AirPods are the new and convenient Apple device that you can use to listen to music and watch videos with. If your AirPods are always in, then chances are that you use them to answer calls on your iPhone. When you answer the call, you have the option to route the audio to the Bluetooth device which is your AirPods, or you can just use your iPhones receiver.

Usually, you shouldn’t experience any problems when using your AirPods as a mic, but sometimes, people won’t be able to hear you when you’re using your AirPods mic. If your mic isn’t working for phone calls, then there are a few things you can do to fix it.

Clean Your Mic

If you Mic has lint and dirt in it, then cleaning it will allow people to hear you during calls. If you need to clean then, you can use rubbing alcohol as it’ll evaporate at room temperature so it can’t damage your AirPods. You can’t use water if you don’t have rubbing alcohol available but it will stay on your AirPods so you’ll have to dry it off after.

airpods mic

You can use a brush or q-tip to clean the mic on your AirPods. The mics are located at the bottom and on the back of the AirPods handle towards the top. Make sure to clean it properly by scrubbing it unless you won’t get the wax off the mic AirPods. Once they’re clean, the mic should be able to receive the sound properly to output to the person on the other end.

Battery is Too Low

If your AirPods battery is too low, then your mic won’t work properly because the your battery is trying to be conserver and if you use the mic for phone calls, then your battery will drain at a quicker rate.

Since you can’t use your AirPods properly if your battery is low, then you’ll need to place them in the case so they can get a full charge. This will only take a few minutes so you can return back to the call without the duration being too long.

Restart your AirPods

If there’s a bug within your AirPods that stopping it from working during calls, then you can reset them. A bug is a failure in the system that causes unexpected results and, in this case,, your mic isn’t working properly. To get rid of this bug, you can reset your AirPods.

A reset is going to wipe the system and take it back to the way it was when you first bought them. This will make sure that it’s a minor big and nothing major such as your chip being broken.

To reset the AirPods:

1. Press and hold the setup button on the Charging Case

2. Let go if the setup button when the status light flashes orange, then flashes white

3. The AirPods are now reset to factory status. Once the AirPods have been reset, then you can connect them to your iPhone again.

Reset Network Settings

The problem could be caused by your iPhone and not by the AirPods themselves. To fix this problem, you need to reset your AirPods network settings. When these settings are wiped, it can fix connectivity issues with your Airpods and iPhone.

1. From the home screen, tap Settings.

2. Scroll down to, then tap General.

3. Scroll down to, then tap Reset.

Reset Network Settings

4. Tap Reset Network Settings.

5. Tap Reset Network Settings to confirm. Once your iPhone has restarted, your cellular settings will have been wiped the call issue may have been resolved