Microsoft Word

The Windows clipboard is an invaluable tool that allows you to copy and paste large walls of text from one document to another. It works exceptionally well when moving a large document from an application like Word to the web.

For example, you can copy text written in Word to a web-based application like WordPress in seconds.

However, there is a rather prominent caveat that exists when doing so. The text is copied in all its glory, including hidden yet clearly evident formatting. Sometimes this is good if you want the text to remain in bold or italic print.

But it can be bad especially when copying to web platforms and vice versa because the code is also copied.

Line breaks, fonts, colors and a variety of additional features may exist that you don’t want to appear in the final form.

Luckily, there is a way to ensure that Word always uses plain text for pasted and copied text.

Disable Formatted Text In Microsoft Word Settings

You can actually enable pasting unformatted text through the Microsoft Word settings.

To always paste plain text in Word:

  1. Click File.Options in Word
  2. Choose Options from the main menu.Keep text only Word
  3. Select the Advanced tab in Word Options.
  4. Locate the Cut, Copy, and Paste section.
  5. Choose the type of text you will paste — or all. If you mainly copy text from the web, look at the Pasting from other programs options.
  6. Select the Keep Text Only option.

You can choose between Pasting Within the Same Doc, Pasting Between Docs, and Pasting from Other Programs.

To test, you can copy text that you know has odd formatting or even text that includes an image.

Highlight everything you want to copy and then use the copy command or CTRL+C. Return to a Word doc and paste the content using the right-click context menu, or by using the hotkey CTRL+V.

If the text pasted as plain text and you see no images or formatting, then everything worked as intended.

Bottom Line

The good news is that this setting is preserved through all versions of Microsoft Word, even the older variants.

Once you change the setting within the advanced copy and paste options, you can assuage added work involved with moving text or content.

If you run into any problems while following the guide, or have further issues copying text, then feel free to leave a comment below, and I’ll help the best I can.


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