So, you were running low on storage space on your Windows PC and you need to look for a way to make some storage space. You then started to delete some big folders on your Windows PC.

To confirm your decision, you decided to permanently delete them from the recycling bin. After deleting these folders, you then realised that a super important file was in one of these folders and you just stupidly deleted it.

Luckily for you, there’s an easy way to restore them.

How to Recover files after Emptying the Recycle Bin

If you, unfortunately, emptied the recycling bin after you had a chance of restoring from the recycling bin, there’s still hope for you to get all of your files back.

You’re going to have to get the files from the hard drive by using Windows Backup.

This works by restoring your Windows computer back to the moment in time just before you deleted the file.

You can only use the first step if you have a backup point in Windows Backup. If not, use the second steps.

Go to backup and restore

1. Click on Start and search for Backup settings

2. Click Go to backup and restore Windows 7

restore files

3. Click on Backup and Restore

4. Click on Restore my files and follow the instruction provided in the wizard

The second way to restore your deleted files is to put the computer in a previous state. Use this if the first steps didn’t work.

Restore previous versions1. Click on Start and go to My PC

2. Open the folder that the deleted file was stored in

3. Click on the folder the files was in

4. Right click and select properties

5. Click on Previous Versions

6. Click on Restore if there’s a previous version available > OK > Apple

This should take your computer to the previous version and you’ll be able to see all of your deleted files from here.

How to Restore Deleted Files From the Recycle Bin

Click restore to restore files from recycle bin

You’re very lucky that this is called the recycle bin meaning that you can get back your files due to the word recycle.

It’s not just called the bin.

Now if you delete files accidentally, you shouldn’t panic because there’s an easy way to get them back.

1. Open the Recycle bin at the top of your home screen in Windows.

2. Hold down Ctrl while selecting all of the files that you want to restore from the recycle bin.

3. In the middle section, you’re shown where these files originated from and where they’re going to go back to. This could be something along the lines of ‘C:\User\user\Documents\

4. Right Click on the files that you need to restore and click on Restore.

5. Wait for all of the files to restore. This may take a while depending on the number of files that you want to restore.

6. Go to the original location of the files and you’ll see the file restore from the recycling bin.

Restore from Recycling bin by Dragging

The next way you can restore files from the recycling bin is by dragging them from the cycling bin into a folder.

1. Open the Recycling bin from your home screen

2. Click on the files you want to restore. Or, hold ctrl and click on multiple files that you want to restore

3. Open file explorer by searching it from the homes screen

4. Go into a location and right click > go to new > click on Folder and make a name

5. Open this new folder

6.  From the recycling bin, drag the selected files into the new folder

You should now see all your files have been restored into the new folder.

How to Stop Windows from Deleting files Straight Away

Display delete confirmation box

If you always find that you’re deleting files by accident, then luckily for you, Windows allows you to prevent this from happening by making sure that you really want to delete a file.

You just need to set up a prompt that allows your computer to make sure that you really want to delete a file.

To set up this prompt:

1. Right click on the recycling bin from the home screen

2. Click on Properties

3. Check ‘Display delete confirmation box

This is going to set up a prompt when you want to delete something to make sure that it’s really deleted.