Pardon the Interruption Ticketmaster? Try These 8 Fixes

Pardon the Interruption Ticketmaster

You are finally ready to buy tickets to your favorite band’s concert. You’ve got the perfect row, and as you are browsing through to find if any other seats are available for your friends, the dreaded “Pardon The Interruption” message from Ticketmaster comes up.

Why is this happening, and can you fix it?

Why Am I Getting a Pardon the Interruption Message on Ticketmaster?

1. Internet Issue

The first thing you need to check is if the internet connection you are currently using is running continuously, without any sort of interruptions. If a page can’t be reached correctly, there is a chance that the page will not behave the way it is supposed to.

If you have previously had problems while loading a page on your current internet connection, there is a high possibility that your internet connection is not working correctly.

This can mean that the speed that your connection is running on is not fast enough to act upon any petition made by the users. If you’ve had continuous problems while using internet-dependent apps and sites, try to do a fast internet test.

The speeds you should be hoping for to at least be able to load pages at a decent speed is at least 5mbps. If you run an internet test and the test shows speeds under 5mbps, the speed might be way slower than this estimate.

No speed test is completely accurate, so performing this test on as many internet testers as possible will help you find out a more accurate reading of your internet speed.

If there seems to be a problem with the speeds that the internet is running on, try the following fixes.

Fix 1 – Switch From WIFI to Data Vice Versa

The first thing you are going to want to try is to switch from your Wi-Fi to your data and vice versa.

If it turns out that there is a problem with one of your connections, right after you connect your device to an alternative internet provider, the page will begin working correctly.

If you see that once you shift from one internet provider to the other, the page you were on loads correctly, you might want to consider doing more meticulous tests with your connections to find out the speeds you are working with.

One thing that you might want to try is to do a speed test while using your mobile data and another test while using your Wi-Fi connection. If, on the other hand, you are still greeted by the error message, you might now want to ;

Fix 2 – Turn Off VPN

If you are currently using a VPN while browsing for tickets on Ticketmaster, try turning it off while using the page.

Since Ticketmaster bases most of its sales based on the IP addresses that are given by its users, finding an IP address that does not correspond to the country or area where the tickets are on sale might interfere with the process of acquiring tickets.

VPNs are security services that add an extra layer of security while you browse the internet. By masking your real IP address, a VPN makes sure that your internet privacy is respected and kept anonymous.

While the tools provided by VPNs can really help create a much more secure experience on the internet, some sites might find the use of VPNs counter-productive to the experience they want to present to their users.

Disabling your VPN might solve the problem by connecting you to the correct region of the Ticketmaster page.

If your internet speed constantly shows slow speeds, VPNs might be a leading cause of this problem. Since VPNs mask IP addresses by taking your connection through servers all across the world and returning that same signal through a tunnel.

This feature of VPNs helps better protect your identity on the internet from prying eyes. All of this constant sending and receiving of signals might take much more internet than your connection can provide you.

Disconnecting from your VPN will make your internet signal go faster since there will be no need to send your connection and receive it. The less amount of internet that is used during this category of fixes might provide better results.

Fix 3 – Restart Router

If you see that utilizing your data and turning off your VPN has not been enough to get rid of the message, then the next thing you can do is restart your router.

To restart your router unplug it from the electric source and wait at least 30 seconds before you plug the router in again.

A quick restart like this will make the router do checks on itself to see if there is any problem going on with the router.

Most of the time, the speeds that are given by your Wi-FI connection is faster than the one by your mobile data since it is an internet signal that is supposed to be used by various devices at the same time.

If your router is not sending the correct speeds, your provider is meant to give you a restart of the router. Without doing any sort of tests, most people can tell that a page is taking longer than it is supposed to since they understand their internet connection.

If the speed is not the speed that you expect from your Wi-Fi, even after you have restarted your router try to do the same fix, but this time wait at least 2 full minutes before you plug the router back into the power outlet.

The amount of time that you wait before you plug in your router is a very important factor to keep in mind while restarting your router.

A restart in a router is a little different than other devices such as phones and laptops since the process of restarting is much more simple than in other devices.

Since there are no actual apps running on the router, rather a large amount of code that the router acts upon and the verification of said code to check for any incongruencies on the device.

The protocols the router follows are integrated to make sure that the connection is secure and fast.

Fix 4 – Reset Router

Routers, just like any other device that is commonly connected to the internet, need to be constantly updated to patch any vulnerabilities and make speedier connections.

Resetting a router consists of looking for a button on your router that is specifically used for resetting the device. You must keep your router connected to the electrical outlet for the process to work.

Most of the time, this button is located on the bottom of the router, on the back, or at times in the back. It might be necessary to use a pin to push the button, and most routers use this way of resetting to make sure that there are no erroneous resets.

Sometimes an update introduces new mistakes to the code that was not present before, so it is important to make sure that the code will run smoothly. To do this, you will need to reset the router.

Resetting the router is different from restarting the router since all of the updates that have been previously added will be permanently deleted. By deleting all of the information that was stored on the router, only the latest update will be installed.

By only installing the newest update, the number of errors on the router lowers dramatically. An update introduces new lines of code that add to the overall operation of the router.

After resetting, you might notice that the router will take longer to connect to the internet.

Since the latest update will be installed on the device, you might experience a delayed connection depending on how large of an update it is and the speeds that your router operates on.

2. They Think You’re A Bot

Ticketmaster is a site that is commonly used by scalpers. Scalping is the process of buying large amounts of tickets hoping that the event will sell out to be able to resell their tickets to the public at a higher price.

For this to work, many scalpers use bots to buy as many tickets as possible. This is why Ticketmaster does not allow any user to use bots to buy their tickets.

The action of reselling tickets only means that the people that are interested in an event will be overcharged. This is simply not fair for the users of a platform like Ticketmaster.

Fix – Stop or Disable the Bot You’re Using

If the page believes that you are using a bot and you are using one, the best thing to do is to stop.

Bots are able to process orders at speeds that an average user is simply not able to match.

This creates a situation that is incredibly unfair for people that do act as they are meant to while buying event tickets. If you are not using a bot, then the page might still believe that you are a bot because of an action that is taking place on your device.

3. You’ve Disabled JavaScript in Your Web Browser

JavaScript is text-based programming that makes it possible for pages to connect with their users.

It might be that you disabled JavaScript without the intent to do so or maybe you have actively decided to do so. Whatever the case might be, disabling JavaScript might be causing the error.

Fix – Make Sure JavaScript is Enabled

If you want to make sure that JavaScript is not what is causing this error, check if your JavaScript is enabled on your browser. To do this, head to the settings section of your browser.

Once on settings, head toward security and privacy. Under this tab, you will find site settings. Click on this tab and look for the option of JavaScript. Make sure that this feature is enabled.

If the browser’s settings menu does not have JavaScript under the exact tabs that I mentioned, try looking around the privacy and security section of the settings.

JavaScript is a program that many newer sites use to give users more responsive experiences on their sites.

While JavaScript is not required for every single page, it is used by many to ensure fair usage of their sites. JavaScript prevents certain actions from taking place. Turning on JavaScript is necessary to make sure that the site will run the way it was intended to.

4. A Third-Party Browser Plugin, Such as Ghostery or NoScript is Preventing JavaScript From Running

Plugins meant for security enhancements for our devices are becoming more and more common among all types of users.

VPNs and other tools are extremely useful when it comes to protecting your time on the internet. Third-party plugins focused on internet security might disrupt the way that JavaScript is running.

Fix – Use Private Browser Mode to Make Sure Plugins Are Disabled

If you want to try the easiest fix for this problem, open private browser mode and look for the tickets on Ticketmaster in private browser mode. If you use private browser mode, all of the plugins that are normally active on your browser will be disconnected.

If no plugins are enabled, then there is no way that third-party plugins might be affecting JavaScript. Beware that while using private browser mode, none of the pages that you visit will be saved on your history.

If you want to have a reference of tickets you found and the prices and specific seats, it will not be available after you close the private browser. Make sure that while you are using a private browser, you use your correct email when you buy any tickets.

Since you will not have any sort of reference after you buy the tickets making sure that the tickets reach the correct email inbox is critical. Right after you buy any tickets on the platform, make sure that you get a confirmation email.

If, while using a private browser, you are still getting the same error message, “Pardon the Interruption,” the plugin might not be what is causing the site to act the way that it is meant to.

5. Ticketmaster is Down

The worst thing that might be happening is that Ticketmaster is down. The use of bots on sites like Ticketmaster can cause the servers to go overloaded with requests and go down.

If the servers in Ticketmaster are not working, nothing on the site will work. The orders won’t be processed, and the sale of tickets will come to a halt.

Fix – Check If Ticketmaster is Down

If Ticketmaster is actually down, this implies that the site in its entirety won’t work. If you want to check if Ticketmaster is down, you might want to try and surf the website for any other tickets or any other features of the site.

If any of the pages that you are going through load correctly and show you what they should be showing you, then the odds are that Ticketmaster is not down.

One of the things that you might want to try is to check on any social media site that you use the most and search for Ticketmaster as your search topic on the site.

If you see that many users are having the same problems as you as they try to buy tickets for their events.

Using social network sites such as Twitter to check what people are currently talking about is a great way for you to find out if a site is experiencing errors. Another way to approach this is to search directly on your browser, “are Ticketmaster servers down?”

Searching your browser for a more direct answer to your question might lead you to a site that keeps tabs on server issues experienced by users all around the globe.

If the site that you are using is of general interest, the odds are that people will have dedicated sites to check how the site is running.

If you have searched long and wide and finally come to the conclusion that Ticketmaster is down, the only thing that is left to do is wait until the servers come back up.

Ticketmaster is a site that makes buying tickets for important events around your location. While you look around for the best tickets for the best prices on Ticketmaster, you might hit some walls that prevent you from utilizing the site.

If you are using Ticketmaster, you are hit with the error message “Pardon the Interruption. As you were browsing, something about your browser made us think you were a bot.”

You will want to try various fixes. The faulty recognition of your browsing history as if it was being made by a bot might come from a plethora of reasons.

If you experience problems with your internet, if you disable JavaScript if you are currently using third-party plug-ins, and especially if you are using bots while purchasing tickets might cause bot recognition.

Ticketmaster makes sure that the site runs in a fashion that is fair and equal for all users who are using it. Make sure you help them do it.

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