Sometimes unfortunate things happen like messages get erased, apps and programs get corrupted, and contacts get mistakenly deleted. Trying to recover your contacts is not an ideal scenario anyone would like to be in. It’s very stressful to just think about how to get important contacts back on your phone.

Here are 4 ways to recover your deleted contacts on your Android:

1. Check your Contacts App

There are occasions when the contacts may be displayed erroneously. In order to determine this, go to your contacts app first and bring out all the saved contacts in your device. This includes Sim contacts or those that are saved in the device.

Sometimes, when a phone gets upgraded, the contacts will either show Sim Card saved contacts which might be empty or you may have saved them all in your Sim card and the phone contacts are empty.

contact app

1. Open your Contacts App.

2. Tap on the 3 buttons which represent the Menu of this app.contacts to show

3. Tap on Contacts to show. For other Contacts apps, this will ask you which type of contacts to display.

4. Select show all contacts. This will include Sim card data, phone data, and other contacts from various apps.

2. Restore Contacts From Gmail

You need your desktop or laptop for this method.

1. Sign in to your Gmail Account.contacts in menu gmail

2. Click on the 3×3 Grid located at the top right. This is next to the initial of your account’s namesake. You’ll see the apps associated with your Gmail account.

3. Click on Contacts. You’ll instantly be transported to Turn your attention to the left-hand Menu.more

4. Click on More. This will show the hidden options.

5. Click on Undo Changes. When you click on Undo Changes, there’ll be a pop-up window that’ll mention how far back you’d like to undo.undo changes

6. Select a time fram to Undo the changes from. From here, your contacts that were deleted within the timeframe you chose will be restored. This option can only go as back as thirty days.

3. Retrieve them Through Google Contacts

1. Download the Contacts app from Google Play. Once you’ve installed it, it will automatically load the Contacts you have via your Google Account.

2. Access your Contacts App.

3. Scroll around to see if you’ve been able to retrieve your contacts.contacts

4. Tap the Menu to show the options.

5. Select Settings to access Import Data. Another way to do this is to load a .VCF file which represents your Contacts that have been saved in a single backup file. If you have this saved in your desktop, laptop, or internal storage, now would be a good time to load it.import contacts from sim card

6. Import the data from your Sim Card.

4. Access your Google Account Page

One more way to retrieve some contacts is through your Google Account Page. If you’re using an Android, there’s a high chance that you have a Gmail account and you’re sending emails through that account.

google account settings

1. Access your Google Account Page.people and sharing

2. Click People & Sharing in the menu.

3. Click on Contacts. You’ll be taken to a new window with a menu.frequently contacted

4. Tap on Frequently Contacted. From here, you’ll see the list of emails that you recently engaged with. In the search bar on top, you can type in a person or contact’s name so you don’t need to scroll and look for it manually.

5. Use a Third Party App

If the previous tips don’t work for you, this may be a long shot but it’s worth a try. You can download a third party app to try and see if the deleted contacts are recoverable.

Recover Deleted Contacts

1. Install Recover Deleted Contacts app. You can get this via the Google Play Store or download its APK file from another source.

2. Open the app to activate it. The app’s dashboard will show you all the contacts and deleted contacts.deleted

3. Tap on the Deleted Tab. Here you will see if you have data that is recoverable. You’ll see the contact’s name listed under this tab.

Bottom Line

Things can get bloody when you’re looking to fix something that has a high percentage of being declared gone forever. However, Google and today’s technology has a way of giving us hope to find the things we’re looking for even if they’ve been erased or deleted.

They may help you especially when you have synced your contacts with your Gmail Account and have had connected the emails with their corresponding phone numbers.

If you stumbled upon this article and isn’t really in the situation of looking to recover some contacts, try to back up your contacts by accessing your contacts manager and exporting a .VCF file to any folder in your phone’s internal storage.