How to Scrape Emails From Instagram (9 Ways)

How to Scrape Emails From Instagram

Can You Scrape Emails From Instagram?

Yes, you do have the ability to scrape emails as well as other information from an Instagram profile.

Platforms like Instagram do not only have an account’s email and phone information. They also hold the key to the things that users like and follow, meaning it is able to be customized if an email scraping platform is used. The information gained from scraping allows them to mass email potential clients, begin a mass texting campaign, as well as conduct cold calls.

The importance of a target audience in the business world cannot be understated. Platforms that conduct email scraping services are giving these businesses the information they need quickly.

The act of scraping emails from a social media site is legal, though it could be in violation of the terms and conditions, depending on which social media site is being used.

How to Scrape Emails From Instagram

There are three methods that can be used to scrape Instagram for emails, including using an external software, hiring a professional who will complete the same tasks as the software, or utilizing an extension. The method used is dependent upon the actual volume of data needed to be extracted.

If you need to scrape the emails from Instagram, you will start by first going to an Instagram profile. From there, select their followers list. Now that you have the list of followers, you can being scraping emails. Consider these options below:

Option 1 – xEmailExtractor:

xEmailExtractor makes the process of scraping Instagram emails incredibly easy and has a five star review from Trustpilot. Depending on which version you are using, it gives you the opportunity to scrape up to a million users within a 24 hour period, which would certainly give you an incredibly large pool of potential customers.

xEmailExtractor does not require any form of installation because it is an independent site. Also, users purchase credits to be able to conduct their Instagram email scraping, and those credits do not expire, meaning if they are not needed immediately, they are still accessible.

This site does not require you to provide any of your own Instagram account information to use, so it can also help protect your Instagram profile and the connections you are forming with potential customers from being suspended for scraping emails.

xEmailExtractor will provide you with more customer information that just their email, as well. The reports will also include details like their Instagram account username and the number of followers they have, their name, and additional information like their location if they provided that information on Instagram.

Your report will be available to you in the form of a Google Sheet, which you can then edit or export to Microsoft Excel. It works quickly and also allows you to scrape email information by hashtags, a followers list, or a following list.

The pricing for this tool varies, with the Basic Plan costing about $42, the Business Plan costing about $118, and the Premium Plan costing about $327.

Which plan you choose will be determined on your needs, so be sure to examine what each plan offers before making your selection.

Option 2 – GrowMeOrganic:

GrowMeOrganic allows you to scrape emails from either the followers or following list of an Instagram account. To use, access GrowMeOrganic’s website. You will have to create an account, and will be able to try it out with a free two week trial.

Once you have created an account, search for the Instagram handle for the profile that you want to scrape emails from. You can use filters to ensure that you are using the correct profile, like being able to search for an Instagram profile that also has a website or distinguishing a minimum and maximum amount of Instagram followers.

Once you have located the correct profile, select the “Extract User” button and GrowMeOrganic will begin scraping the follower’s user data from the provided Instagram account.

After the two week free trial, you will have to purchase a subscription to continue to use the service. The Starter Plan is $39 per month, the Growth Plan is $79 per month, and the Pro Plan is $159 per month.

Option 3 – ScarpingBee:

ScarpingBee is one of the most highly recommended Instagram email scrapers available, and makes the process of collecting data fast and efficient.

It works the same way as xEmailExtractor, and provides you with valuable Instagram user information that is not just limited to emails.

Your report will also provide you with account’s bios, profile pictures, location, tags, and other contact information. You also have the capability of scraping keywords, so your potential customer pool is extended beyond the list of Instagram followers to users who may not be following a particular account.

It runs as its own website, so again it allows you to conduct your Instagram email scraping needs without potentially jeopardizing your business’ Instagram account and its following.

The reports are made available to you within Google Sheets, allowing them to be edited, and can be downloaded to Microsoft Excel. ScarpingBee also utilizes a large proxy pool, which is technology lingo that means it is fast and has a wide reach.

Like other options, it will cost you; after all, information like emails is valuable. A Freelance Plan will run you about $49 a month, a Startup Plan is $99 a month, a Business plan is $249 a month.

ScarpingBee also has the availability of creating an Enterprise Plan, which you can customize to your specific needs. This plan’s price varies depending on your selections.

Option 4 – ScrapyGram:

ScrapyGram is another service available to you online that will scrape the emails of an Instagram account’s followers or following list. The site claims to do it all for you, and works simililarly to GrowMeOrganic.

After you have created an account, you will need to enter in the information for the Instagram account that you wish to scrape from and then allow the program to do the work.

This option is also not free, but is priced differently than other options. Instead of charging you a monthly subscription fee, you are charged by “pack”.

ScrapyGram determines your cost based on the number of profiles and records that need to be scraped, and you will be offered a quote.

These packs range is price, from $50 for the Standard Pack, $195 for the Professional Pack, and $930 for the Enterprise Pack.

Option 5 – Fiverr:

Fiverr connects consumers with different service providers located around the world and has over 1.4 million freelance providers available.

Though there are providers that do more than just scrape Instagram emails, you can use Fiverr to locate a person to conduct your scraping for you.

Depending on your needs, this method can be a less expensive method to conduct Instagram email scraping and would be less likely result in your Instagram account being suspended.

The person you hire will scrape Instagram for emails or other wanted data, like contact information and hashtags.

With some providers offering the service for as little as $5, it is certainly an affordable method; however, remember that the prices vary amongst the providers and the amount of information you are looking to obtain.

Option 6 – IG Email Extractor- Scraper for Instagram:

This option is actually a Google Chrome extension instead of a separate website, meaning you install it within Google Chrome to use for scraping Instagram emails whenever you are accessing Instagram through Google Chrome.

This option can be done on you PC, or can be used on your mobile device if you choose to access Instagram through your phone’s Google Chrome browser. If you think this method might be for you, especially because it allows you to conduct the scraping from your mobile device, you will have to start by installing the Chrome extension.

Go to the Google Chrome Extension store on either your device or PC and type in IG Email Extractor, or click on the link provided above. Once you have located the extension, select “Add to Chrome”. The extension will be installed.

To access it, go to Instagram on your device or your PC while in Google Chrome to determine the account that you want to scrape emails from and then select your extensions in the top right corner of the screen.

Select IG Email Extractor and enter in the necessary information. The extension will begin scraping and will provide you with your list of potential customers.

The extension is free to install and can perform your scraping needs if you are doing so on a smaller scale; however, a premium subscription is required to do more.

Option 7 –

Though not exclusively created for Instagram email scraping, this is a viable option that you can use to obtain a list of potential clients. utilizes bots to perform multiple functions, and claims to enhance a business’ income up to 30%, though this could vary.

The platform does have the ability to use bots to determine potential customer leads for a business and will then send those leads emails, and can also perform an Instagram email scrape for you that will provide you with data including Instagram bios, URLs, and account information.

The information is sent to your inbox in the form of CSB file attached to an email and will scrape about one hundred different Instagram accounts in one day. will take it a step beyond just giving you the data through its capability of sending emails, meaning that you can potentially connect with your scraped Instagram consumers without having to physically send the emails, thus increasing your productivity.

It will also work on a competitor’s Instagram business profile, meaning that you can pull the information from their followers list. utilizes a credit system to pay for its services and varies depending on much information you need to scrape. You purchase the credits, and then use those credits to pay for the bots as well as other available services.

Option 8 – Profilemate:

Similar to, Profilemate utilizes bots to conduct the Instagram scraping, meaning it works quickly. It provides similar data as the other options on this list, including user’s emails, bios, locations, hashtags, and potentially their company and title.

Your result files are available within your Google Drive, Dropbox, or can be downloaded as a ZIP file to your PC. The reports can be exported as PDF or CSV files, depending on your preferences.

The platform boasts that it can send your emails to your pool of potential customers for you, meaning it cuts down on your work load. The pricing starts at $67, which you pay once, and then the price will vary dependent upon what services and needs you have.

Option 8 – Proxycrawl:

Proxycrawl is designed as a track and trace software, meaning it has features that extend beyond Instagram email scraping; however, it will also perform this service. Unlike some of the other options on this list, Proxycrawl does not work exclusively with Instagram to collect data.

It is also compatible with other popular websites like Facebook, Amazon, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn. Proxycrawl will extract your data anonymously, which protects your Instagram account.

The information you gather from this service can be stored in your Cloud Storage, which helps keep your device’s storage lowered. Pricing beings at only a $1 a month and is customized to your needs, and a free trial is offered if you want to try it before you start paying.

Option 9 – Instagrow:

Instagrow is another Chrome extension that will scrape emails off of Instagram through a following list, followers list, hashtags, or a location.

Because it is a Chrome extension, you can install this on your PC inside Google Chrome and then also potentially use it on your mobile device.

To use, select the extraction type as well as the Instagram handle you want to gather your information from.

You will not have to enter in your business’ Instagram information, so it is a more protected method that may prevent your account from being blocked or suspended; however, if Instagram recognizes that you are using the extension, you could find your account deactivated or locked.

Though it will give you the information you are looking for, you probably will not want to use this method often or you will risk your Instagram account.

Pricing for this option is technically free, because you can download it as a Google Chrome extension, though you may find yourself having to pay if the free options are not giving you what you need and you choose to upgrade your account.

Keep in mind that Instagram is not a fan of their user’s data being extracted, so these methods could cause some problems for you.

The social media giant strives to provide a safe platform, and if they feel that their users cannot trust them, then they will be the ones losing business because there are so many available social media outlets.

For this reason, Instagram has policies regarding things like email scraping and can take action against you for violating their Terms of Use.

If they suspect your account, you could find it banned, either temporarily or permanently. Though more of a deterrent, a permanent ban would result in you having to create an entirely new Instagram account and starting all over.

If you are using your Instagram account to grow your business as well as perform email scraping, you will lose anyone who started following you and the progress you have made in increasing awareness of your product or service.

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