Sending texts to one another has definitely become the most popular form of communicating with one another. Everyone has a phone in their hand but seems to prefer just sending a message instead of talking on the phone.

Since this is how people communicate now, so there are usually a lot of information and conversations that need to be remembered or want to be remembered so you just continue to not delete the text conversations for what may be months or even years. These messages can contain videos and photos that you hadn’t saved anywhere other than in the text conversation. Nobody wants to lose those. It is really easy to accidentally delete a text conversation.

The easiest way to keep old text messages is to save them. This isn’t as easy as it may sound though. Saving text messages is different than just saving a photo or other document to your device.

It takes more time and more steps, but it is manageable for sure. You are able to save text messages on iPhones and Android devices, so no matter which team you’re on, you can save yourself from the heartbreak of losing your texts.

Save Text Messages iOS Devices

If you have an iPhone and don’t have iTunes, you should download it. This will make creating a backup of everything on your iPhone fairly simple and is easier to retrieve the data later from iTunes rather than using iCloud. It is not required though and you can use a different method if you do not want to use iTunes.

When you make an iOS back up you will be able to save the majority of stored data on your device. You can save iMessages, SMS messages, and MMS messages.

1. Open iTunes on your computer and connect your iPhone to it

2. In the top left corner of your iTunes, choose your device by tapping the icon that matches your connected device

3. Click on the Summary tab and then click Back Up Now on the right side of the Manually Back Up and Restore section of the screen. The Back Up should automatically go to the Latest Backups section

1. iExplorer

Now here is the important part. You need to find the Back Up after its saved. If you want to be able to access the texts anytime on your computer, you will need to download another program called iExplorer. Sadly, this is not a free program and will cost you $40 for the basic version. You can use this on a Mac or a PC.

1. Download iExplorer and install it on your computer. You will need OS X 10.9 or higher for Mac and Windows 7 or higher on PC. When you are done with the installation, open the program

2. You need to find the Browse iTunes Backups section that should be in the column on the left side of the screen, then click on the backup you want to take your messages from. In the backup click Messages

3. Your text messages will come up and your conversations will be in a list on the left of the screen. Pick the conversation you want to see, and it will show on the right side of the screen including any shared photos of videos. You can sort the conversations by Name, Date, and Number of messages.

4. You can export the conversation as a PDF, TXT, or a CSV file. You are also able to export only the photos and videos if you want.

2. Use iExplorer Without Using iTunes

The iExplorer program can pull backups from iTunes, but it can also pull text messages directly from your device to avoid having to use iTunes.

1. Make sure you have downloaded iExplorer and have it installed. Open the program now and it will open to the Device Overview Screen

2. Now, Connect your iPhone or iPad and then click on the icon that matches the device on the left side of your screen. Click on Data Messages on the right of the screen. You will have to Load Backup Data because you never made a back up. Click on this option and create a backup. When you are finished you can continue to follow these instructions

3. iExplorer will bring up all the messages you currently have on your device. On the left will be a list of conversations that you can choose from. When you click on one it will show it on the left hand side and you can look through them.

You can filter it just like before with Names, Dates, and Number of messages. You can also choose to filter the conversations to only show attachments, videos, and photos

4. Now, you can export the conversation with everything that is contains including photos videos and attachments to a PDF, TXT, or CSV file format

3. Print Your Texts from Your iPhone

If you want a hard copy of your text messages, you can print your conversations out after turning them into a PDF. Just send the PDF to your email and then download the file and print it wherever you like.

Save Text Messages on Android Devices

A great way to save text messages on Android devices is SMS Backup & Restore. This is a free app that does exactly what you would think it would. It backs up your text messages and can save them to your device, upload them to your Google Drive or a similar storage service, or export them to your computer.

This is a great way to save your messages to multiple locations and do it rather quickly. You will need to have Android 4.0.3 or higher for this app to work.

1. Saving Texts Using SMS Backup & Restore

1. First, you need to download and install SMS Backup & Restore to your Android device and then open it when your finished installing

Select messages to backup

2. On the main menu, tap Backup now and this will start the process of creating a backup file. You can choose what data you want to save from information, to conversations, and choose where the backups will be saved.

You can choose between saving the texts to your phone, Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive. You can name the backup file whatever you like as well so it will be easier for you to find the right one later on

Make regular backups

3. There is a feature in the app that also allows you to schedule regular backups so that you don’t have to constantly do your backups manually. Just open the menu in the top left corner that looks like Three Horizontal Lines and tapping on the Settings option.

2. View, Restore, and Migrate Your Saved Texts

Migrate Your Saved Texts

1. You can find your saved text messages on the main menu of the app by tapping on View Backups. When you do this, you can view your backup in XML format and you also change where the file is saved in the Settings of the app

2. If you are switching to a new phone, you can also use the SMS Backup & Restore app to send all of your texts over to your new device. The developer of the app has a guide on how to do this that you can find online.

3. Print Texts from Your Android

You can also print your text messages out using your Wi-Fi network or a USB cord to connect your phone to your computer. There are apps you can download from the Play Store.

These apps let you print entire conversations from your phone including the images and emojis that were sent in the messages. They usually include the date and time the messages were received. This can be really nice to have if you need records for a court case or for proof of something for a police investigation.

The first app is called SMS Backup+. This a very popular app that you can get on the Play Store. The app lets you backup SMS, MMS, and your Call History. You can use this app to transfer your messages from your Android to your Gmail.

You then download the message files from your Gmail and then print them out. This whole process is free since the app is a free app. You may have to pay for the printing cost depending on where you do it of course.

The next app here is SMS to Text. It is an SMS backup and recovery app. This one is different because it lets you export SMS messages and convert them into Plain Text and CSV file formats.

If you pay for the premium version of the app you can also export your SMS messages by converting them into Excel and HTML file formats and send them as attachments to your email. Then download and print them with no problem.