In the tech age we are in today, dating apps have been skyrocketing in popularity and have changed the way we find a date, find a mate, and even “hook up”. Dating apps like Bumble make finding time to find a date a whole lot easier than it used to be. You can do it from home without having to go out to a dirty sticky bar which is even better.

The way this app works is like a lot of other dating apps. Peoples’ profiles are shown to you that are in your preferred age range and in your area. They are shown in a stack of what looks like cards. You can swipe left or right to choose whether you are interested in the person or not. If you are interested, you can swipe to the right.

And if you aren’t, swipe left. Just like you do for them, other users will see your profile pop up in their “stack of cards” and will be swiping left or right on you. If both you and the other user on the app swipe right on each others profile, then you have a match, and you can then chat with one another. Or if you both choose to, meet in real life for a date to see if you click with each other.

The Bumble app is basically just a replica of Tinder, but with one huge difference. The difference between the two dating apps is actually pretty cool. If a heterosexual couple match with one another, the woman has to engage in conversation before the man can make contact.

This is a neat feature that keep women from being harassed like on other dating sites. Also it gives the woman involved the right to control her own destiny, and since both people have already chosen to contact one another, why not let the women engage in conversation first. Let’s be honest, most guys are a little too forward with their opening statements most of the time anyway.

Because of how Bumble is set up, women get to set the pace right off the bat. She can start off with something like what an average guy would say, sure. But this is nice for women who are looking for something a little slower paced. It gives them the chance to let the guy know what she expects out of the relationship immediately.

This makes it where Bumble seems to be a little classier than the app it copied its basis from. One of the stats that says it’s a better app for women is that 50 percent of the users on Bumble are women and on its competitor Tinder the stat is only 33 percent women.

If this kind of app wasn’t quite what you were looking for where things are a bit different than the usual dating style. After all, not every app is for every person. Maybe you just found a match that is actually working out for you and don’t need the app anymore. Either way, you are at a place where you want to quit using the Bumble app and are looking into how to delete your account.

Tips Before Deleting Your Account

If things just aren’t working out for you on the app and you feel like nobody seems interested in you, you should try a few things to increase your chances of finding someone. Feeling “rejected” by everyone on an app can be disheartening, but make sure you have done everything in your power to change that before giving up.

Getting Verified

Getting your Bumble account verified is an easy and free process. Doing this will make other users much more comfortable with you actually being you. This is free and gives you a better chance at finding someone on the app so give it a try.

Make the Image You are Sending Out is a Good One

On Bumble you have six slots that you can add pictures to. This is probably the most important part of your profile. You want to make sure that you use all the photo slots which will increase the views your profile will get.

Also, you want to make sure that you accurately portray who you are and what you really look like but do it with the best pictures you can. You should limit the selfies if possible and maybe even have a photographer take some really nice photos of you. Bumble’s advisors say that this is a good way to increase your chances of meeting someone on the app.

Make Your Bio a Good Read

You can have all the great pictures in the world to lure people in, but if you don’t have anything good to read about yourself or anything that might spark a conversation, people will lose interest in your profile. Make sure to let people know exactly what you are looking for out of a relationship. Talk about what you like to do in your spare time, your education and work background, and anything else that might be good conversation starter.

Start Being Pickier in Your Swipes

Bumble actually punishes people who say yes to everyone trying to saturate the market with their face. They will move your face to the bottom of the list that people see when you do this. So, the best thing to do is to choose wisely and actually think about who you are swiping left and right. The more you say no the more others will say yes believe it or not.

Stop Being So Picky When it Comes to Criteria

A problem that a lot of users run into is being too picky about age and location of the people they want to meet. When you choose to limit the age, you are looking for to a small range of 5 years or so, you limit yourself to a very select group of people that will be available. Age is just a number after all. You can always reject a date if the person is too mature or not mature enough for you. The smaller the city you live in the larger you should make your range or search. If you live in a low population area you may want to expand your search radius. This will increase the number of people that will see your profile.

How to Delete Your Bumble Account

If you have done all this already or don’t even want to try it, then you can always go ahead and delete your account. If all you want to do is not have the app on your phone anymore, then you just have to simply delete it.

This will not delete your account from Bumble though and it will still be out there for people to look at and swipe one way or the other. This will make it where you won’t receive notifications from the app anymore and is the best option if you are planning to come back to the app at some point in the future.

First, Unlink Your Facebook Account

1. Log into your Facebook

2. Open the settings the go to Account Settings

3. Go to Apps and then Logged in with Facebook

4. Choose Bumble and then choose Remove app

5. Finally, confirm that you want to remove it

Second, Delete Your Bumble Account

1. Open your Bumble app on your device

2. Select Settings and then scroll all the way to the bottom

3. Choose Delete Account

delete account

4. Now, type the word delete and then tap confirm

5. Your account on Bumble is now completely deleted

Also, remember that if you subscribed to Bumble Boost you will need to cancel that subscription either through Google Play Store or through iTunes. Just go to the subscription section of either one of these and choose Bumble subscription and cancel it.