With thousands of users on Tinder every single day, it’s strange to see the same Tinder profile appearing. Why on Earth is that happening? Why do you keep seeing the same profiles? Is there a bug? Unlikely. It’s more than likely that Tinder is simply doing its job.

There isn’t one sole reason that profiles keep appearing on Tinder. It’s a complicated, layered, system that makes it so. Let’s explore why it’s happening to you.

The Unthinkable Happened…

The first possibility as to why you’re seeing Tinder profiles reappearing is they swiped left on you. It doesn’t matter if you swiped right on them, but because they swiped left, your interest in them is ignored. It’s not uncommon for that same person to show up again.

However, that isn’t the entire story, but rather one piece of the puzzle.

You Weren’t Interested

It’s also equally likely that you did the left-swiping on them. Guys especially are known for swiping left on just about everyone (you just want to be loved, and that’s understandable). Unfortunately, there isn’t an infinite number of profiles in your area so some users are bound to repeat.

Again, it doesn’t quite hit the nail on the head. Let’s take a look at another reason.

They Deleted Their Account, Then Came Back

Due to how complicated Tinder’s algorithm can get, at some point it may seem like you’re seeing the same people over and over. So much so that you may not even be seeing anyone new. That can be a problem if the people showing up in the card stack are users you keep swiping left on.

A common practice that Tinder users perform is nuking their account. In other words, delete and start over. This gives them a clean slate to work with and, hopefully, matches that make more sense. But why does that matter?

Well, it just so happens that when an account is deleted, and that person returns to Tinder, they are working with next to nothing. Tinder doesn’t know where to place them because they haven’t used it long enough to provide matches that make sense. You will end up seeing them in the stack again, especially if they’re nearby.

Broaden Your Horizon

One of the most likely culprits is your own preferences. When you created your account, and throughout your time using it, Tinder has created a pretty good idea of what your preferences are. However, one detail that can be altered at any given time is radius, and it can affect the frequency you see certain profiles.

When you match with others on Tinder, it uses your location to provide a list. That list is determined by how large or how small the radius is. For example, if your radius is set to 20km, then Tinder will only look for profiles with 20km of you in all directions. If you could see yourself on a map, you would see a circle around your exact location.

So, why does radius matter? Well, it means the people you are seeing are nearby, within that radius you’ve set. Meaning possible matches are limited. There aren’t an infinite number of matches within 20km. At some point, you’ll see the same people show up, especially if you are using Tinder from the same location.

Furthermore, a user’s radius also determines how frequent they’ll appear on someone else’s card stack. For example, if you set your radius to 10km and a match sets theirs to 20km, you two are bound to see each other on Tinder. Your radius and theirs overlap. This also applies to age and other preferences you can alter.

Algorithm Dictates Your Fate

Tinder keeps tabs on your profile. No, not like Big Brother style. Instead, it keeps tabs on your matches and such. It helps provide you with more viable matches. But what happens when you match with someone that goes south?

Bottom Line

As you can see, the reason profiles keep appearing is a lot more complicated than one would assume. Details such as preferences, algorithm, and even left and right swiping can throw someone’s profile back into your card stack. Rather than be one singular reason, it’s more so multiple reasons working intandem.

If you want to see new faces, then you will have to alter your preferences or start with an entirely new Tinder profile.