iCloud is an incredible feature for all Apple users. It allows Apple users to regularly back up data on a cloud server. In case of emergencies such as theft or lost phone, users can recover their data via iCloud. Additionally, iCloud’ feature “Find My Phone” also allows the users to remotely control their iPhone and other Apple devices and even track them if they are lost or stolen.

Your device remains synched with iCloud until you yourself delete if. For example, if you want to sell your Apple device, it is quite necessary that you remove it from your iCloud before selling it. iCloud has the ability to sync more than one device, but deleting the device which isn’t in your use anymore is the right thing to do.

Removing the device from iCloud is quite simple. You can remove your iPad/iPhone with a few easy steps. Doing that on Mac is a tad different, but not at all difficult. Here is a step by step guide on how you can remove your iPhone/iPad device from the iCloud. Have a look at it:

1. Go to the Settings of your iPhone.

2. Now tap on your Apple ID. That would be the first option on your Settings screen.
see a list of your device

3. Now you need to scroll down until you see the list of devices that are synced to your iCloud. If there is only one device then there will be no list, just the device name.
remove devices from account

4. Tap on that device name and it will take you to the Device Info.

5. The last option on this screen would be Remove from Account. Tap on it.

6. Upon tapping this option, a message will pop-up asking confirmation.

7. Tap on the option Remove to confirm your action.

Once confirmed, the device will be removed from the list. However, the pop-up message asking your confirmation will clarify that This device will reappear if it is signed in and connects to the internet. The same method applies for the iPad too. For Mac users, the steps are as Follow:

1. Open System Preference on your Mac and click on the option iCloud to open it.

2. Now, on the left side of the screen, you will be able to locate the option Account Details. Click on it.

3. Provide your Apple ID login details to proceed. Once done click on the option Continue.

4. Tap on the option Devices.

5. Locate the device you want to remove, highlight it and then click Remove from Account.

6. A pop-up window will ask you to confirm your action. Simply click Remove to proceed.

The methods mentioned above illustrate how you can remove iPhone/iPad and Mac from iCloud respectively. These methods can be applied directly from the device, but there is another method that can come handy when you want to remove your device. You can do it directly through the iCloud website on your laptop or PC. Here are the steps

1. Open Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on your Laptop.

2. Now search www.iCloud.com in the address bar and hit Enter.

3. Now sign in to your Apple ID by providing login details. You may be asked to verify your identity if you logging in for the first time on this browser. A code will be sent to your device which you will have to enter on your laptop screen. Click on the option Allow.

locate settings

4. Locate the option Settings on your screen and click on it.

5. You will be able to see a list of devices synced to your iCloud. If there is only one device then there will be just a single name. Click on the device you want to remove.

6. Click the x to delete it from your account.

7. Click on the option Remove in the pop-up window to confirm your action.

8. You will be informed that This device will reappear if it is signed in and connects to the internet.

Make sure that you Reset your device once you have executed the methods mentioned above. Upon reset, the device will not be able to reconnect with the iCloud automatically.