PancakeSwap Cannot Estimate Gas? Try These 8 Fixes

cannot estimate gas pancakeswap

PancakeSwap is a Binance Smart Chain-based decentralized exchange. It is a quick and low-cost alternative to Ethereum. PancakeSwap enables users to exchange bitcoin assets by placing them in liquidity pools. It is one of the most user-friendly cryptocurrency trading platforms.

If you are new to PancakeSwap, you may see a “the transaction cannot succeed due to error: cannot estimate gas” problem message when trading in 2022. Decentralized exchanges provide access to currencies and tokens that are not available elsewhere.

Many customers have seen a message that reports an error about failing to estimate gas. It is most likely a problem with one of the tokens you’re switching.”

This problem occurs for many users that attempt to exchange tokens, yet the platforms’ functions do not function properly.

Errors like these may occur; therefore, we conducted our study to eliminate this problem. The gas fee mistake is a common problem that most PancakeSwap users have to deal with. Fortunately, resolving the issue is a straightforward process. Removing the following zeroes from the token amount is a slight slippage tolerance or rounding the token amount down to the closest whole integer.

The platform refuses to conduct the trade activity since the gas charge cannot be determined. However, other factors might cause this warning to occur while selling or purchasing a token. You might be trying to acquire a scam token.

Read on to learn more about this error message and how you can fix it.

What Does “Pancakeswap Cannot Estimate Gas” Mean?

“Cannot estimate gas” on PancakeSwap signifies that the exchange cannot calculate the transaction cost. This error occurs when the number of tokens has too many decimal places.

The “cannot estimate gas” issue may occur if the quantity of tokens has too many decimal places. For instance, if you exchange BNB for 155.968325 ANKR, you may see the error notice. It is due to the token having an excessive amount of decimal places.

Another reason you get the “cannot estimate gas” error because the token might be a fraud. However, this is not always the case. View the token’s recent transactions to determine if it is a fraud. If there have been recent purchases and sales, it is likely not a fraud, and PancakeSwap issues the error notice.

The error notice can be resolved by following the instructions outlined below.

Why Does Pancakeswap Say “Cannot Estimate Gas”?

This error message signifies that the Pancakeswap platform is unable to estimate the gas expenses associated with that particular transaction for whatever reason. The most likely cause of this problem is utilizing the “string” data type for URIs.

As a result, the compiler cannot estimate the amount of gas used when running the mint function since the length of the URI parameter might be completely random.

Some of the reasons why you get this error message are because:

1. Too Many Decimal Places In The Number of Tokens

If the value of your token is 125.3679142, PancakeSwap will show the transaction failure error because there are too many digits after the decimal points.

Or, if your token quantity contains many zeroes at the end, you can get the “gas error.” For example, exchanging 1,000,000 Safemoons for BNB may be an error due to many trailing zeroes.

2. Low Slippage Tolerance

  1. Increasing the slippage tolerance can help in the success of the transaction. The disadvantage is that you may not get a fair price for the transaction.
  2. Launch PancakeSwap.
  3. Choose whether you wish to purchase or sell tokens. Go to the “To” field to acquire a token. Go to the “From” section to sell one.
  4. The slippage tolerance must then be adjusted—select Settings.
  5. Enter 12 in the “slippage tolerance” box. You may also modify the slippage tolerance in tiny increments.
  6. Close the window by clicking the close symbol.

3. The Token Might Be a Scam

Cannot Estimate Gas errors on PancakeSwap is often caused by too many decimal places in the number of tokens or if the token is a scam.

So, make sure the coin you’re trading is legitimate and not a forgery by conducting online research, changing the decimal places, following a simple two-step procedure, and correcting it right away!

The most well-known cryptocurrencies are not fraudulent. But if you’ve never heard of a cryptocurrency, dig into it – see if there’s a whitepaper you can read, learn who controls it and how it works, and seek authentic reviews and testimonies. To avoid fraud, look for an up-to-date and reliable phony cryptocurrency list.

How to Fix Cannot Estimate Gas Pancakeswap

To resolve the “cannot estimate gas” error message on PancakeSwap, increase your slippage tolerance to 12 percent. After that, you’ll need to adjust the number of tokens you’re attempting to exchange. After modifying the number of tokens you try to swap, the problem notice will be resolved. For example, if you’re trying to trade BNB for Safemoon, the quantity of Safemoon you may contain many decimal places.

Alternatively, the last few numbers of Safemoon might be pretty erratic. When this occurs, PancakeSwap may experience difficulties calculating the charge associated with the transaction. The transaction will fail, and you will receive an error message stating that you “cannot estimate gas.” It is also possible that a low slippage tolerance will cause your transaction to be unsuccessful.

It is related to the token’s transaction charge. You may alleviate this by adjusting your slippage tolerance in small increments until you discover the slippage tolerance that allows the transaction to proceed.

On PancakeSwap, here’s how to resolve the “cannot estimate gas” error:

1. Change Slippage Tolerance

1. Launch PancakeSwap.

2. When you’re on PancakeSwap, choose the tokens you want to trade.

3. Do this by entering the token you wish to purchase in the “To” box.

4. Then, in the “From” section, pick the token you wish to exchange.

5. After that, revise your slippage tolerance.

6. To do so, click the Settings button. You will see the settings menu pop up once you press on the Settings icon, where you will find a field to change slippage tolerance.

7. Enter “12” as your slippage tolerance in the field.

8. Then, hit the “x” symbol to exit the Settings pop-up.

9. Alternatively, you can gradually raise your slippage tolerance.

10. Begin with a small percent slippage tolerance and gradually increase it.

It will help you to determine the transaction’s lowest slippage tolerance. Instead, you may raise your slippage tolerance in small increments over time. As a result, you will choose the lowest slippage tolerance required for the transaction to be successful.

However, if you want to purchase a token like Safemoon, you must specify a slippage tolerance of 12%.

It is due to the costs associated with the coin.

2. Change the Number of Tokens

The last numbers of the token must be changed to zero.

1. Enter the token you wish to purchase into the “To” column.

2. Then, choose the token you wish to replace it with.

3. Then, input the amount you wish to exchange for the token.

4. It will estimate the “To” field.

5. However, the “To” field cannot be calculated when purchasing a token.

6. When you touch on “Swap,” if the “To” field is estimated, you may see an error message similar to the “cannot estimate gas” problem.

7. Instead, the “From” field must be approximated.

8. When purchasing a token, the “From” box must be calculated.

9. Turn the last digits of the token you’re attempting to purchase to zeroes. For instance, if you’re attempting to purchase 155.958 ANKR, alter it to 155.000. It will usually resolve the “cannot estimate gas” problem.

If the last digits of the token you’re attempting to purchase are already all zeroes, try altering them to random numbers.

If the “cannot estimate gas” error continues, try changing the values to random ones until the transaction.

The error message is generally generated by the number of tokens you’re attempting to exchange.

3. Increase Gas Limit on PancakeSwap

The first approach is to increase your swap’s gas allowance.

GWEI governs transaction speeds. As a result, allowing the platform to complete speedier transactions will result in a higher fee.

1. Navigate to PancakeSwap’s Settings page. It is done using the “Swap” option.

2. Change the transaction speeds in Global Settings to “Fast” or “Instant.”

3. Try again to complete the trade or exchange. The operation will have a price effect because the gas limit has been raised.

Use the following workaround if you don’t want to trade a token at higher costs.

4. Check Tokens Recent Transactions to Verify it’s Not a Scam

Another reason you get the “cannot estimate gas” error because the token might be a fraud.

However, this is not always the case. View the token’s recent transactions to determine if it is a fraud. If there have been recent purchases and sales, it is likely not a fraud, and PancakeSwap issues the error notice.

5. Restart the App

If you experience problems with the Pancake swap, you can restart the app to rectify the situation. Restarting an app is a soft reset that clears any errors and establishes a new connection.

Most people that use Pancake swap use it on a website browser. If you are not using an app to access Pancake, swap close the tab, give it a few minutes, and then start on a new tab.

It is essential to understand that there is no PancakeSwap DEX application available for Android or iOS. With this in mind, we strongly advise everyone to refrain from downloading any of the apps that claim to be pancake swap apps.

In addition to PancakeSwap, Binance has announced the Binance Defi Wallet, a non-custodial decentralized Web3 wallet that can be accessed using the Binance application. A Defi wallet can be created, funds transferred, and DApps such as PancakeSwap can be used using the Binance App, which is included in the newest version of the Binance App.

6. Log Out, Then Back In

Logging in and out of the Pancake swap should clear any gas messages. PancakeSwap will not work unless you have your cryptocurrency wallet and account, as the DEX does not accept fiat cash.

PancakeSwap is compatible with various wallets; PancakeSwap is compatible with a variety of wallets, including MetaMask Binance Chain Wallet, MathWallet, and Trust Walletamong others.

Though it is an Ethereum wallet, MetaMask can function with the Binance Smart Chain. Do not immediately log back in once you log out of the app. Give the app a few minutes to reconnect to the server before logging back in again.

7. Reinstall App

If you have tried all the above and still don’t have a fix for the gas fees, you can delete the app you are using. Once you delete the app, reinstall it. It will refresh your page and connection, and any errors should be fixed after this.

8. Choose A Different Token

If you continue to experience this problem with Pancake swap, choose a different token and see if you get the same message. Depending on the wallet you use, there are multiple tokens that you can choose from to see if the error is universal.


Here are some basic guidelines to follow when purchasing or selling a token:

Ensure that the “From” column is approximated when purchasing a token. To do so, update the token’s last numbers in the “To” column. If you’re selling a token, though, ensure sure the “To” field is approximated. To do so, modify the token’s last numbers in the “From” column.

It will reduce the likelihood of transaction errors such as the “cannot estimate gas” error occurring.

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