You’re browsing the web and you suddenly remember something you saw on the web, but you don’t seem to remember which website it was on.

Unfortunately, you deleted your bookmarks a while back and there’s no way you’re ever going to remember which website it was that you deleted.

Yes, there’s actually a way you can find a list of all of your delete bookmarks.

How to Restore Bookmarks in iCloud

Restore bookmark in iCloud

The first way you can restore your deleted bookmarks is by using Apples cloud backup system.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your Apple ID credentials
  3. In Settings, Click on Restore Bookmarks
  4. Click on Restore (this will replace your current bookmarks)
  5. Click on Restore to confirm your decision

Restore Deleted Bookmarks Using Time Machine

Restore bookmarks from Time Machine

The first way you need to restore your bookmarks is by using Times machine on your Mac.

  1. Open Finder on your Mac
  2. Hold down the option key for a while
  3. Click on Go > Library after hold option key
  4. Click on Safari folder
  5. Look for the file name ‘plist’ that has your bookmarks
  6. Open Time machine and choose Enter Time Machine
  7. After Time machine has run, go back to when you deleted the bookmarks
  8. Click on Restore when you’ve reached the day it was deleted
  9. Choose to Keep both
  10. You’ll then have a file named name Bookmarks(original).plist

How Time Machine Restores Deleted Bookmarks

There’s a feature on your Mac that allows you to restore certain things that have been deleted no your Mac.

Time machine creates backup files that can be restored at later. You can use it to restore your whole system or specific files such as your bookmarks in recover HD.

Time Machine makes different folders then it copies the directory tree of all the attached disk drives except for the ones you told it not to. Every hour, Time Machine makes new subfolders and copies all of the files that have changed since the original files were last backed up.

It then creates directory entries to the files that already exits on the backup drive. From here, you can browse the directory of the copies as if you were looking at the disk normally.

For you to be able to retrieve your files with Time Machine, you need to have a hard drive directly connected to the computer.