It’s common to watch one of your videos and hate the audio on it so badly, that you want to remove it.

Even if you found a video with music and you want to upload it to somewhere like Instagram YouTube, or Facebook, you’ll need to remove the music on the video for copyright reasons.

Another common situation is that you want to add audio to a video but there’s existing audio that you want to remove.

Remove Sound VLC

VLC is a media player, but it also has some video editing tools that can help you remove the sound from your video.

If you have a PC, download VCL because it’s the best way to remove audio from a video.

  1. Search for and open VLC Media Player

Convert/save VLC

  1. Click on Media > Convert/save

Add video to VLC

  1. In the window, click on Add and select the video
  2. Click on Convert/Save to add the video

Video – H.2664 + MP3 (MP4)

  1. Next, choose Video – H.2664 + MP3 (MP4) as the Profile and click the Spanner on the right

Audio codec VLC

  1. Go to Audio Codec and uncheck Audio – this removes the audio and keeps the Video

Choose the destination with VLC

  1. In the Convert window, click Browse and select a destination path
  2. Start the process and it should take a few minutes to render the video without the audio

Remove Sound YouTube

  1. Click the Upload button on YouTube

Upload video to YouTube

  1. Click, select files to upload and make sure it’s on Private
  2. When your video is processed, go to the Editor and click on the audio icon
  3. From here, drag the audio slider all the way down to mute the video
  4. Once your video is uploaded, click the arrow next to Edit > Download
  5. This will save the video without the sound on your drive

Remove Audio with Audio Remover

  1. Go to

Browse video

  1. Click on Browse
  2. Chose a video and click on Upload video
  3. Click on Download File
  4. The video will be saved on your drive without any audio

Remove Audio Filmora

If you download Filmora, you can detach the audio from any video and edit the audio separately if you want to.

  1. Import your video by clicking Import

Drag the video to timeline

  1. Drag the video into the timeline

Audio detach

  1. Right-click the video and select Audio-Detach
  2. The audio will now be separated from the video
  3. Select the audio and click delete
  4. Save the video