Snapchat is all about sending “Snaps” to your friends, pictures that only last for a few moments before they’re lost to the ether of nothingness, never to be viewed again (unless you take a screenshot).

To make it more desirable, Snapchat allows its users to add fun emojis to the Snaps they create. It isn’t just a simple camera-texting app rolled into one; there are a handful of photo editing tools to take advantage of.

With these tools, you can add stickers. Emojis, in this context, fall into the category of stickers. And, by default, stickers can be resized and moved to various locations within the canvas of the Snap.

Resizing Emojis on Snapchat App

1. Locate and launch the Snapchat app. Its icon is a white “ghost” against a neon yellow backdrop. You should find it on one of your home screens if it was recently installed. If not, it’s certainly inside your App Drawer where all currently installed apps are housed.

iOS devices do not have an App Drawer. You’ll find the Snapchat app on one of your home screens.

If your Snapchat app version is outdated, specifically before 2016, then it needs to be updated before you can access emojis. You can update the Snapchat app through the Google Play Store on Android devices and through the App Store on iOS devices.

2. Log into the Snapchat app, if you aren’t already logged in, with a valid Snapchat account.

If you’re creating a new Snapchat account, make sure you have a valid phone number. You can’t create a Snapchat account without one. There are some free texting apps that provide numbers, but remember, they tend to take the number from you if you don’t use it regularly. This can cause a security breach.

3. For testing purposes, take a Snap (the popular term for taking a picture with Snapchat). You take a picture of anything. Just press the shutter button near the bottom to take a Snap.

4. After you take a Snap, several photo editing tools will appear. The one you want to focus on is the Sticker tool. The icon is a rounded off square that looks to peeling itself off the screen. In other words, it resembles a sticker being peeled. Selecting it will redirect you to a menu full of sticker options.

5. At the very top are several tabs to choose from. In this case, you want to press the Emoji tab to the far right. It’s the icon that most resembles the traditional smiley face. Don’t confuse it with the other icon smiling icon (it’s winking).

6. In the Emoji tab, choose any emoji you want. Since this is simply for testing purposes, selecting a random one will do. Once it’s been pasted to your Snap, you can start resizing it.

7. Use one finger and press it against the emoji. With one finger you can move the emoji anywhere on the Snap.

You’ve probably seen video Snaps with the emoji moving with the person. To do this, move the emoji to the moving object. Press and hold the emoji in place and it will “pin” the emoji to the moving object.

8. Pinch together two of your fingers and press them against the emoji. By holding one finger in place and moving the other finger, you can resize the emoji as big as Snapchat will let you.

Moving it away from your stationary finger (the one holding the emoji) you’ll expand the size of the emoji. Doing the opposite, moving your fingers together, you’ll shrink the emoji (it can shrink to a very small size).

9. Pinch together two of your fingers and press them against the emoji. By holding one finger in place and moving the other finger left and right, you’ll rotate the emoji.

10. To delete an emoji, use one finger and press it against the emoji. Once you have a hold of it, a trashcan will appear next to your photo editing tools. Drag the emoji to the trashcan.

11. When you’ve had enough practice, trying to send a real Snap. Once it’s finished, tap Send to.

You can save a Snap if it still needs some photo editing. Just press Save in the bottom left corner of the screen. You can pick up where you left off later.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with the emojis. They are there for a reason. Try pinning a hilarious emoji to your dog’s face while they run around. The trick is adding the right amount of emojis without overdoing it.

You can even use the emojis for censorship. And, as a bonus, if you can’t use the Snapchat app in the moment, take a picture with your camera app and access it later when you have a network connection. Try using the other stickers, too. That will really open up your creative possibilities.