Cute Replies to ‘Why Are You So Cute’

Cute Replies to Why Are You So Cute

Do you have an internet crush? Someone you are interested in and they are interested in you back? There are signs to see if someone is interested in you, one way is if they comment why are you so cute?

In a message or even a recent picture, you have posted. Are you caught up in your own head on how you should reply to such a comment? It is hard to come up with the right response, especially when you really want to impress the person.

There are also different personality types and that can reflect how you respond to such a comment. Remember to always thank them for the compliment, that is a great start. But also they are asking why, you need to give them a reply. How to reply? Now that is the question you are currently asking yourself.

Do you go for sweet and shy or funny and outgoing? Do you compliment them back? Well, you are in luck.

In this guide, I’ll be giving you a list of different ways to reply to someone after they tell you you are so cute. 

Cute Replies to Why Are You So Cute

1. But not as cute as you! 

Like most people it is hard to reply to someone calling you cute, either you are a shy person, or you do not want to come off as too strong. This is a good reply to not come off as too strong, yet also confident. Also, it is giving you an opportunity to tell the person you are talking to that you think they are cute as well.

2. Cuteness is in the eyes of the beholder. 

Like the last one, this gives you an opportunity to tell them you think they are cute as well. This just sounds a little more on the fancy side.  

3. I guess puberty was kind to me. 

If you want to go the funny route this is a good reply. Everyone knows how awkward puberty can be which makes this a great comment. If who you are talking to has a funny side they will love this, not only are you confident in yourself, but you also will show them you have a funny side as well.

4. I think you need to get your eyes checked. 

This is a good way to lighten up the mood and also lets the person you are talking to know that you do not take yourself too seriously. Humor is a wonderful way to reply to comments like this. And who knows maybe they will tell you exactly what they find cute about you which is a plus.

5. It is just good genetics.  

This is another fun way to go, it will come off as you are easygoing. Not to mention it is also a complement to your parents, give them credit where it is due. It may also tell the person that you really do have good genes in your family tree.

6. Well, it took me years of practice to achieve this current level of cuteness I am showcasing to the world. 

Humor is the best way to go when replying the whittier the better. People love to laugh and if you can make the person laugh after asking such a question they will find you hard to resist. Your cuteness level will rise high after this comment.

7. Oh, I do not know about that. 

Do not be afraid to be modest, people love the shyness of others. If you come off as genuine and true to yourself it will show, it will also make the person you are talking to more interested in you. 

8. I am not sure I am that cute.

Modesty can go a long way, it can also make the person you are talking to think of ways why they think you are cute. If the person you are talking to does not think you find yourself cute there is a good chance that this person is going to show you exactly how they think you are cute. While some like the loud and outgoing, others like the shy and modest type.

9. I do not know. You tell me! 

This response will keep the conversation not only going but on you and this also gives you a chance to see what this person finds cute about you. Do not forget to always thank the person for the compliment before adding your response. 

10. If you are trying to flirt with me, then you are doing it right. 

It is a great response to see if they are indeed flirting with you and where this flirting will lead them. It is also great if you honestly do not know how to respond to the question of why you are so cute, this will give you the opportunity to see where this conversation could lead to.

It is hard to find a way to respond to a question like why you are so cute, hopefully, these options helped. There are multiple ways you can go about such a question. Either you can go the route where you tell them they are cute as well.

This will let the person you are talking to know that you find them cute as well. You can go the humor way, and make them laugh. Let them know you do not take yourself too seriously, especially your looks.

The humor way will not only make the person you are talking to think your looks come easy but also that they are not the only thing about you.

And of course, there is always the modest way, some are not as open as others, and that is okay.

There are many responses to these questions without making you sound too much, if you want to go slow and are not sure how to respond do not be afraid to bring it back to them. Tell this person you think they are cute, or if you want them to keep talking ask how they think you are cute.

There are so many personality types out there that respond in different ways, there are options on different ways to go about replying to a person when they ask why you are so cute. 

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