If you have ever downloaded anything in your life, you have surely seen how crazy a files name can be. The name of some files can even make it almost impossible to find them after they are downloaded.

In some cases, the name has no similarities to what is actually in that file. The other issue is, you can have multiple files that are so similar, that you are forced to open and close files until you find the one you were looking for. You can see in the screen shot above how the names of these files can make it hard to pinpoint the exact one you are looking for.

The solution to this problem is to rename your files. This will help organize your files into folders and will help you quickly identify the files you are looking for in the future. This will save you from blindly opening files and will save you a lot of time in your searches.

Rename Files on Your Android Device

File manager

  1. Open your Androids File Manager App. The name of the app can be different on different devices, but the most common names for it are My Files, Files, or File Manager and the icon will usually look like a Folder or a Hard Drive. If your device doesn’t have a file manager, you can download one for free from the Google Play Store.

Look for the file you want to rename

2. Next, Search through your folders to find the File you want to Rename. Do not open the file, you just want to locate it. Now, Tap and Hold the Name of the file to select it. Icons will popup on your screen when the file is selected

tap the menu and select the file

3. Tap the Menu button that looks like Three Vertical Dots and will be in the top right or bottom right corner. The menu should pop up for you

Select Rename

4. In this Menu, there will be a Rename choice that you need to Tap. This will make a textbox with the files current name appear.

give file a new name

5. Type in the New Name for your file and Tap the OK or Rename button. If the file has a File Extension such as .pdf or .doc, it is in your best interest to leave that at the end of the new name.

renamed file

When you are done following these steps, your files name will immediately change to the new one. That means you can search for it by name now. You won’t have to go digging around for it anymore.

That means, if you use this method to organize all the files on your Android device, you will have saved yourself a noticeable amount of time in the future. It is always better to “Work Smarter, Not Harder.”