If you find yourself spending around five to six hours on the internet and simply cannot break free from your screen’s alluring hold on your brain, then you might’ve encountered one of the biggest community sites called Reddit.

Its tagline is “front page of the internet” only because it definitely has a lot of information, articles, opinions, and more for the online web surfer.

However, things can get repetitive and biased as it is a community site after all. This means that people’s views are not necessarily objective facts about certain topics unless they’ve been proven to be so.

Here are 7 best Reddit alternatives which you can visit if you need a break from Reddit:

1. Aether


Aether is a community app hinged on its ephemeral features. This means that posts or content disappear after six months. Unless someone tries to post it again for another six months, but the concept revolves around fresh news, content, and information.

Another thing that sets Aether apart from other social platforms is that it’s based on a peer to peer network.

This means that if the servers were to shut down, you would still have access to content and information. You wouldn’t get a 404 error.

2. Disqus


Disqus is a platform to bring together people who share a common interest which will result in community building and engagement. You can sign up for a free plan with Disqus and connect it to your website.

This will allow you to have discussion features in your site similar to a message board or a digital forum. There are more features when you avail of the paid plans like more daily page views, priority support, shadow banning, and more.

Disqus promises high-level moderation which allows you to go through the engagement process and the analytics of your audiences.

3. Quora


Quora is a Google-powered community platform for asking questions and getting the answers. Quora users can ask questions, post answers, and upvote or downvote responses.

The more upvotes you get, the higher the ranking of your answer which makes it more visible to other readers.

Quora can be viewed through a normal web browser or through its app. There is a vast library of topics, questions, and answers so you could spend a good hour on Quora and still not be done with reading.

4. Slashdot


Slashdot is another Reddit alternative. It has many topics on business, politics, technology, and current events. Viewers could answer polls and give comments on the posted topics. The tone of the discussion is quite serious because of the type of topics posted on this platform.

5. Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange is another question and answer platform that brings together people from all walks of life. The community is pretty active in terms of current events, science, technology, and politics. You could say that the audience is rather intellectual.

You can choose from the top trending topics or real-time uploaded posts for your feed. When you answer a question, people give validation by liking and upvoting so you gain more credibility as you keep using Stack Exchange.

6. Tumblr


One of the things that set this one apart from the rest is because it’s a social blog platform. You post anything on your own Tumblr feed and if it’s set to public, people can view, comment, and share it.

This works similar to posts on Reddit about questions and topics then people are welcome to give their opinion and engage in friendly discussion.

If you use Tumblr, you’ll notice a lot of art and media because the type of people in this community are quite creative and highly opinionated. Check this out to discover great art, fan fiction, and potential twists and turns to popular characters and stories.

7. 9gag


Last, but not least, is 9gag. This place is hilarious. It has funny pictures, gifs, and videos which poke humor at anything at all. There’s something here for everyone so you could be selective about the posts you see but it won’t stop people from contributing to the posts on 9gag.

9gag doesn’t exactly have the same level of interaction as Reddit but it has the content that makes people like, comment, and share. By the left-hand side, you can select the various types of content which 9gag conveniently categorizes for easy browsing.

Bottom Line

You could be in it for the discussion, the humor, or another side of the story but the main point of platforms like Reddit and its alternatives is to bring people together to interact and become more of a community with everyone else.

This is probably one of the main reasons why it’s so hard to remove yourself from reading articles and comments which end up taking a few hours of your time.

Moreover, you could end up joining in on the conversation and responding with your own opinion.

Pro Tip: Sometimes discussions can get really heated so it’s important to always have a cool head, an open mind, and an objective stand on issues that revolve around today’s way of life. Also, it’s great to have a break from all the stress with all the funny pictures and videos circulating around the internet.

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