Where font style, line spacing and background colors are concerned, every time you create a new document, Google Docs’ default settings are applied. And Google Docs doesn’t make it hard to change whatsoever, however, it’s the act of changing it every single time you open a document. You can always create a default document settings. But what if you no longer need them?

Over time you may want to change up your Google Docs settings and start with something fresh, especially if you’re new to Google Docs and found a better setup. Thankfully, it’s just as easy to reset your Google Docs settings with a few clicks of your mouse.

Resetting Formatting

There’s two ways you can reset your formatting, either by using “Clear Formatting” or “Paste without Formatting.” Both are viable ways and have their uses.

If you clear the formatting, it’ll clear the font style, but details like images and links will stick around.

The second option, pasting without formatting, will remove any links attached to text, as well as delete images. Your font will also match the font used in the rest of the document. You are left with nothing but simple text.

“Clear Formatting” Option

If you added text with unique formatting, you can clear it with this option.

1. Highlight the text.

Clear Formatting.

2. Click the Format tab. In the menu, choose “Clear Formatting.”

“Paste without Formatting” Option

This option is best used when you’re adding text from a source that uses different formatting.

1. Highlight and copy the text you want to add.

Paste without formatting

2. Right click the highlighted text. In the menu, choose “Paste without formatting.”

Resetting Your Margins

1. Start by opening the document you would like to reset your margins for.

2. Once the document is opened, click on the File tab located in the top left corner of your page.

Page Setup

3. In the drop down menu, choose Page Setup located at the bottom of the drop down menu.

Set as Default

4. In the Page Setup window, you’ll see “Set as Default” in the bottom right corner of the window. Go ahead and click it. In doing so, your margins will then be reset to default.

Resetting Printer Settings


1. In the top right corner of the browser, click “Customize and control Google Chrome,” the three veritcal dots. In the drop down menu that appears, choose Settings. It’s towards the bottom of the menu.

2. In your Settings, scroll down until the page stops. At the bottom you’ll see “Advanced.” Click it. In doing so it will reveal more settings.

Restore settings to their original defaults

3. Scroll down even further until you come to the “Reset and Clean Up” subsection. Below that click “Restore settings to their original defaults.”

Reset Settings

4. Google Chrome will ask you to confirm your choice, which you should read. Afterwards, click Reset Settings.

Resetting Your Header and Footers

1. Start by opening the document you would like to reset your margins for.

2. Click on the Format tab located in the upper left corner of your page.

Headers & Footers

3. In the drop down menu, choose Headers & Footers, located near the middle of the menu.

4. In the Headers & Footers window, go ahead and reset them as you see fit.

Resetting a Numbered List

1. If you ran into an issue where you create a separate list and the numbers continued off of the last numbered list, highlight the first item in the new list.

Restart Numbering

2. Now that it’s highlighted, right click on it. In the menu that appears, choose Restart Numbering. It will open a small window.


3. In the “Numbering” box, type in the number you want the new list to start off at.

There’s also an alternative method:

1. Place your cursor on the first item of the list, where you want the numbered list to begin, just before the first letter of the item.

2. Once you’ve placed your cursor, right click. In the drop down menu appears, click Restart Numbering from the menu.

Resetting Paragraph Styles

1. Start by opening the document you would like to reset your margins for.

2. Click on the Format tab located in the upper left corner of your page.

Paragraph Styles

3. In the drop down menu, hover your mouse cursor over Paragraph Styles. It’s at the top of the menu.

4. In the following menu, head down the menu and hover your mouse cursor over Options.

Reset Styles

In the third, and final, menu, choose Reset Styles.