If you own a Mac, you must be familiar with the famous and easy to use Dock. The Dock is the bar towards the bottom of your screen, which has quite a few icons on it, that can be used to easily access all your favorite applications and folders. When you first purchased your Mac, you might’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of icons on the Dock.

Most users tend to edit the Dock, by removing applications that they don’t use on a regular basis, and then replacing them with folders or applications that are often accessed. You’ll notice that as you move your cursor along the Dock, application icons will become magnified and a ripple effect will be created. You also have the option to auto hide your Dock, in order to improve your experience.

With all these options to edit your Dock, it comes as no surprise that some users accidentally remove important folders from their Dock, and then are unable to once again add those folders back to the Dock. This is a fairly common problem, that you don’t need to worry about, as there is a simple solution that can be carried out to solve the problem.

Add Downloads Folder Back to Your Dock

The best part about this method is that it will work no matter which version of Mac OS you’re using. In order to get started, follow the instructions below.

1. Launch Finder on your Mac.

2. From the menu bar on the top of your screen, click on Go.

click on Home

3. From the drop-down menu that appears, click on Home.

4. Your Home directory will now appear. Locate the Downloads folder form this directory.

5. Click on the Downloads folder and drag and drop it on the far-right side of your Dock.

You’ve now added the Downloads folder back to your Dock. Yes, it’s that simple. All you had to do was drag and drop the folder onto your Dock. You can use this method, as stated above, in order to add other items to your Dock, as you see fit. This method can also be used to remove items from the Dock.

Even though it’s very convenient to have the Downloads folder on the Dock, as was the default setting when you first purchased your Mac, you can actually easily access the Downloads folder, even if it’s not on your Dock. This can be done by using Finder. After launching Finder, you would simple navigate to the Downloads folder by clicking on it, from the windowpane towards the left of Finder.

Nonetheless, it’s far simpler to keep the Downloads folder on your Dock, as this will save ample time, especially if you often download files onto your Mac. Be sure to delete your downloaded files as often as you can, if you no longer need them, so as to save storage space.