Adobe Premiere is a video editing program that can be used by amateur editors or professional editors. It can be utilized by itself or you can use it alongside other packages, such as Adobe Photoshop or After Effects.

To use this software, you must import the video from a different source onto your device, which you can edit and then export onto whatever medium you’d like. You can import audio and video in a wide array of formats, edit and manipulate audio and video, add effects and filers, and export them in most common video formats. Below, you will find information on how to rotate a video in Adobe Premiere Pro.

1. Open Adobe Premiere Pro on your device. You can look for the purple icon with the letters “Pr” in the middle of the icon.

2. Once you launch the software, you will have to click File in the menu located at the top of the screen.

3. After clicking File, you must click New to start a new project or Open to use a project that you have already been working on. If the video that you want to rotate is not in the project, you have to go to File and then Click Import so that you can add it to the project.

4. Click and drag the video that you need to rotate from the Project section on the left of the screen into your Timeline section on the right of your screen. It says Sequence 01 in the left corner of the box that you need to drag the video to.

5. After dragging the video to the project section, you have to click on the video to select it and begin making the changes that you want to make.

6. In the section that you just dragged the video to is a tab labeled Effect Controls. This is located in the upper- left part of the tab above where the Sequence and name of the clip is located.

7. After clicking Effect Controls, a new menu will appear. In this menu, you will need to find the Motion option. It is usually one of the first options in the Video effects menu.

8. After clicking motion, a new menu will appear. The fourth option down is Rotation, and you will need to click that in the center of the menu.

9. Enter of degrees of rotation that you want. This is located to the right of the Rotation choice in the menu. Here are a few tips concerning rotation:

  • If you want to rotate a video that’s upside down, then type 180 in that section.
  • If you want to rotate a video from portrait to landscape or from landscape to portrait, type 90 for clockwise movement and 270 for counterclockwise movement. If you rotate in these manners, you will see some of the image disappear. You can fix this by changing the aspect ratio. Click on Sequence in the menu and then go to Sequence Settings. Swap the numbers of the Frame Size and the Video part of the box. Click Ok and things will be finalized.