Cash App is an app that allows you to send or receive money from other Cash App users. Once you receive the money, you can move it to the bank account or the card that is attached to your account.

You can even receive the money instantly for a fee. You can even use their card for cash back while shopping at certain retailers. Cash App is great for paying someone back, splitting a check, or even just sending a friend or family member some funds as a gift. Below, you will find the steps that you need to take to add a card to your account.

1. Launch Cash App on your mobile device. The app’s icon resembles a $ white icon against a green background. If you can’t find it on your home screen, swipe up on Android and down on iPhone to reveal a search bar at the top of your screen that you can use to search your phone for the app.

open cash app

2. When you launch the app, you will open to a green screen with a dial pad and some icons. In the top left corner of your screen will be your profile picture. Tap that.

tap add bank

3. You will now be on your profile page. Here, you will have to scroll to the Funds section of the page. Underneath the Funds section at the bottom of the options, you will need to tap “Add Bank.” This option will let you add a debit card to your account. You must add a debit card to your account before you can add a credit card.

select your bank

4. When you press “Add Bank,” you will be asked to choose your bank from the list.

enter bank credentials

Then, you will have to enter your credentials for your bank so that you can connect your bank account to your Cash App. You will also have to enter your debit card number here by using the on- screen dial pad that appears.

1. Once your bank account and debit card are linked to your Cash App, you will be able to add a credit card. Tap your profile picture in the left corner of the screen again.

2. Once you are viewing your profile, scroll down to the “Funds” section. In this section, you will now have access to the “Add credit card” option.

3. Tap the “Add Credit Card” option at the bottom of the Funds section.

4. You will see a dial pad and a box where you can enter your credit card number on the screen. Press the green Next text at the bottom of the screen to enter the rest of your credit card information and you will be all set up.