Tinder Keeps Showing Me the Same Profiles? Try This!

Tinder Keeps Showing Me the Same Profiles

With thousands of users on Tinder every single day, it’s strange to see the same Tinder profile appearing. Why on Earth is that happening? Why do you keep seeing the same profiles? Is there a bug? Unlikely. It’s more than likely that Tinder is simply doing its job.

There isn’t one sole reason that profiles keep appearing on Tinder. It’s a complicated, layered, system that makes it so. Let’s explore why it’s happening to you.

Why Does Tinder Keep Showing Me the Same Person?


With hundreds of Tinder users every day, it is unusual to see similar Tinder profiles come up again and again. What in the world is provoking this to happen? Why do you keep seeing the same profiles? Is there a bug? Unlikely. Tinder is most likely merely doing the legwork.

There is no one reason why profiles continue to appear on Tinder. It’s a complicated, overlaid mechanism that makes it so. Let us investigate why this is happening to you.

1. They Made A New Account

Most likely, you’re not seeing the same Tinder profile. If their account reappears after you’ve swiped left, it might be a new account they’ve created, and you mistakenly believe it to be the previous one. After the first swipe, you’ll have to swipe left again to avoid seeing it again.

If you’re not sure if it’s the same person, here are some ways to tell:

  • Check their bio.
  • Check their photos.
  • Check their distance.
  • Check their interests.
  • Check their username.

If you view any of these things, it might be the same person. Tinder is the best way to find someone you like because you can see who they are before talking to them. You’ll never have to worry about that awkward “hello” if you know what they’re into. And if you’re not into them, swipe left and move on. It’s that easy.

2. You Unmatched Them

It is a situation that many of us have experienced at one point or another. You match with someone on Tinder, you have a great conversation, but then you decide to unmatch them. A few days later, you see that same person’s profile again, wondering why. People wonder if you can match with someone after unmatching them and you’ll be surprised. Just because you unmatched someone doesn’t mean they’re gone forever.

Did they see your Tinder profile and think you were interested? Is it a glitch in the system? You can’t figure it out, but you do know that you don’t want to be matched with them again. It happens because Tinder thinks you might still be interested.

3. Tinder Thinks You Guys Will Get On

Tinder has a feature that alerts you when someone you’ve matched with is nearby. It’s called the “Nearby” feature. You may toggle this feature on and off in the settings. But what if you keep seeing the same person? If you keep seeing the same person, Tinder might think you and that person are a match.

And if you’re not a match, Tinder might think you two will get along. The result? The same individual keeps popping up in your “Nearby” list. It can be frustrating, especially if you’ve already matched with that person and want to swipe left.

4. You’ve Already Swiped Through Your Potential Matches

If you’ve swiped through everyone in your radius, Tinder might show you the same accounts again. According to a study done by the app, which looked at 1.8 billion swipes in total.

They found that, for most users, the chances of seeing the same person more than once were pretty slim. However, for a tiny minority of users – just 0.6% – the chances of seeing the same person more than once were much higher. Why does this happen? Well, it all comes down to how people use Tinder.

Most people only swipe through a few people. The problem with swiping through everyone within your radius and having to expand your radius is that Tinder will start showing you people that are too far away.

5. They’ve Liked You Before

Have you ever seen the same profile on Tinder? They’ve liked you before. Your ex? It’s like a game of a never-ending cycle. The app is notorious for giving people an endless number of matches, but sometimes it’s the same person popping up.

It’s frustrating, especially when you’re looking for someone new. We’re all human, and some people might be embarrassed to keep liking the same person. That’s why it’s essential to check the “Likes You” section in your profile to see if you’ve selected the same person. You can also check your messages to see if they’ve repeatedly sent you the exact text. Now you know that they’re the ones liking you.

If they liked you earlier and you swiped left, Tinder may continue to present them to you because they are interested in you.

6. You See Them When You Use A Boost

If you utilize a boost, you will get shown folks who are interested in you. The possibility exists that they saw your profile again while you were promoting and decided to swipe right on you.

7. You’ve Deleted Your Account and Came Back

Because of how intricate Tinder’s algorithm may get, you may start seeing the same individuals repeatedly after a while. So much so that you may not even notice that you’re talking to someone new. Especially if the persons that appear in the card stack are users who you are constantly swiping left on, this may be an issue.

A widespread habit among Tinder users is to delete their account entirely from the app. To put it another way, remove everything and start anew. It provides them with a clean slate and results in more logically related matches. But why does it make a difference?

The fact is that when a Tinder account is erased, and the user returns to the app, they are starting from a position of relative strength. Tinder doesn’t know where to put them since they haven’t been using the app for long enough for it to know where to position them logically. You’re likely to come across them in the stack again, particularly if they’re nearby.

8. The Unthinkable Happened…

The first possibility as to why you’re seeing Tinder profiles reappearing is they swiped left on you. It doesn’t matter if you swiped right on them, but because they swiped left, your interest in them is ignored. It’s not uncommon for that same person to show up again.

However, that isn’t the entire story, but rather one piece of the puzzle.

9. You Weren’t Interested

It’s also equally likely that you did the left-swiping on them. Guys especially are known for swiping left on just about everyone (you just want to be loved, and that’s understandable). Unfortunately, there isn’t an infinite number of profiles in your area so some users are bound to repeat.

Again, it doesn’t quite hit the nail on the head. Let’s take a look at another reason.

10. They Deleted Their Account, Then Came Back

Due to how complicated Tinder’s algorithm can get, at some point it may seem like you’re seeing the same people over and over. So much so that you may not even be seeing anyone new. That can be a problem if the people showing up in the card stack are users you keep swiping left on.

A common practice that Tinder users perform is nuking their account. In other words, delete and start over. This gives them a clean slate to work with and, hopefully, matches that make more sense. But why does that matter?

Well, it just so happens that when an account is deleted, and that person returns to Tinder, they are working with next to nothing. Tinder doesn’t know where to place them because they haven’t used it long enough to provide matches that make sense. You will end up seeing them in the stack again, especially if they’re nearby.

11. Broaden Your Horizon

One of the most likely culprits is your own preferences. When you created your account, and throughout your time using it, Tinder has created a pretty good idea of what your preferences are. However, one detail that can be altered at any given time is radius, and it can affect the frequency you see certain profiles.

When you match with others on Tinder, it uses your location to provide a list. That list is determined by how large or how small the radius is. For example, if your radius is set to 20km, then Tinder will only look for profiles with 20km of you in all directions. If you could see yourself on a map, you would see a circle around your exact location.

So, why does radius matter? Well, it means the people you are seeing are nearby, within that radius you’ve set. Meaning possible matches are limited. There aren’t an infinite number of matches within 20km. At some point, you’ll see the same people show up, especially if you are using Tinder from the same location.

Furthermore, a user’s radius also determines how frequent they’ll appear on someone else’s card stack. For example, if you set your radius to 10km and a match sets theirs to 20km, you two are bound to see each other on Tinder. Your radius and theirs overlap. This also applies to age and other preferences you can alter.

12. Algorithm Dictates Your Fate

Tinder keeps tabs on your profile. No, not like Big Brother style. Instead, it keeps tabs on your matches and such. It helps provide you with more viable matches. But what happens when you match with someone that goes south?

If Someone Keeps Coming Up on Tinder Did They Swipe Right?

If someone keeps coming up on your Tinder profile, it doesn’t necessarily mean they swiped right on your, it just means Tinder thinks you’re compatible. The only way to know for show if someone has swiped right on you is that you swipe right on them and it’s a match or they show up in the liked section. 

How To Stop Seeing The Same People On Tinder?

If you keep seeing the same people on Tinder, it’s time to get out of your comfort zone and explore new people. Luckily, Tinder has a few features to help you do just that. If you’re having trouble finding new people to match with, the Passport feature can help. You can choose the location for which you want your options to be selected from, then wants you select a radius, it’ll tighten the area meaning no one can swipe right on you from outside that radius.

1. Swipe Left

Swipe Left. You’ll never see the same person twice! Just swipe left on every person that pops up on your screen, and they’ll be gone for good. It’s easy, fun, and guaranteed to keep you from running into the same people repeatedly.

2. Swipe Right on Them to Match Them

The truth is, you can’t stop seeing the same people on Tinder. You can, however, swipe right on them to match them. Once you match them, you’ll never see them again. Swipe right on all the people you don’t want to see, and you’ll never have to worry about seeing them again. Tinder cannot match you with the ones you’ve already matched.

3. Block Their Number, So You Don’t See Them

It’s time to get back on the dating scene. But, when you open up Tinder, you see the same people repeatedly. They have your number, and they’re constantly checking to see if you’re on the app. It’s time to block their number, so you don’t see them. Go to your phone’s settings and find the number you want to block. When you block someone, you won’t see them on Tinder anymore.

4. Change Your Location Using The Passport Feature

Are you seeing the same people on Tinder over and over again? Stop that now with the new Passport feature! You can change your location to anywhere globally, and you’ll never see the same people twice. How does it work? It’s simple. Once you’ve downloaded the app, all you have to do is click on the Passport icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. Select a new location from the list of options, and Tinder will refresh with a new set of matches. It’s that easy! So what are you waiting for? Get out there and meet some new people today!

5. Change Your Interests

Are you tired of seeing the same people on Tinder? Sick of the same boring conversations? Change your interests to break the monotony! Swipe left to see different interests like sports, food, books, or nature, or swipe right to see new interests like pets, makeup, or TV shows.

If you’re tired of the same old conversations, find a new hobby or go on a date with someone who shares your interests. If you’re feeling frustrated with Tinder, it might be time to take a break. Some say that the best way to change your habits is to change your environment.

Try living in a new city for a while, going on a vacation, or visiting a new country. If you’re not ready to take that step, change your social media habits by following new people and making new friends.

Bottom Line

As you can see, the reason profiles keep appearing is a lot more complicated than one would assume. Details such as preferences, algorithm, and even left and right-swiping can throw someone’s profile back into your card stack. Rather than be one singular reason, it’s more so multiple reasons working intandem.

If you want to see new faces, then you will have to alter your preferences or start with an entirely new Tinder profile.

Brady Klinger-Meyers is an experienced tech writer and marketer who currently writes for Techzillo as well as other popular sites like MakeUseOf. At Techzillo, he focuses on consumer technology in general with his interest being Android OS. Read our Editorial Guidlines and Fact Checking process.


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