You would hardly find any Apple user who would prefer any web browser other than Safari. Safari is Apple’ default browser, and they do not let you change your default browser either. You can download other web browsing apps, but you can’t make them your default browser. Well, why would you want to change when Safari’ everything you need.

Safari is a simple, user-friendly feature that doesn’t face any major issues/bugs at all. However, there are a few on and off issues that are part of almost every app. One of these issues is that the bookmarks on Safari would disappear for no apparent reason. Technically speaking, this isn’t an issue; this is just a setting glitch which can troubleshoot easily. Here a few tips.

Force Close Safari:

Before entering into detailed troubleshooting techniques, simply try force closing the Safari App. Sometimes, the app is running for so long that it gets frozen in the background and hence affecting the functionality. You can force close the Safari App by:

1. Double-tap/press the home button in quick secession.

2. You will see the most recently used apps on your screen.

3. Swipe left or right to locate Safari.

4. Swipe it upwards to close it down.

5. Now restart your device (optional).

6. Relaunch Safari and see if the bookmarks have appeared back or not.

Check Date and Time:

Date and Time on the iPhone or iPads is key to many other settings. If the bookmarks are missing from Safari then it could be down to Date and Time. To ensure that Date and Time are according to the region, you can:

1. Go to the Settings on your device.

2. Tap on the option General.

3. Next, locate the option Date and Time and tap on it.

4. Toggle on the option Set Automatically. If it is already toggled on then just toggle it off for 20-30 seconds and toggle it back again.

Check your iCloud Settings:

Most iPhone users have Safari enabled for iCloud storage. What it means is that all the Safari data and content is being backed up on iCloud. So, if your bookmarks have disappeared from Safari then you need to check iCloud Settings for that. The universal on and off method does wonders sometimes, and that could be the case here too. To do that:

1. Go to the Settings on your device.

2. Tap the Apple ID; the first option on the screen.

3. Now, tap on the option iCloud.

4. Scroll down and see if Safari is toggled on. If it is toggled on then disable it for 20-30 seconds and enable it back.

5. Launch the Safari app and check if the bookmarks have reappeared or not.

Force Restart:

A force restart is an evergreen solution to most of the problems within the Apple devices. However, before performing the force restart, fancy doing a simple restart which is turning off the phone for 5 minutes and then switching it on again. If this trick works; excellent, if not, then perform a force restart. You can do that by:

For iPhone 8 or Later:

Quickly press-release the volume up button, then press-release the volume down button in quick succession. Once done, press-hold the sleep/wake button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

For iPhone 7 & 7 Plus:

Press-hold the sleep/wake button in tandem with volume down button for at least 7-10 seconds. Do not release them until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

For iPhone 6 Plus & Previous Models:

Press-hold the home and side/top button (as per the model) for 10 seconds. Do not release them until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

Time Machine on Mac:

The Time Machine feature would strike as something new for a few iPhone/iPad users. The people who only own an iPad/iPhone but not a Mac book wouldn’t be able to perform this method. The Time Machine method is a bit tricky, and require patience, but it works most of the time. To perform this method, you need to:

1. Launch System Preferences on your Mac.

2. Then click on the option iCloud.

3. Delete the bookmarks for every device synced with Apple ID.

4. Next, Restore your Safari bookmarks to your Mac via Time Machine. You can launch the Time Machine from the menu bar.

5. Now go back to iCloud and toggle back on Safari for every device. Let the process complete.

Additionally, Time machine allows you to locate your Safari Bookmarks backup file. You can even restore the bookmarks that you mistakenly deleted given that your Safari was synced with iCloud.

Create a New iCloud Backup:

You may have enabled automatic backup on iPhone, but this method demands you to create a fresh back up. The process is as follow:

1. Go to the Settings on your iPhone/iPad.

2. Tap your Apple ID.

3. Tap the option iCloud.

4. Now, tap on the option Backup followed by a tap on the option Backup Now.

5. Once done, you need to sign out from the iCloud. Scroll down to the bottom of your screen and tap the option Sign Out. Tap Delete from My iPhone and also turn off the option Find my iPhone.

6. Now you will have to sign in again. Go to the iCloud and simply provide your Apple ID credentials to log in.

7. Customize what you want iCloud to sync. Make sure the option Safari is toggled on so it can sync. Also, make sure that the option Find my iPhone has been turned on again.

Now open the Safari app to see if this method works for you. This set of tips are the easiest and proven troubleshooting methods that work most of the time. It is highly unlikely that none of these methods works for you. However, if you have accidentally deleted the bookmarks or someone mistakenly did on your device then they are bound to disappear from the Safari.

The good news is that you can still recover the deleted bookmarks. You would need assistance from iCloud or even Time Machine (on Mac) as mentioned above. Here is what you need to do if you want deleted bookmarks back on your Safari browser.

How to Recover Deleted Safari Bookmarks:

First of all, there is no need to worry about the deleted data or content if your iCloud backup is on. Many people mistakenly delete much more important things than bookmarks, but iCloud recovery comes to their rescue. This process is much easier if you are using two iDevices with the same Apple ID.

For example, if you have an iPad and iPhone using the same Apple ID, resyncing wouldn’t be an issue and data would be recovered. To recover the bookmarks, you need to:

1. Launch Settings on the device from which bookmarks have disappeared. Assume it is the iPad.

2. Tap on the option Apple ID.

3. Tap iCloud.

4. Toggle off the option Safari on iPad first and then on the iPhone.

5. Now toggle it back on iPhone first and then on the iPad.

6. The resyncing feature would restore the deleted bookmarks on the iPad automatically.

7. This method does take a little time. Allow this process 15-20 minutes before checking the bookmarks on the iPad.

From iCloud’ Website:

To recover bookmarks from iCloud’ website, you need to:

1. Type in the web browser.

2. Provide your Apple ID login details.

3. Click/tap on the option Settings.

4. Scroll down, locate and tap/click the option Advanced followed by a tap/click on the option Restore Bookmarks.

5. Select the archive you want to restore and tap/click the option Restore on the pop-up box.

6. Now the bookmarks will be restored on all the Apple devices that share the same Apple ID.

7. Let iCloud finish the restoring process and then sign out from the website.