Ps4 Controller Light Yellow? Try These 15 Fixes

Ps4 Controller Light Yellow

The Sony Playstation 4 dominated the last generation of gaming, making its way into the homes of millions of gamers across the world. Commonly referred to as the PS4, it shares a place at the top of the video game market with two other major companies, Xbox, and Nintendo. Now proceeded by the Sony Playstation 5, the PS4 is still one of the most popular gaming systems of all time.

During its lifetime two additional models of PS4 were released. The PS4 Slim, a more compact model of the Sony Playstation 4 with a thinner body, was released near the end of 2016. That same year, a Pro model of the PS4 was released, with faster, more powerful internals and upscaled resolution capabilities.

One of the biggest changes users were presented with when upgrading from the Playstation 3 to PS4 was the introduction of the new DualShock 4 controller. The new DualShock 4 came packed with new features and improved functionality.

The DualShock 4 controller offered users optimized controls, additional social features accessible by a new share button, and added motion control functionality. A touchpad was also added to the control to use in gameplay or on menus.

The DualShock 4 was a game-changer in the industry, now proceeded by the even more impressive DualShock 5, which features advanced haptics and motion control.

The DualShock 4 has a very straightforward way of letting users know of any errors or notifications. There is an installed led light on the back of the control that will sometimes flash different colors to indicate some type of message to the user.

The colors you might see your controller flashing are white, red, blue, green, or the color in question, yellow. They do not always indicate an error, as some games utilize the led light on the controller to enhance gameplay and immersion.

The yellow light is typically used to represent charging issues. Users will most frequently encounter this issue when using their controllers while charging.

This guide will break down the common reasons for your DualShock 4 controller to flash yellow lights and some ways to fix and prevent any issues you might encounter when using your controller.

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Why Is My PS4 Controller Yellow Light Blinking Fast?

If you encounter a rapidly blinking yellow light on your PS4 controller, it could be due to a charging issue. If your charging cable is not fully connected, or your charging port is damaged, the PS4 controller might flash yellow light rapidly to notify you of an issue.

Why Is My PS4 Controller Yellow Light on But Not Charging?

If the yellow light is on but your controller is not currently charging, it could be due to your controller becoming desynced from your PS4. It could also indicate an issue with the led indicator becoming stuck. If you find that your PS4 controller’s yellow light is on while your controller is not charging, consider restarting your controller or PS4 to resolve the issue.

Why Is My PS4 Controller Light Yellow While Charging?

The yellow light is primarily displayed to indicate that the controller is currently plugged in and charging. This is a sleek feature that highlights the technical achievement that the DualShock 4 represented. If users encounter the yellow light on their PS4 controller while it is currently charging, then it is working as intended.

Why Is My PS4 Controller Light Yellow While Using On PC?

When using your PS4 controller with a PC, sometimes you will encounter a yellow light after immediately turning on the controller. This is typically due to the PS4 controllers not being able to find a PS4 console to connect to. This will not affect any functionality when using it with your PC. It is simply notifying you that there is no available console to connect to.

Why Is My PS4 Controller Flashing Yellow Light? (Other Common Causes)

There are several other potential, less yet frequent, causes of the yellow light appearing on your PS4 controller. You can sometimes expect to encounter the yellow light under the following conditions:

1. Hardware Failure

You might encounter the yellow light due to some sort of hardware failure encountered by either your PS4 controller or PS4 console. The yellow light can be displayed erroneously if there is some sort of malfunction happening internally.

If you find that you are temporarily losing functionality while using your PS4 controller accompanied by a yellow light, it could be due to faulty hardware.

2. You Have Tried to Update Your System but Encountered an Issue

Users can sometimes encounter the flashing yellow light on their PS4 controller when attempting to update their system but failing.

The yellow light is to notify the user of a potential issue with the update so they can investigate further. More serious system issues can cause the controller to flash red. A yellow flashing light tends to indicate a relatively minor issue.

3. You Are Trying to Connect Your PS4 Controller to Another Device

When you turn on your PS4 controller it will automatically search for a PS4 console to connect to. This is a nice quality of life feature that helps gamers start playing as quickly as possible. If it cannot find a console to connect to, then users will see the yellow flashing light on their controller.

This is why users who are using their PS4 controller with a PC will often report seeing the flashing yellow light when first connecting. It does not signify an error in this case, as it is simply letting the user know that there is no valid PS4 to connect to.

4. Your USB Charging Cable Is Damaged

Since the yellow light on your PS4 is primarily associated with charging, a damaged USB charging cable could potentially trigger it to light up.

Your PS4 controller uses the yellow light to indicate issues with charging so users can address the issue. Users frequently report a rapidly flashing yellow light when encountering problems with their charging cable.

5. Your PS Button Is Malfunctioning

The PS button on your PS4 controller acts as the home button, which brings users back to the main UI of the console. They can access all of their settings, apps, and games.

Sometimes malfunctions with the PS button can cause the yellow light to flash, notifying users of a potential error with their console.

5. Your Firmware Is Out of Date

Keeping your controller’s firmware up to date is vital for proper functionality. If you find that you are experiencing issues with your PS4 controller flashing yellow lights at inappropriate times, it could be due to an outdated version of the controller’s firmware.

Firmware updates serve to patch out any known bugs and glitches and sometimes add additional features and functionality. For the most optimal experience, you should always keep your PS4 controller’s firmware updated, as well as your PS4 console.

6. You Have Recently Connected Your Controller to A PC, Causing It to Become Unregistered

If you have recently connected your PS4 controller to a PC, then you could experience the yellow light on your controller due to it becoming unregistered from your PS4 console.

When connecting with your PC it will override any previous connections on all of your devices, meaning that you will have to re-sync your controller to your console.

If your controller has become unregistered, your PS4 controller will react in the same manner as when it cannot find a system to connect to. The flashing light can be used as an indicator of this issue so the user can begin the process of syncing back up to their PS4.

7. The Controller Has Been Switched from Wireless to Wired (Or vice versa)

Users can encounter the flashing yellow light on their PS4 controller when switching their form of connection while playing a game. This is not an error, simply a notification that you have switched your form of connection from wired to wireless, or vice versa.

If your controller starts to die and you rush to plug it in while currently in a game, the PS4 controller will flash yellow to signify a connection to your console.

8. The Controller Has Been Connected to A Different Console

When you connect your PS4 controller to a different console, it will override any connection permissions and settings with the previous console it was used with. If you find that your controller is flashing yellow after connecting your controller to a console at a friend’s house, this is likely the reason.

9. The PS Button Has Not Been Pressed After Changing from TV Mode

The PS4 console is capable of displaying high-definition video and live TV for its users to enjoy. Entering into TV Mode and changing back without pressing the PS button can cause the yellow light on your controller to flash, indicating that you have switched modes.

This is a simple quality of life notification to help users stay updated on what their console and controller are doing at all times.

10. You Have Powered Down Your Console While Playing Games Via Remote Play

The PS4 console was released with a powerful new feature that allowed gamers to pick up where they left off in a game while on the go using the handheld console PS Vita.

The PS Vita and PS4 consoles share the same save data and update in real-time, so users can experience seamless switching between handheld and console gaming.

When you power down your PS4 while using a remote play on your PS4 vita, it can desync your controller, as your console will have shut down. The yellow flashing light in this instance simply indicates that you have shut down your console and your controller can no longer find a valid PS4 to connect to.

How To Fix PS4 Controller Yellow Light

Now that you are familiar with many of the common causes for the yellow light to appear on your PS4 controller, you can start the process of troubleshooting any issues that you might encounter while using your controller. There are several different methods that you can attempt to solve your yellow light issues.

1. Restart Your PS4

Sometimes a simple restart is enough to solve any potential issues arising from your PS4 controller’s yellow light notification features.

A restart will give your console a chance to correct any errors it might have encountered and start over with a clean slate. This is a wise first step to take when approaching any type of problem with your PS4.

2. Restart Your PS4 Controller

In the same vein as the previous troubleshooting method on this list, you could try restarting your PS4 controller to help resolve any issues or hang-ups that could be causing the yellow light notification feature to not function correctly.

Restarting your controller will initiate a full reconnect to your console, which can often solve your yellow light problems.

3. Replace Your DualShock 4 Charging Cable

The primary function of the yellow light notification is to alert users of changes in charging states. The controller will flash yellow when connecting or disconnecting to a charging device.

A properly functioning DualShock 4 charging cable is important to ensure that the yellow light notification system on your controller is working properly.

Signs of a faulty DualShock 4 Charging Cable include frequent disconnects while charging or failing to charge when plugged in. The flashing yellow light can be used to determine if you are experiencing these issues.

4. Remove the Controller from Other Bluetooth Devices

If you frequently use your PS4 controller to connect to other Bluetooth devices, like your PC or mobile device, then your DualShock 4 could be having trouble deciding which connection it should use.

If you believe this is your problem, try removing your controller from any Bluetooth devices you are not currently using to see if that solves the problem

5. Continuous Press the PS Button

You can continuously press the PS button on your DualShock 4 controller to jog an update that can remove the yellow light. Sometimes your PS4 controller can get stuck in a notification state that rapidly returning to the home menu can sometimes resolve.

6. Check For A PS4 Console Update

If you find that you are suddenly experiencing yellow light issues while using your PS4 controller, it could be due to using an out-of-date software version on your console.

Your PS4 console relies on period updates to patch out any potential bugs or glitches and deliver quality of life fixes that can improve the user experience. If you are experiencing issues with your PS4, check for an update that could potentially solve your issue.

7. Start Your PS4 In Safe Mode

If you find that you are having a serious problem with your DualShock 4 controller and the yellow light notification system, then you should consider starting your PS4 in safe mode to see if an outside application on your system could be causing the problem.

Booting your PS4 in safe mode starts your console with only the bare minimum of functions running. This way you can pinpoint any potentially erroneous game installs or applications that could cause problems with functionality.

8. Reset Your Router

If you think that your yellow light problem could be stemming from an internet connectivity issue, then you should consider resetting your router.

Starting your router over with a fresh connection can help solve many technical problems that you might encounter while using your PS4 with a DualShock 4 controller.

9. Check For a Controller Firmware Update

Just like your PS4 console, your controller depends on occasional updates to maintain optimal functionality. If you find that your controller needs an update, you could run into issues while trying to use your controller, including the yellow light notification displaying at inappropriate times.

10. Close All Active Games and Apps

Some games use the led lighting system featured in the PS4 controller to add another level of immersion to a game.

If you want to see if a currently running game or app is causing your controller to display the yellow lights, then consider closing all of the currently running apps and pressing the PS button on your controller to return to the home screen. This will solve your problem if it was a game feature causing your yellow light to display.

11. Resync Your Controller

You can often solve any issues you may experience with your PS4 controller by simply disconnecting and resyncing your controller to your current device.

This works similar to restarting your control, with the added effect of being able to adjust your settings on the console.

When you resync your controller to your system you will be greeted with the same menu and set of choices you did when you first set up your controller.

12. Use The Internet to Find More Information

The internet can be your greatest resource when troubleshooting issues with your PS4 controller. Guides like the one you are currently reading are filled with relevant information and troubleshooting methods to help you move past any potential problems.

The more informed you are, the better you can approach any functionality issues commonly encountered while using a PS4 controller.

13. Send Your Controller for Repair

If you are experiencing persistent issues with your PS4 controller, including yellow light problems, and none of the methods above helped, then you can consider sending your controller off to a professional for repair.

Like any technology, PS4 controllers are subject to internal breakage or hardware corruption. Sending your controller off to be repaired can save you some money if wish to avoid a full replacement.

14. Replace Your PS4 Controller

There are times when a controller simply has seen the end of its functional lifetime. When this happens, your only choice is to purchase a new Ps4 controller (view on Amazon).

Signs to Replace your controller include persistent connection issues, led indicator malfunctions such as a persistent yellow light, or lack of responsiveness. It can be frustrating to have to purchase a new controller, but you can rest assured that most of your issues will be solved when using a new PS4 controller.

15. Contact Sony for Additional Support

If you are constantly experiencing problems with your DualShock 4 controller, and replacement or repair is not an option, you can contact Sony Customer Support to get expert help to solve your issue.

Sony has a technical support team this is knowledgeable about all aspects of your controller and system. With their insight into the true inner working of your devices, they will lead you step by step through any troubleshooting methods that you might not have considered. They will then present you with a detailed plan of action for solving your issue.

This should only be considered as a last result after all the troubleshooting methods listed above have been exhausted to no avail. Dealing with technical support over the phone can be frustrating, so please be patient while the team over at Sony investigates your problem.

How To Prevent PS4 Yellow Light Problems

There are two main ways that you can ensure that your PS4 controller and the led notification system are working as intended. These simple methods of prevention can help drastically reduce your chances of encountering any yellow light notification errors. These methods are as follows:

1. Keep All Your Devices Updated

As previously mentioned, staying on top of updates is important to keep both your PS4 and DualShock 4 controller working properly. If you find that you have fallen behind on updates, you can expect to experience problems, including the yellow light displayed at inappropriate times on your controller.

2. Keep A Dedicated Controller for Each of Your Devices

Keeping a dedicated controller for all your devices can help lower the frequency of the yellow lights appearing on your controller. If your PS4 controller always has a valid device to connect to, it will not flash the yellow lights indicating no connection.

This can be a viable option if you only have one or two different devices that your frequently connect your PS4 controller to.

4. Store Your Charging Cable Properly

Improper storage of your DualShock 4 charging cable can cause issues with charging connectivity. The yellow light notification generally signifies changes to the charging status of your controller. If you do not store your charging cable properly, you risk damaging it, leading to yellow light problems.

5. Keep Your PS4 Charging Port Clean

If you have accumulated dust in your PS4 charging port, or any considerable build-up of gunk, then you could experience connectivity issues when charging your controller.

These issues will be indicated by the flashing yellow light. Consider investing in some air-duster to easily clear out the charging port of any unwanted residue.

6. Handle Your Controller with Care

Frequent drops or contact with liquid can cause your PS4 controller’s yellow light to not display correctly. Depending on the severity of the drop or spill, you could wind up having to repair or completely replace your controller.

Practice safe handling techniques and proper storage to avoid potentially serious issues with your PS4 controller. Avoiding excessive movement while holding the controller can also help lessen your chances of an accidental drop.

7. Move Your Controller Closer to Your Console

Your controller has a limited range of connectivity. If you find that it is not functioning correctly, try to move closer to your console.

The PS4 controller has an estimated range of around 15 feet. If you are attempting to use your controller outside of this range, you can expect to encounter errors, such as the yellow light displaying improperly.

Final Thoughts

The Sony DualShock 4 controller, or PS4 controller for short, was a game-changer when it was released alongside Sony’s next console offering after the stellar PS3. With its release came a ton of new features and functions that enhanced the user experience while playing games, socializing, or watching movies and TV.

One of the coolest features of the DualShock 4 controller is the led light notification system built into the back of the device. This lighting system is utilized by game developers and the developers at Sony alike to give users the most immersive experience possible. The notification system lets users know of any potential issues or changes happening on their PS4 console.

If you find that your controller is flashing yellow, it is often not due to an error, but simply a notification indicating charging or connectivity updates. If you think that you are seeing the yellow light on your PS4 controller in error, then the information in this guide can help you pinpoint your problem and take steps to remedy it.

Using the preventative measures listed above can help ensure that you stay in the game and experience the brilliant DualShock 4 controller the way that it was intended. When it comes to video games, the controller is one of the most important aspects. Keeping your PS4 controller working properly should be your number one priority.

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