Your life can be very busy, especially when there’s work to do, then grocery shopping or picking your kids up from practice. Regardless of what you need it for, a voice recorder app can record the surrounding sounds to use for whatever purpose you cook up.

Recording your Voice with an Android Device

select voice recorder

1. Launch the app ‘Voice Recorder’ or ‘Sound Recorder’ or ‘Memo’ or ‘Note.’ It really depends on your Android device’s manufacturer and version.

In the rare event that your Android device doesn’t have a default sound recorder app, then you’ll have to download and install one. There’s plenty of free sound recording apps out there for free or for a price.

The general rule of thumb is, the more features you want, the higher the chance is for the app to have a price. Head over to the section located below ‘Installing a Voice Recording App’ to see how.

tap the record button

2. The interface is going to look very different when compared with other sound recording apps, but there are a few universal steps. For example, to start recording sounds, you’ll either see a dot at the bottom half of the screen or an icon of a microphone. Both are the ‘Record’ button. Go ahead and tap it to start recording.

3. Place your mouth near the bottom of your Android device. The mic is typically housed there. If you cover the bottom of your Android device, you’ll muffle the audio. Move your hand and stay clear of the mic to record a clear audio file.

press stop to stop the recording

3. When you’re finished, tap the ‘Pause’ button (if you have one) and then press the ‘Stop’ button. The Pause button is usually a feature of every audio recording app, but there exists a number of them that don’t. As for the Stop button, it’s simply a square; a pretty universal icon for it.

your recording will be saved in your files

4. Your file is automatically saved and you can now move to edit it.

Editing your Voice Recording with an Android Device

The most basic of audio recording apps will give you the editing tool ‘Trim.’ With the Trim tool, you can cut portions of your voice recording. This can be great if you want to cut out the silence at the beginning of the video, as well as the end (and save a bit of storage space).

And, of course, you can name your video, too. When the voice recording was saved, it was given a generic file name with a bunch of numbers and letters. That makes organizing and finding a particular voice recording a nightmare.

Changing the Name of the Voice Recording

1. Launch the voice recording app, again, if you happened to close it.

tap on the menu icon

2. Depending on your app, you may be immediately directed to your saved voice recordings. On the other hand, some won’t which means you need to open them. Tap the menu icon in the top right corner of the screen. It could be three vertical dots, or three horizontal lines.

3. In your list of recordings, locate the same menu icon (dots or lines) and tap it. It will produce a drop down menu.

rename file name

4. Select ‘Rename.’

5. Give your recording a name.

Trimming a Voice Recording

1. Repeat Steps 1 through 3 from the previous section ‘Changing the Name of the Voice Recording.’


2. This time, select ‘Trim’ in the drop down menu..

trim the video

3. When you trim, generally you’re given to points of interest, the start of the voice recording and the ending. It may come in the shape of a square or circle. Regardless, tap and move the tool for both the start and ending. You have the ability to play the audio file just to make sure you didn’t cut anything by accident and move accordingly.

4. When you’re finished trimming the audio file, select ‘Trim.’

Don’t panic if you accidentally trimmed a section by accident and saved it. Most voice recording apps will save the trimmed audio file as a separate file, while keeping the old file, too. It’s like a backup in the event you made a mistake.

Installing a Voice Recording App

1. Launch the ‘Google Play Store’ app.

2. In the search field, at the top, tap it and type ‘voice recorder.’

3. Search for a voice recording app that suits your fancy. Tap it to view its information page.

4. In the app’s information page, tap ‘Install.’