Phone Keeps Ringing? Try These 7 Fixes

Phone Keeps Ringing

This guide will provide you with all of the information that you need to determine why your phone keeps ringing.

What Does It Mean If a Phone Keeps Ringing?

A phone call not connecting and just ringing, and ringing can be very annoying. Luckily there are things you can do.

1. The Line Never Ends Up Connecting

This can be super annoying, especially if you are on an important phone call. Usually, when you call someone, it’s because you want to talk to them quickly.

You have something important to say or discuss, and that’s why you didn’t send a text or an email or something through social media. That’s why it’s really annoying when no one answers, but it can be even worse.

Sometimes, the phone just rings endlessly, and on top of no one answering, it never goes to voicemail either. You can’t leave a message or try to get them to call you back. You’re left in the same place you started.

Why does this happen? There can be a ton of reasons like it just didn’t connect properly, or they don’t have their voicemail set up. If you’ve talked to them before, you might know if they have a buggy line.

Fix1 – End the Call and Call Them Again

This is the easiest and best way to see if there is a connection issue. If there is one, then the call should go through the second time. If there wasn’t, then there is a different problem that needs to be addressed.

You also could turn your device off and back on again. Another reason might be that you are using a VOIP line. Some providers don’t want you to use them to call other lines. While it shouldn’t make a difference for some, it does.

2. Voicemail Unavailable

This can be for a couple of different reasons. The biggest is they haven’t set it up yet. When you get a new number, you’ll be told you can set up your own voicemail and how to do it.

Sometimes they are even set up with just your phone number being played back to the caller. Usually, after a few rings, you’ll be prompted to leave your message. Then they get a notification on their end that tells them they have a voicemail.

The other reason it might not be allowing you to leave a message is the box is full. This happens when someone doesn’t clear their messages and has a lot in their voicemail box.

If this person is more of a texter, then they will sometimes not even check the voicemails and never delete them.

We’ve all met these people, and sometimes it’s better to send a text to them before you call. That way, they will hopefully answer it, and you can chat about whatever you need to.

Fix 1 – Ask Them to Set Up Voicemail

The best thing you can do for those that don’t have their voicemail set up is to ask them to do it.

Let them know that you would like to talk to them and leave messages and see if they would be willing to set it up. It’s possible they need help with this. If you can help them, you might want to, so you know that they are getting you called every time.

Fix 2 – Call Waiting is In Effect

They might also have put you on call waiting instead of talking to you right away.

This can make it seem like there is nothing on the other end of the line, but you are just waiting to connect to the line so you can talk to them. If it’s been a long time, you can just hang up and try calling them again.

Fix 3 – Try Calling Them Another Time

Sometimes the best thing you can do is wait for a different time and call them then. This way, you will have a chance actually to connect with them. You can wait for a couple of hours and then call them if it’s something you need help with quickly.

The other option is to try calling them back right away or waiting until you actually see that person. You could also just text them and get in touch that way.

If you want to get a hold of them right now, you can try a different line, or you can use another option that will work better for right now. There are several options that you can look at to help you connect as you want.

A lot of people have second lines that they can use right from their phones or devices. These are useful when you are having issues on your end, but you have to find that out. The best way is to try several ways to connect to the other person you want to call.

If you still can’t get them, then it’s most likely because there is an issue with their line.

3. They’ve Put You on Hold

This is something that some people have on their phones. This is also something that might happen if you call a business and want them to answer your call. Some places have it set up where you end up on hold if you call and the phone rings for too long.

They may not even give you any notice. This isn’t something that you might want to have to happen, but it’s something that does happen from time to time. There are times of the day when it’s just too busy to answer every call and talk to everyone.

This is why it happens most of the time when it’s lunch or closer to the end of the day. It’s rare, but it does happen. It’s just something that happens.

If it’s a regular cell phone, they may have answered and not said anything before putting you on hold. This is rare, as most people will tell you to at least hold on, but it does happen.

Fix 1 – Wait

The best way to handle this is to wait for a better time to call. If you have called someone you know, you can wait for a little while before you hang up and then call them again. This way, you will also be able to see if there was an issue with connecting to that phone line.

If you have been working on figuring out what is going on and nothing is helping you with the problem, then you probably don’t have much of choice.

You can work on your phone and your potential causes to see if that is what the problem is, but you don’t have to if you just want to wait and see if it works itself out.

If you find there are a lot of issues, then calling again will also make sure you are getting to call them and get it all figured out.

Fix 2 – Random Glitch

Sometimes the problem is just a glitch in the connection of your phone. Lines get crossed, and sometimes that creates an issue when you call someone. This is the same thing that happens when you make a call, and it’s fuzzy or keeps dropping.

You can contact your provider to see if there is a common glitch that is causing issues for your area. Sometimes that happens. The best thing you can do at that time is to get information.

You may also be able to get information about the service area and any outages you have from the website that the provider uses. They may also have social media that can give the information as well as when it’s likely to be fixed.

If they don’t have anything on their sites, then you can also let them know there is an issue in your area and see if it’s something on their end.

You may be the first person who has run across that problem and are the only one that has the ability to let them know so they can fix it.

If you are able to text, you can do that for a while and wait to see what happens with the actual phone line. Sometimes one will work and not the other in a glitch.

Fix 3 – Restart Phone

If you have ruled out other issues, then you might just want to restart your phone. This will clear any bugs your phone might have that are hurting the connection. It could also be an issue with your antennae.

You can try to call your phone and see if it is able to receive calls. This will let you know if you are having issues with your phone or not. If you are still having issues, chances are the phone is the problem, and you’ll have to go back to looking at how to fix that problem.

Restarting your phone is going to give you a chance to clear the phone a little more than you would if you were just using it without ever doing anything. You also might want to clear your cache on the phone.

This will help get any bugs that might be making the phone call not work the way it should. Once the cache is clear, you can start your device and use it the way you want.

This clears the problem a lot of the time, but if it doesn’t, there are other things you might want to look at that could be causing your problems.

Fix 1 – Force Restart Phone

If you can’t get your phone to turn off on its own, you will have to do a hard restart. This happens when your phone gets stuck or won’t leave the call.

It can cause problems for other areas as well. If you find your phone doesn’t want to shut off, then this is a good indication that your phone is also the cause of the other problems.

Check it when you get it back on and see if the restart helped the connection issues with your device. Again, see if someone can call you and if you can get the call. If you can, then try calling the number you wanted and see if it still is doing the same thing.

If it’s not, then the issues are probably resolved for now. If it is still messing with your connection, you may want to look into getting a new device. If you have an Android, you only have to take the battery out of the phone, and it will do a hard reset on its own.

This is great if you can’t get it to shut off the normal way. It makes it easier to do and helps if things get stuck like this. iPhone is not as easy. You will have to force it to go off, or you will have to wait for it to run out of charge.

Once that happens, you can charge it and turn it back on. Chances are, if this happens, then you won’t be able to use it, most likely.

This kind of issue happens when your phone has some serious problems. You might have to take it in for repair or get a new device to make your calls on.

Fix 2 – Update Phone

Before you get a new phone, you can take a look at your operating system. If you are not updated, it can mess with your phone calls. This is because it needs to use a certain operating system in order to connect properly.

If you aren’t sure, you can look at the settings area on your phone. If there is a notification on the tab at the top on iPhone, then you need to update.

If your phone keeps telling you the operating system needs an update on the Android, then you should probably look at updating it.

If you clear your cache from time to time, you will be able to get rid of a lot of the bugs that you are dealing with. If it’s something your phone is doing, then clearing your cache is going to help a lot.

You also can get rid of things that might be clogging up your phone or that are causing it to run slow. This can improve the overall usage of your phone and improve how you upload and send videos.

If this doesn’t work for you, you might need to look at getting a new device. Your device might just be too old. When a device gets outdated, it can’t update properly any longer.

This can cause issues with the apps on it because they may require your device to be a certain operating system. If your device is unable to update that far, then it won’t work for you, and you will be forced to use a PC or get a newer device.

Am I Blocked If Phone Keeps Ringing?

No, you are probably just not catching the person, or there is an issue with your phone or the connections. When you’re blocked, you won’t be able to even connect with them or have the option for it to ring.

It will go right to voicemail, and most of the time, the person you called won’t even see the voicemail from you. It normally goes into a different area that is for blocked phone calls or even texts.

If someone blocks you, you probably won’t be able to contact them, at least by that phone number. You will most likely have to look at a different way to talk to them, such as social media or another phone line.

If they don’t know you have a second number, chances are that one isn’t blocked. If you think someone has blocked you, your best bet is to ask them when you see them next. If you are good friends, they may have just blocked you for a little while.

This sometimes happens when you have called a person too much, and they are annoyed or if there is a fight that happened between the two of you. Take this into consideration when you are looking at the possibility that they blocked you.

What to Do If Phone Keeps Ringing?

This can be super frustrating, especially if you are trying to talk to them for a really important reason.

There are some other things you can do that will have you talking in no time. Sometimes this happens, and we have to figure out how to get around it or what is causing it. So many things could keep a phone from being able to connect properly.

There might be an issue with the line, or there might be an issue with your phone that is making it not work. Figuring this out first is going to go a long way in getting you connected again.

You can also try to use other methods that are easy to connect. These can include using a different device or simply connecting in a different way. It’s up to you and what feels right for your needs.

1. Text Them Asking Them to Call You

If you can’t get them by calling, you can send them a text and see if that will contact them so they know you’re trying to get ahold of them. You can ask them to call you and see if there is an issue with your phone or if you are just having connection issues.

You will want to call them a few times just to make sure it’s not a connection issue on your end. You might also want to look at your sim card and make sure it’s not lost or that it hasn’t been damaged.

Small things like the heat and bumping your phone just right can cause your sim card not to connect as it should. This will mess up everything for making a phone call. You can also take it out and put it back in your phone to see if that helps you at all.

You can also use a different device to see if that will allow you to text them if yours isn’t working.

If that doesn’t work, there is probably a problem with their phone, and you will have to get in touch in another way. Email or messenger will work great for something like this if you need to.

2. Call Them on an App Like WhatsApp

There are a ton of apps out there that allow you to make calls using your internet. Some will allow you to use your phone or even a computer to make the call.

The best ones are WhatsApp and Textnow, but there are a ton of others that will also work for you if you have stable internet. These are great for second phone lines as well as something to use when you are having trouble with your phone or device.

You will need a good internet connection for these if you aren’t able to connect using your phone’s internet. You can find these apps in the app store as well as just on their websites depending on where you want to use them.

If you want to use them on a phone or other mobile device, then you will want to look in the iPhone app store or the Android one.

You’ll be able to download it from there and use it. If you are looking to use it from your computer, you will need to get it from the website or use it through the website if it has that option.

There are a lot of reasons why your call is getting either not connected, or it’s just not working properly.

The trick is to find out what is causing it to the best of your ability. These are just a few of the things that can work for you, and that would be the first places to look. Sometimes it’s just not something you can control and fix.

The good news is that most of the time, there are ways around it if you are willing to look for them and try new things.

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