist.