PS5 Mic Not Working? Try These Fixes

PS5 Mic Not Working

There are few things worse than when you are settled into a gaming session on your PS5, and all of a sudden, the microphone on your headset stops working.

Sure, you may be able to notify your friends through typing in the chat, but who wants to type while they are in the middle of a tense moment of gaming with friends?

The answer is most likely nobody, but this situation raises the question, why is my PS5 headset mic not working, and more importantly, what can I do to fix it?

Luckily, in this article, you will find possible reasons why your PS5 mic has stopped working and helpful fixes for those problems.

Why is My PS5 Mic Not Working?

There are many variables that may be causing your PS5 microphone to not work correctly. It is possible that your mic settings on your PS5 console could be set to the wrong settings.

Perhaps you are using the built-in microphone that comes standard on the PS5 DualSense controller, which, while it is handy and is a fantastic new feature when compared to previous generations of PlayStation controllers.

However, it does have its drawbacks that could impede on your voice chat while you are in-game. It is also possible that your microphone could be clogged up by tiny debris that can gradually build up over time.

This issue can be very frustrating in games such as Fortnite, Call of Duty: Warzone, and Apex Legends, where communication with your friends/teammates is crucial to the game, so by having mic problems or having your mic cut out in the middle of a match could even possibly cost you a victory.

It is no surprise that players have reported these microphone issues since, as previously mentioned, this problem could even affect your team’s cooperation.

One of the most common problems that could bring on this issue is faulty PSN servers or an unreliable network connection.

Even though the microphone on your headset or even on your PS5 DualSense controller is a direct line for your side of voice chats, the audio transfer does have to be put through an internet connection in order to be transmitted to those who are in the chat.

With that in mind, your internet connection can play a role in your PS5 mic problems.

As previously stated, there are many possible reasons why your PS5 microphone is not working correctly or at all, so without further ado, let us get to possible causes and fixes for those reasons.

1 – Check if PSN Servers Are Down or Are Experiencing Latency

One of the most likely issues that can cause your PS5 microphone not to work correctly is if your PSN (PlayStation Network) servers are down or are having issues that are causing latency.

PSN is a digital media entertainment service that is provided by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The PSN uses servers to hold and store its user’s data and information; not only that, but it also answers requests that are made by its users.

With this in mind, when you enter an online chat on your PS5, a request is sent to the server(s), and it is one of the server’s responsibilities to respond to this request by giving you access (connection) to the chat, and also to send/receive these “chats.”

Similarly to any other server, these servers can go down and can experience errors, power outs, and malfunctions; not to mention, the servers typically receive regularly scheduled maintenance, which is important to keep the servers up and running correctly.

With that said, this could be the cause of the issue of your PS5 mic not working since not only does your online gaming rely on these servers to work correctly, but your microphone also relies on the PSN servers to perform appropriately.

Fix – Wait For The Servers To Come Back Up

In the scenario that you believe that the PSN servers are down or are experiencing latency, there are basically two things you can do.

One thing you can do to see if this is indeed the issue that is causing your PS5 microphone not to work is to check the PSN (PlayStation Network) Service Status.

By going to the PSN service status website, you can check the status of the PSN service and see if their servers are currently down or are having any problems in the “Gaming and Social” service department.

Not only can you check if there are any reported problems for the “Gaming and Social” category on the PSN service status website, but you can also check your console’s network connection to make sure that your network connection is indeed a strong connection, and as to be sure that your network connection is not the problem.

In the case that the PSN servers are down or are experiencing issues, there is not much else that you can do other than waiting it out.

Now, this can be frustrating, but servers are typically down for no longer than twenty minutes, so with this in mind, you can maybe take a quick break to use the restroom or grab a quick snack before entering the next match.

2 – PS5 is Due For An Update

It is very possible that the reason why your PS5 microphone is not working correctly is that your PS5 console is due for an update. Similarly to any device, PS5 consoles require updates in order to function appropriately and to process services correctly.

Updates give the device essential software updates and also add to their security to ensure that your PS5 is not only running at its optimal level but also to ensure that your system is secure when you are using online services, such as online chats or online game matches.

If you were to go without updating your PS5, it can not only affect its performance and even stop you from playing certain games (especially online games), but it can also affect your PS5 mic.

For example, if you did not update your smartphone, which can sometimes update your speech services for your phone app, you could possibly experience issues with your phone app, such as the caller on the other line not being able to hear you clearly.

The same thing can occur with your PS5 microphone, as updates for the console can bring necessary implements for the mic so that it works appropriately in online chats.

Aside from all of the possible issues you may face if you do not update your PS5, it is simply a good habit to keep your console up-to-date, as this can only serve to benefit you and the performance of your console.

Typically the PS5 console will notify you when a software update is available; however, it will not always notify you, so make a note to always check if there is an available update for your PS5 console.

Fix – Update Your PS5 Console

The importance of system updates cannot be overstated; these updates not only offer essential software updates but also bring about crucial connected adaptive device implementations.

This also applies to your PS5’s microphone; as previously mentioned, it is not too different from your phone’s speech services since if it is not updated, it can lead to issues with the microphone.

If you believe that this could be the problem, you will want to update your PS5, which you can do by following the steps provided below.

Note: You will need to be connected to a strong WiFi network to update your PS5 console correctly.

Step 1. Starting at the home screen of your PS5 console, you will want to go to and select the “Settings” option.

Step 2. Next, from the Settings options menu, locate and select the “Systems” option, then from there, go to the “System Software” option.

Step 3. Once you have entered the “System Software” option, you will want to go to and select the “System Software Update and Settings” option.

Step 4. Next, you will want to navigate to and select the “Update System Software” option.

Step 5. To conclude the process, select the “Update Using Internet” option and then follow the on-screen steps to complete the update for your PS5.

By correctly following the steps provided above, your PS5 console will be updated, and this could be the answer to your microphone problem.

3 – Log Out and Log Back Into Your PSN Account

Another viable option when you are experiencing issues with your PS5 microphone is to log out and log back into your PSN account.

By doing this, you are essentially re-establishing the network connection for your PSN account, which can help the PSN servers reprocess your requests, such as the transmission of your microphone to the chat.

Since not only is your PS5 microphone transmitting what you are saying through it, but it is also transmitting the sound to the online chat via the PSN service. So, logging out and logging back in, it can also help if you are experiencing network connectivity issues as well.

Fix – Log Out and Log Back Into Your PSN Account

As previously stated, it can help to log out of your PSN and then log back in, as this helps the servers reprocess your requests and it also re-establishes your network connection to the PSN.

While it may seem too simple to actually work, it indeed does and will allow you to get back into the game, and more importantly, it will enable you to converse with your team so that you can claim that victory.

It can also help reconnect your mic in the online chat by essentially refreshing the connection.

Step 1. Firstly, you will want to start at the home screen of your PS5 and then navigate to the “Settings” option, and select it to open the settings options menu.

Step 2. Once you are in the Settings options menu, you will want to go to the “User Accounts” option and select it.

Step 3. After you have done that, go to and select the “Other” option.

Step 4. Under the “Other” menu, you should be able to locate the “Sign Out” option, on which you will want to select.

Step 5. Once you have signed out (logged out), you will want to wait at least three minutes

before logging back in.

Step 6. Once the three minutes have passed, from the page it will take you to after signing out, you can log back in.

By following the steps provided above, you will be effectively logged out of your PSN and then logged back in, which should help with the microphone issue at hand.

4 – Dirty Microphone

It is not only possible but also very likely that your PS5 microphone is dirty, which makes sense since the mic endures a lot of use and sometimes even misuse.

Your PS5 mic can gather dust even if you use it regularly, and since it is a microphone and is typically stationed nearby your mouth, it can also get clogged up from spit. As gross as it may be to think about, it is a factor that should be considered.

Whether you are speaking softly through the mic or you are yelling your lungs out at another unruly player, be it a small amount or a large amount, there is saliva that escapes your mouth when you speak.

The spit can build up on the microphone and clog up the mic’s screen cover.

Let’s not forget that your microphone may be subjected to other debris, such as pet hair, pet dandruff, and dust that is possibly held on your pet’s fur; all of these can build up over time and effectively clog your mic up.

Fix – Clean The PS5 Microphone

If you believe your PS5 microphone may be dirty or clogged up, you will want to clean it. As previously depicted, the microphone is subjected to saliva, dust, and tiny debris, so you will want to clear these out to ensure that your mic is clean and ready for use.

If you are using a headset with an attached microphone, you will want to use a sparingly moistened cloth with a water isopropyl alcohol solution to gently wipe down the microphone portion of your headset.

If you want to make sure that your PS5 headset mic is thoroughly cleaned, you can use a cleaning tool such as “Air in a can” (preferably one made explicitly for tech devices) to spray into the mic at a slight angle; this will ensure that all of the tiny dust particles and debris are cleared out of the mic.

If you are using the microphone on the controller, which is not recommended since they are notoriously bad for voice chats, you can clean the microphone by using the “Air in a can” to spray into the mic holes on your controller.

You will want to spray the air at a slight angle to make sure that all of the dust and debris is pushed out by the air pressure; you can also take advantage of the nozzle extender that typically comes with the “Air in a can,” which extend the reach of the air pressure and can help reach all of those little nooks and crannies by focusing the air pressure.

You can also use a sparingly moistened cloth with isopropyl alcohol and water solution to wipe down the controller and the mic holes.

Microphones can be tricky in any case but especially when you are using them for online chattings, such as with this scenario on the PS5, though it is always a good idea to keep them clean and dust free.

Remember also to make sure you have a good and strong internet connection when you are playing games online since the internet connection also plays a part in your microphone working correctly.

It is absolutely a blast to be able to play online with friends and to be able to coordinate with them via a mic on an online chat; as you do not have to hassle with trying to quickly type what you need to say, but you must also take care of your mic to do so, be sure to clean your mic regularly.

If you do not have or want a headset and, therefore, use the microphone on your PS5 DualSense controller, make sure that you clean your controller regularly so as to avoid any possible mic issues in the future.

It is possible that none of these fixes have worked for your microphone problem, and in such a scenario, you will probably need to purchase a new one, which you can do so by ordering on Amazon, at your local department store, or at a gaming shop.

We hope you did find an answer to your mic issue within this article, and if you did, you might consider sharing this feature with a friend or family member that could possibly use some helpful information on the subject.

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