We Got a Request to Reset Your Instagram Password

We Got a Request to Reset Your Instagram Password

If you receive a lot of emails from saying that you need to reset your Instagram password that you didn’t request, it’s not wrong if you think that there’s something wrong with your account. When you sign up to Instagram, you’re required to provide an email address so that Instagram can contact you if there’s a problem.

If you forget your password and you can’t get into your account for some reason, then you’ll need to request a password email request so that Instagram knows that it’s you who change your password if you decide to click on that link.

This email reasons, “We got a request to reset your Instagram password. If you ignore this message, your password will not be changed.”

Why Am I Being Asked to Reset My Instagram Password?

Instagram is a social media platform that is no longer used for chatting and fun. Currently, Instagram has turned into a crucial influencing platform. Many businesses are doing so well through Instagram.

So, when you see a message asking you to reset your Instagram and you did not initiate any process, worries strike. Many scammers and hackers have come up trying to hack and take over people’s Instagram accounts and it is okay to worry.

You have invested a lot of time and money in building a good Instagram account and you should protect it.

So, if you get this message, there are several things that might be happening. They include;

1. Someone is Trying to Gain Access to Your Account

When you get a message to reset your password and you have not made a request, it means that someone is trying to gain access to your Instagram account. Instagram uses your email address as a backup system whenever you need to reset your password.

As a result, the email works as a security tool since you are the only one with access to it. When you initiate the process of resetting your password, Instagram will send you an email to make sure you are the one using the account.

So, if someone else tries changing your account password, this will happen. It is something that happens to many people especially if you have a well manage and growing account.

What to Do? – You Don’t Need to Do Anything if Your Password is Strong

If your password is strong enough and you think no one can guess it, then you have nothing to worry about. You can just ignore the email. This is because, when you get the email it shows that the account is secure and the person cannot change your password unless they have access to your email account.

However, in cases where you think that the password you have on your account is weak, you have to act and make it strong to avoid a person hacking the account.

2. Your Instagram Account is Synced with an Unauthorized App

Instagram allows its user to link their account and synchronize them to other apps. This is done to enable you to fetch information from your Instagram account using other apps. It is an interesting feature that allows people to save time when they need information such as pictures from their Instagram accounts.

Most of the apps with this feature include other social media accounts and dating apps. So, you can create an account using your Instagram account, or you can display your Instagram pictures on another application such as tinder.

However, in case the app has security problems and Instagram notices, they will request you to change the password. If the app is not authorized, you will get the message. However, in this case, there are high chances that you will get additional information explaining the situation.

What to Do? – Revoke Access for Third-Party Apps on Instagram

When you notice that there are third-party apps linked to your Instagram account that are not secure or are making you get the message then it is good to remove the apps.

To do this, you need to follow these steps.

1. First, you must access your Instagram account from a computer using the Instagram website. This process cannot be done from your mobile phone app.

2. Log in to your Instagram account on the desktop.

3. Scroll to the user icon found on the right side on top of the screen and click on it.

4. Now click on “Settings”. Go to the “Authorized Apps” option and open it.

5. When you open the authorized apps option you will get a list of websites and apps that are linked to your Instagram account. Identify the apps you need to remove or remove their access.

6. Click on the apps you would like to remove. Select the “Revoke Access”. Now click on “Yes” to confirm the action.

After this action, you are advised to change your password as well and get a stronger one.

3. Your Password is Weak

Instagram has systems designed to evaluate the security of your account regularly. One of the things these systems check is the strength of your password.

If your password is so simple that anyone can guess, then the system will automatically request you to reset the password by sending you the email.

Some of the weak passwords include using your username or date of birth which a person can easily guess.

What to Do? – Make Your Password Strong

If your password is weak then you need to move with speed and make your password strong before someone gets hold of your account.

Below are some of the tips you can follow to make your Instagram password account strong.


1. Do not use your email address, phone number, or birthday. These are passwords that someone can easily guess.

2. Your password should be easy for you to remember but difficult for others to guess

3. Make it longer. The longer the password the more difficult it is for someone to guess it right.

4. Use a combo of words, numbers, letters, and characters. When doing this, you can also try combining different characters’ styles such as uppercase and lowercase.

5. Try using a complete phrase.

6. Make use of custom acronyms that you can easily remember.

7. Your keyboard layout can help you create a pattern that only you can remember.

8. Create a custom formula that only you can remember.

9. Shorten each word you use in your password.

10. A sentence can also work

11. Mathematical phrases, symbols, or equations are good.

12. Vowel switching

13. Make deliberate misspellings.

4. Your Password May Have Been Compromised

Your password is compromised is one of the reasons why Instagram will send you an email asking you to reset your password. Instagram has systems that keep on monitoring your account and the activities going on. One of them is your password and use.

If you get this, it does not mean that your account has been hacked or breached yet. However, it means that your password might have appeared in areas or platforms that pose a threat. An example is if you share your account through Instagram messages.

What to Do? Use the Reset Link and Reset Your Password

Once you have received the email requesting you to reset your Instagram password, you will get a link to follow.

1. Click on the link provided in the email and it will direct you to a password reset page.

2. For this step, it does not matter whether you are using your phone or a computer.

3. Now key in a new and strong password and confirm by entering the password again.

5. Once done you will be requested to log in afresh using the new login details.

How to improve security on your Instagram account?

1. Make a strong password. A strong password is the first step in making your Instagram account secure. Check the tips listed above on how to make a strong password.

2. Change account password regularly. Do not allow your Instagram to stay with the same password for a very long time. This is especially when you are getting security warnings from Instagram.

3. Activate the two-factor authentication. It is an extra security measure worth having.

4. Secure your email account. Do not allow another person to have access to your email as they can use it to change the password. You should also ensure that you change your email account password and make them as strong.

5. Do not click “Remember Me” when logging into other people’s or public devices. Log out once done.

6. Do not share your Instagram account password with people you do not trust.

7. Scrutinize third-party apps before linking them to your Instagram.

5. You Can’t Log In So You’ve Sent A Password Reset Link

Your email is your primary security backup system for your Instagram account. As a result, when you keep on trying and you can’t log into your account, you will get the password reset to enable you to change the password. This will happen if you have forgotten your password.

What to Do? – Use the Reset Link to Get Back Into Your Account

When you try logging into your Instagram account and you can’t make it because you forgot your account, the link you get through the reset email is your best option. Click on the link and it will direct you to a page to reset your password.

From this page, you have a chance to create a strong password that you can easily remember. However, make sure that you do not share the link with a person as anyone with the link can use it to reset the password.

Who Sent You the Email?

1. Email Sent from Instagram

Email Sent from Instagram

If you didn’t request for your email to be changed, but you received the email from Instagram’s actual email address that ends in instagram.com, then someone is entering the email address linked to your account and saying that the password is forgotten. This will then cause you to receive the email saying that there was a request to change your password.

In cases like this, then you can ignore the email and your password won’t be change. You can take further steps to make sure that you don’t receive emails that you didn’t request by using the steps below.

2. Fake Email Address

If you received the same type of email saying that there’s a request to reset your Instagram password, but the email address is fake, then someone is trying to phish your details.

If you do click the link, then you’ll be coerced into entering your current password which is what the hacker will use to enter your account. To prevent any issues, you need to ignore these fake emails and take some steps to prevent receiving them.

3. Change your Email Address

For you to have received this email address, the person who sent it would have to know your email address. This may be close friends or family who know your email address or, your address could be on your Instagram account.

If this is the case, you’ll need to remove your address from your contact info. If you didn’t have it listed, then someone knows the email address attached to your account, so you’ll need to change it.

To change your email:

1. Go to your profile.

2. Tap Settings.

3. Select Account > Personal Information.

4. Enter a new email address and tap confirm. Instagram will send you an email to that address.

5. Follow the link in the address to confirm that you own the email address.

Note: Don’t inform anyone close to you about your new email address as you don’t know who sent requested a password change in the first place. It’s best to keep this to yourself to avoid anyone trying to be annoying you or phish your details.

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