Many of the social media platforms used have a hands- free recording function, but the trouble is finding how to use it.

On Instagram, the hands-free video function can be used to do a clothing haul, play an instrument, or even just speak without holding down the record button on your phone. Follow the directions below to know how to use this function on Instagram.

1. Launch the Instagram app. You can find the multicolored square on your home screen. If not, you can swipe down for iPhone or swipe up for Android to reveal a search bar that you can use to search for the app.

2. Sign in with your username and password if you are not already logged in.

3. You will now be on your Instagram feed. At the top of your screen, you will see small circles. These circles are the Stories of the people that you are following.

You can tap each one to reveal what they show and tap on the right side of your screen after opening them to go through all of them. To see your own story, you can press the first circle in that line of circles. Find that circle.

4. Above that circle that marks Your Story, there is a small camera next to the word Instagram in bold lettering. Tap that camera to launch the recording function in Instagram.

Instagram camera

5. You will now have launched the camera function on Instagram. The recording button is the small white circle in the bottom center of the screen. Its default setting is to record on normal mode. You can see this if you look at the small words written at the bottom of the screen. Find these words.

6. These small words change the mode of the camera. You can swipe through all of them to change the camera mode. Type, music, and live are to the left of the camera button. To get to these options, you can tap each one or swipe your finger to the right after tapping Normal.

If you swipe your finger to the right in the middle of the screen, you will exit the camera function, so make sure your finger is at the bottom of the screen to go through the options for your camera.

Swipe to Hands-free

7. Swipe your finger to the left at the bottom of the screen to reveal the options to the right of the recording button. You will need to swipe until you get to the end of the options. At the end of the options, you will see Hands-free. You can swipe to it or you can tap on it when you see it.

Press the record button to record once

8. This will put a new recording button on your screen with a white recording button with a small red dot in the middle of it. You only have to press this button once and you will see a red outline around it once you press it. You can now do whatever you would like without having to hold your finger down on the button.