The power button of your Android device is obviously one of the most essential buttons it comes with, after all, without it working you can never turn it on. But what do you do if your power button isn’t working? Scream to the heavens? Believe it or not, there’s not only a way out, but also alternative ways to powering your Android up without the power button.

Diagnosing Your Phone

The first step you should take is determining if your power button is physically damaged or it’s simply a software issue. If your Android is turned on, diagnose your device with software. For example, the TestM Hardware application can be installed from the Google Play Store. Once installed, you can test the quality of your buttons and whether or not they’re responding.

The reason you should do this before anything else is some solutions require the step of shutting the device down. If the report comes back that your power button isn’t functioning at all, then you should not shut your phone down and instead, take it to a phone repair store.

In the event that it is functioning but not responding when used outside of TestM Hardware application, then the most likely scenario is that software is blocking its response.

Booting Your Phone Without the Power Button

Volume Buttons + Home Button

1. Charge your phone.

2. Press and hold together the Volume Up button and the Volume Down button. Keep holding while you insert the USB cable into your computer. Do NOT let go of the volume keys yet.

3. After the USB has been inserted into your computer, and while you hold the volume buttons, press the Home button. Keep holding until Recovery Mode appears.

4. By using the volume buttons to navigate, selecting anything pertaining to ‘Boot Phone’ or ‘Reboot Device.’

Volume Buttons

1. Charge your phone.

2. Hold either the Volume Up button or the Volume Down button and, at the same time, insert a USB into your computer. Keep holding the volume button.

3. Let go once the boot menu finally appears. Use the volume buttons to navigate and boot your phone from the menu.

Volume Up + Bixby Button

1. Charge your phone.

2. Press and hold together the Volume Up button and the Bixby button.

3. Plug in your USB cable to a computer.

4. Using the volume buttons to navigate, reboot the phone.

Reboot Your Android Device

Yes, it’s fully understood that you can’t actually turn your phone off, but there’s a workaround for that and that’s with the Android Accessibility Suite application. Once installed, you have access to an on-screen button that can give you the power to turn your Android device off without ever having to touch your actual power button. You can pick it up off the Google Play Store.

In some cases, depending on your device, you may already have it installed. Instead of having the option to install it, you’ll see “Uninstall.” If that’s the case, you can enable it from your Settings application. You have to go there anyways if you don’t have it.

Using the Android Accessibility Suite App

1. Now, find and open the Settings app.

2. In the Settings menu, make your way down the menu to Accessibility and select it. From there, you can enable the option. Doing so will provide you with new shortcut.

3. The Accessibility shortcut can be found on your notification bar. Select it and after the menu appears, choose Power. Given the circumstances, you’ll want to tap Restart.

Booting Your Device in Safe Mode

One of the root causes of your power button refusing to function normal on your Android device could be linked to a software issue–your applications or the OS itself. By booting your Android device into safe mode, you’re removing access that any third-party application would have on your device and only allowing the bare essentials to run.

In other words, if your power button works in safe mode, then an application that wasn’t packaged with your Android device is causing a conflict. Since you can’t use your power button to boot into safe mode, make use of the Android Accessibility Suite application. You can find it in the previous section.

If your power button isn’t damaged in any way, you’ll have no problem using it to power the device back on and into safe mode. Considering every Android device can boot into safe mode in various ways, you may have to search for your specific phone, however, it’s usually a combination of the Power button and the Volume Down button.