Most experts and users acknowledge iOS 11 as a real game-changer but very few of them rate iOS 10. The matter of fact is that iOS 10 was quite a remarkable update that brought many new features. One of those amazing features was the option to play some basic games in iMessage.

Most of these games are social ones that you enjoy playing with your friends. Of course, they cannot compensate for Clash of Clans or Zynga Poker but still, they are capable of providing entertainment during the free hours. One of these games is 8 ball pool (insanely popular) and you won’t regret setting it up on your iMessage.

Play Games in iMessage:

You will need to install the game (s) on iMessage before you can start playing it. You will be using the App Store but the procedure to integrate the downloaded games in iMessage is slightly different. It is not so difficult to comprehend, and it also remains the same for all the games compatible with iMessage. Here are the steps.

1. Open the Message App on your iPhone. Now open the conversation box of the person you want to play the game with. Remember, it is not applicable for a regular SMS, and therefore the person with whom you want to play the game should also have an Apple device.
Go to App Store

2. There would be a menu bar at the bottom of your screen. Locate the option App Store on it and tap it.
games to choose from

3. Upon tapping, your phone will be directed to the App Store. There would be a lot of game options to choose from. You can download any game.
tap download in 8 ball pool

4. Type 8-ball pool in the search bar. Now tap on the download button across the application to download it.

5. Now, 8-ball would appear in the menu bar on the bottom of your screen. Tap on it and hit the option Create Game.

6. Now it will allow you to take your turn and then send a challenge to the person with whom you have initiated the conversation.

Now your receiver will receive the game invitation as an iMessage. He/she would require to tap on the link to take their turn. It is necessary that they also have downloaded the pool on their iPhone. Moreover, you will also be able to send messages back and forth within the game. Once the receiver has taken their turn, you will be notified to take your turn back and this way game will go on as long as you want.

All iMessages game have the ability to create an ecosystem which allows the users to play games and share messages regarding the game. They are just like iMessages, but they are game-specified sort of messages. You wouldn’t face any difficulty while playing the pool as the neat little system sits comfortably within the Message app.

Additionally, the best thing about the 8-pool or any iMessage game is that they do not bound you to the game screen. You can continue chatting while the second player takes their turn. You will be notified about your turn when it is due and you can switch to other messages as soon as you complete it. You can also have multiple active games in a single conversation.

The 8-ball pool is free to download from the App Store but there are also some premium iMessage compatible games that are paid. Don’t worry, the App Store would inform you about the paid ones before you can download them.

Simon Says, CHECKMATE, and WORDIE are some other popular games other than the 8-ball pool. They work same like 8-ball pool works in iMessage. The best thing about these games is that they never face any bugs or viruses and all they require is a stable internet connection.

Conclusively, 8-ball was popular ever since it was introduced. However, after the integration with the iMessage, this game has reached new heights. The process is as simple as mentioned above, and it certainly wouldn’t make you feel bored during spare times.