Pixel Buds Microphone Not Working? Try These 10 Fixes

Pixel Buds Microphone Not Working

This article will focus specifically on cases in which your Pixel Buds microphones are not working during your calls.

Why Are My Pixel Buds Microphones Not Working? 

1. Dirty Mic

Notice that your Pixel Buds microphone is suddenly not working during your calls when using them; this is the first time you are having issues. A very likely issue that can be causing the problem could be a dirty microphone on your Pixel Buds.

After all, if you use your Pixel Buds microphone often, it makes sense that your microphone will get dirty and need a clean-up.

Luckily, this potential issue is something that comes with a relatively easy fix that is quick and simple to resolve. Follow the next steps to clean out your dirty microphone.

Fix – Clean with Rubbing Alcohol

Getting rid of all the junk inside your Pixel Buds microphones could easily fix an issue causing your microphone not to work.

To deep clean your microphone and get the debris, there are several methods to try out and get that junk out of your microphone and get it back to a usable state.

One of the most common methods of cleaning earbuds and microphones is rubbing alcohol (view on Amazon) to clean the debris. Following this method can be in several ways, such as using rubbing alcohol and a rag, Clorox wipes, or 75% isopropyl or ethyl alcohol wipes.

The following steps will allow you to clean your Pixel Buds using rubbing alcohol properly without causing any damage to your earbuds.

1. Gather the materials you will use, whether a rag with rubbing alcohol or alcohol wipes.

2. Using those tools, wipe the earbuds gently. When you wipe the earbuds, ensure you avoid the speaker meshes.

3. Make sure that no moisture leaks into the earbuds.

4. Once you have finished cleaning the earbuds with rubbing alcohol, use a dry rag or towel to dry out the earbuds fully.

5. Wait until the earbuds are fully dry before you put them back into their charging case.

Fix – Clear Out Lint/Debris With Compressed Air

You can try other methods that do not require rubbing alcohol or getting your earbuds wet if you want to avoid getting moisture into your earbuds.

One of these methods is using compressed air to clear out any lint or debris that keeps your microphone from working properly. Using compressed air is an easy and quick way to clear out any debris that may have built up in your Google Pixel buds.

Use the instructions that follow in order to make sure you properly use compressed air to clean out your earbuds.

1. Find the compressed air bottle that you will be using. A compressed air bottle can be purchased at your local store.

2. Before using the compressed air bottle to clean your earbuds, use a dry rag to clean the outside of the earbuds and eliminate any outside debris.

3. Once you have followed the previous step, open up the compressed air bottle.

4. At a distance of at least 6 inches, press the compressed air and make sure that it reaches the earbuds at a safe distance.

5. If you see it as being needed, repeat this process two or three times to ensure that the debris is completely removed from the earbuds.

2. Microphone Is Damaged

At times, the issue for why your Google Pixel earbuds’ microphone is not working properly when trying to make calls is an issue that is past just having debris buildup in your earbuds and microphone.

The fact that you are having issues with the microphone could be a case in which the microphone is damaged and might need some repairs.

There are various steps that can be taken in order to make sure that you are properly dealing with a damaged microphone for your Google Pixel earbuds. Follow the next steps in order to repair or replace a damaged microphone.

Fix – Repair Phone’s Mic

The first thing you want to make sure is working in order to see if your microphone is truly damaged is the phone’s microphone.

By ruling out that the microphone on your phone is working properly, then you will be able to see what the true issue of your damaged microphone is or the issue behind the microphone on your earbuds’ during calls is.

Start off by trying to see if the issue can be fixed through a simple restart and update to your phone’s operating system.

Many times, this simple fix can be the solution to many common yet pesky problems that eventually arise with many phone’s and tech pieces in general.

Follow the next steps in order to go ahead and update and restart your phone to see if this fixes any issues with your microphone.

1. On your phone, hold the power button until the menu appears on the main screen of your device.

2. Once this menu appears, choose the Power option and then choose the option to Power Off.

3. Leave the device off for about 30 to 60 seconds. After this time up, turn the device back on to see if the issue was fixed by simply restarting the phone.

4. If this restart did not fix the issue, then it is time to go ahead and update the device to see if this will fix the issue instead.

5. On your phone, go to Settings. Then follow this by choosing the option System followed by Advanced and then system update. Take into consideration that depending on your brand and make of device, these options might differ slightly.

If restarting and updating your device did not fix the issue behind the potentially damaged microphone, then it might be a good idea to take a look at your device’s sound settings to see if there is a possibility in solving the issue through this.

Lots of phones nowadays come with options to suppress noise or a feature known as noise reduction. This feature helps reduce noise and background sounds during calls or when you are recording a video.

In order to make sure there are no issues with your phone’s microphone, disabling this feature might be a good step forward in solving the problem.

1. On your phone, go to your settings app.

2. Select Call Settings or Sound Settings, depending on your available options.

3. Find the Noise Reduction option in the menu and go ahead and disable this option.

4. Once the feature is disabled, turn your phone on and off in order to restart the device and make sure that the device has noted that the feature has been turned off.

Fix 2 – Get Pixel Buds Fixed

If you followed the previous directions in order to fix a damaged microphone on your device and they did not fix the issue you were having when you were trying to use the device to make calls, then your next best option might be to get your Pixel Buds fixed.

There are many cases in which taking your device to a professional to get them to see what the real issue is can be a lot more time efficient and productive than trying to fix the issue yourself.

Always keep in mind that considering the cost of having a professional take a look at your device can easily rack up in expenses.

However, if you do know that you have a valid warranty for your device, then this cost for repair can be covered under warranty so always check with a Google customer service representative.

Fix 3 – Replace Pixel Buds

As mentioned previously, taking your Pixel Buds to be repaired by a professional can be costly especially if your Pixel Buds’ warranty has expired or was never purchased.

If the case that the repairs to fix the issue are more expensive than the original cost of the device itself, an option that might be well worth considering is replacing the Pixel Buds in their totality.

Replacing the earbuds will ensure that the issue is completely gone as you will have received a brand new device.

3. Software Glitch

As has become more and more common with many devices nowadays, a glitch in the operating system or the software of a device can cause for many problems to arise.

Many of these times, the issues that do arise can be frustrating but just as easily as they can problematic, these issues can be fixed through a few different methods that involve configuring the software settings within your device. Follow the next methods in order to deal with a potential software glitch in your device.

Fix – Force Restart Device (Android/iPhone)

Many times, a simple force restart on your device, whether that is an Android phone or an iPhone, can fix issues that are ongoing in your device. Forcing a restart on your device is simple and does not completely delete any stored data or settings within your device as well as only taking a few minutes to perform.

If you have an Android, perform a force restart following the next steps.

1. Locate your Power button on your device.

2. Hold down the Power button for about 20 to 30 seconds.

3. The device should turn off. Leave the device off for about one minute.

4. Turn your phone back on.

5. Check to see if this force restart on your device fixed the issue.

If you have an iPhone, perform a force restart following the next steps.

1. Press and hold down the Power button and whichever one of the Volume buttons.

2. The slider with the label “Slide to Power Off” should come on after a few seconds of holding down the buttons.

3. Drag this slider to the right in order to turn off device.

4. Wait a few seconds for the device to turn off and for the screen to go completely black.

4. Press and hold down the Power button and wait until the device turns back on.

Fix 2 – Remove and Add Bluetooth Device Again

Perhaps the software glitch is taking place specifically within the bluetooth functions of your device. At times, it might need to remove and add the device again via bluetooth in order to ensure that the connectivity is working properly.

1. Go to your phone’s Settings menu.

2. Find the Bluetooth option.

3. Within the Bluetooth menu, find the device name of which you are currently having issues with.

4. Click on the device and locate the option to remove device.

5. Confirm that you want to remove the device.

6. Once removed, turn off and on your Bluetooth function on your phone.

7. Making sure that both your phone and your earbuds have bluetooth on, connect the device once again.

Fix 3 – Reset Network Settings

Lastly, you will want to try and completely reset the network settings within your device.

Again, this should be a simple and quick process in which your settings resets to the original device and network settings that the device originally came with.

Follow the next steps in order to move forward with resetting the network settings on your device.

1. Open your Settings menu on your phone.

2. Find the option titled Network.

3. Scroll to the bottom of the Network menu and find the option to Reset Network Settings.

4. Confirm the option and proceed with resetting the network settings.

5. Verify if the issue has been fixed by performing this reset to your network settings.

4. Audio Is Being Routed Somewhere Else Like A Bluetooth Speaker/Mic

When it comes to using devices that use bluetooth as the main function of connectivity, there might be times in which the audio that is meant to be going to one device is actually going to another device that was at one point connected to your phone.

This is a pretty common occurrence and is not something that isn’t easily fixable and can be resolved by simply turning off your Bluetooth function on your phone.

Fix – Turn Off Bluetooth

1. Go to the Settings menu on your phone.

2. Find the Bluetooth option.

3. When you are on the Bluetooth menu, turn the feature off.

4. Verify if the audio has stopped being routed elsewhere and make sure that it is going to your Pixel earbuds.

5. Their Speaker Is Broken

Perhaps after all of these potential solutions to either a damaged microphone, software glitches or even Bluetooth issues, the real issue is not even coming from you.

At times, the reason why your microphone might seem to be faulty during calls is that its not you that has a damaged device but the speaker on the side of the other caller is not functioning properly or in fact, their speaker is broken.

As understandable as it can be to not want to tell someone that their speaker could be broken, verifying that their speaker is broken and the problem is on their side and not yours can help verify what the real issue is and, instead, can help you prevent any expenses in trying to repair your Pixel earbuds.

Fix – Tell Them to Check If They Can Hear Other People on Call

In order to verify that the issue is a broken speaker on the other side of the user’s device, you will want to have them test out their speaker with other people in order to see if they really are the issue.

This is something that can be done easily and does not have to take a long time. Simply ask them to give others a few calls and ask if they can speak and see if they are being heard properly without any issues.

If the other callers are heard loud and clear on the speaker, then the speaker is not broken.

If this is the case, then it is safe to say that if the speaker is not damaged, then there is a high chance of the real issue being that your microphone is damaged and broken, needing repair or replacement.

How To Test If Your Pixel Buds Microphone Is Not Working

If you want to double check and be sure that your microphone is indeed not working, there are a few steps and directions you can take in order to make sure that something is wrong before you make any decisions to proceed with repairs or with getting a replacement for your Google Pixel earbuds.

This is important to follow in order to avoid making any unnecessary costs and verify if your microphone really is the issue.

1. They Can’t Hear You During Calls

2. Jump On The Phone To Multiple People

3. Use Another Pair Of Pixel Buds and Test The Mic

If after following these tests to verify that your Pixel Buds’ microphone is not working, go back to the previously mentioned steps and follow through with the different troubleshooting options in order to make sure that the issue is resolved.

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