Panasonic TV Keeps Turning Off? Try These 13 Fixes

Panasonic TV Turns Itself Off

But, have you ever been watching your favorite episode of Grey’s Anatomy, and just when the episode is getting to the good part, your Panasonic TV turns off. There are many causes that contribute to this effect.

The issue could range from your device being outdated, multiple apps are running simultaneously in the background, or your TV is running hot from running consistently.

When something like this happens, there is no need to start a fight with your TV. So, let’s check out some of these alternatives to get your TV back working smoothly.

Why Does My Panasonic TV Keep Turning Off 

1. Bug or Software Malfunction

Having a bug or is a typical yet irritating issue. Although a bug or a software malfunction is common, there are quick ways for you to resolve the issue right away. Let’s take an observation at some of these quick fixes to put your mind at ease.

Fix – Unplug TV and hold Power Button for 30 Seconds

This troubleshooting method is worth a try if you’re looking to resolve the issue right away and if you are resolving the issue on your own.

To get started with this process, first, you must: 

1. Go ahead and unplug the TV from the outlet.

2. After the television is unplugged, hold down the power button on the TV for 30 seconds.

3. After 30 seconds, go ahead and plug the TV cord back into the outlet and turn the television back on. 

4. After turning the TV back on, resume watching your previous program. If the television does not turn off instantly after a short time, you have resolved the issue.

After performing this troubleshooting method and the issue still continues, proceed to the next alternative. 

Fix 2 – Unplug and Plug TV In After 60 Seconds

For this step, you will wait 60 seconds before switching your device back on. But, the power button does not need to be used for this method.

After unplugging the TV immediately, wait 60 seconds before plugging the television back into the outlet. 

After waiting for 60 seconds, plug the TV cord back into the outlet and power the television back on. This quick reset should allow the TV to Now function properly. If this does not work, attempt to restart the TV using your remote.

Fix 3 – Restart TV with Remote

Restarting your TV with your remote is a very easy process. If you have turned your television back on after it has turned off automatically, you can do this by simply turning your TV off using the power button on your remote. After leaving your TV off for approximately 2 to 3 minutes, use your remote control to turn your television back on. 

Keeping the television off for a couple of minutes will give the electrical current in the television a break. If your TV has been running consistently, this may be a great option. 

Fix 4 – Wait For Problem to Go Away

The next option to consider is the play the waiting game. Although waiting is an option, there are other steps to take while you wait for the issue to resolve on its own. 

While waiting for the issue to disappear, take a moment to observe all of the inputs and outputs of your television to ensure none of the technical inputs or outputs are causing the issue.

Analyze the TV’s functionalities and buttons to see if the issue occurs when you press a particular button or make a specific selection. And while you’re waiting for the issue to fix itself, try checking out some other troubleshooting methods online to pass the time, just like how you’re checking out this article as we speak.

 If the TV keeps turning off, it can be complicated to continue watching your favorite show. So, it’s good to have something productive to do to pass the time while the problem resolves.

So, although waiting can make you scream “OMG”, there are still ways for you to utilize your time and space while the issue is internally resolving itself. 

If you’ve felt as if you have waited a century, you may want to check out the next quick fix. 

Fix 5 – Plug TV Into A Different Outlet

Consumers fail to realize that it is essential that your device is tightly and safely plugged into an outlet. If your Panasonic is turning off by itself, even if your TV is tightly plugged in, you may want to try using a different outlet.

When changing your TV to a different outlet or socket, it is important to consider to safely and carefully switch the television from one location to another in your vicinity.

Be sure when changing the television to please pick up the TV cord as you are traveling from one place in your home to the other to avoid tripping and causing more damage to the cord.

Also, ensure all external wires are disconnected from the TV before transitioning. This is essential for consumers who have their TV plugged into an outlet that does not have an alternate outlet next to the outlet they are switching from.

If the outlet you are switching from already has a second outlet next to it, go ahead and unplug the TV and plug it into the alternate outlet.

Switching outlets allows you to isolate the issue because your current outlet is not as vital to holding the TV cord in place. This issue can be very hazardous.

If your TV is plugged into a loosely tightened outlet, it will not only continue to turn off on its own, but worse, it may spark a wildfire. So, to avoid a nightmare such as a house fire, take into consideration this information.

If you are using an external outlet (or drop cord) and the external outlet is plugged into the wall, if there is an additional wall outlet nearby, you can try switching the external outlet cord into a different wall outlet to see if this will isolate the issue. 

After you have switched outlets, try turning your television back on and resume watching your scheduled program. If the TV remains on for a longer period of time, you have resolved the issue. However, if the issue continues, you may have to use a different method of resolution. 

Fix 6 – Reset TV to Factory Default

Factory resetting will give your television a new beginning. Before performing a factory reset, it is essential to consider any data or information that may go into “the void” after the reset.

If you have a Panasonic with applications downloaded, after the factory reset, you may have to reinstall those applications all over again.

Just a little forewarning before clicking the reset button. Without further hesitation, here are a couple of ways you can reset your Panasonic to factory settings. 

To factory reset your Panasonic, you must: 

1. Turn your TV back on if the TV is off.

2. Press the arrow down and arrow up to select Setup, then OK

3. Press the arrow down and arrow up to select System, then select OK

4. Press the arrow down and arrow up to select Factory Default the select OK

5. Press the right and left arrows to select Yes and OK.

After the system has reset, try to resume or turn to a station on your TV and pay close attention to see if the TV will remain on. 

To factory reset your Panasonic without your remote, you can also do the following: 

1. Unplug the TV’s AC power adapter from the electrical socket.

2. Simultaneously press and hold the volume down and power button on the TV hardware.

3. While holding down the power buttons, plug the power cord back into the outlet

4. Continue holding down until the TV displays the erasing screen.

5. From there, navigate using the power buttons on your TV and select what you are willing to delete and what you want to keep.

After using one of the methods to reset your TV to factory reset settings, this may resolve the issue immediately. 

2. A Faulty App is Causing It

When you first purchase a Panasonic for the first time, consumers immediately want to start downloading fun applications on their TV. But when apps are running for a consistent time frame, running apps can cause an internal issue with the functionality of your TV. 

Fix – Close the App

First, you can try closing the app or applications for your TV. The steps listed below can work for any Android-based television.

To close your apps on your TV, you must:

1. On your remote control, press the home button. At the home screen, select the apps icon or press and hold the home button to open the list of installed apps.

Press the left, right, up, or down arrows to highlight the apps you want to choose. Press and hold the Enter button on the selected application. When the option to Force Close appears, select Force Close. 

If there are multiple apps running simultaneously, force close all running apps. 

Fix 2 – Clear Apps Cache

Your cache backup may also be an issue for why your TV is turning off automatically. A cache is where the device stores files from the apps you have open on your smart TV.

These files or any other data are kept temporarily in your cache memory. The cache will use the data to help the app perform more efficiently.

However, many files are stored in your cache memory and can take up space. So, clearing the cache would be essential for your TV if you want to return to enjoying its features immediately.

To clear your cache on your Panasonic, you must: 

1. First, go to the home screen of the Panasonic TV.

2. Using your remote, navigate to the Menu.

3. Look for the Settings or Apps and tap to open.

4. Choose the All tab to see all of your apps.

5. Click on the app that you want to clear the cache

6. Next, select the clear cache option.

7. Repeat this process for all of the other running applications. 

Once you clear your cache on your Panasonic TV apps, turn the TV off and back on. Once the TV is back on, attempt to watch a program on the TV to ensure the TV will remain on. 

Fix 3 – Delete the App, Reboot, Reinstall

If the previous alternative was not a success, as a disclaimer, this next method may be time-consuming. Although this method may take up some time, this may get your Panasonic TV back in action immediately. 

First, you will have to delete the apps from your Panasonic device. On your TV home screen, scroll to your Settings; under “Device”, select Apps. Under Downloaded Apps, choose the app you want to delete. Finally, select Uninstall and then click OK. Repeat this for all apps on your TV.

After you have successfully uninstalled all apps, reboot the TV. To reboot, you can turn the TV off using your remote or use the power button on the TV, or unplug the TV from the wall outlet. Leave the television off for approximately 2-3 minutes. 

After 2-3 minutes have passed, turn the TV back on. If the TV is unplugged from the wall outlet, plug the TV cord back into the outlet and switch the television back on. 

After the television is back on, reinstall all of your applications again. After all of the apps are reinstalled, attempt to watch a program on the TV to see if the system will remain on for the full duration. 

3. TV Overheating

As the most likely issue is that the television is overheating, it is crucial to keep vents clear and dust free, remove airflow obstructions around the TV (nothing should be blocking the flow of air to the ventilation), and keep the device away from sources of heat (extreme or minor).

If none of these protocols are taken into consideration, your TV will overheat; which may be the cause of the TV switching off on its own.

Fix – Wait For TV to Cool Down

If you’re Panasonic TV is turning off by itself due to your system overheating, the best thing to do in this case is to wait for your TV to cool down and take a break. 

While it may be complicated to understand whether or not this may be the issue, you can usually decipher by looking at the air vents on the back of the television.

If the vents seem too hot to grasp, don’t have enough space to function, or are filled with dust or debris, your Panasonic is most likely overheating. So, your best option is to turn your television off for a while for the system to cool down. 

4. Loose Or Weak Cable Connections

It is exceptionally essential for your safety as well as for the functionality of the TV to check for loose or weak cable connections. If your Panasonic is turning off by itself, there may be a shortage in one of your connections as well as cables that may be loose or not firmly connected correctly. 

Fix – Plug In Power Supply Firmly 

If the cables are loose, unplug the wires and reinsert them firmly. Be sure to check the wall connection as well as the wires connected to the TV.

Once you reinsert the cables back into the TV as well as the wall connection (if applicable), if your TV is already off, turn the TV back on and attempt to watch something.

If the TV remains on for the total duration after all cables and wires are firmly connected, the issue is resolved. However, if the issue continues, you may want to try taking a look at your HDMI cable. Let’s check out that alternative for reinstalling your HDMI connection.

Fix – Reinstall HDMI

On your Panasonic TV, your HDMI connections are located either on the back panel, or for some other models, located on the back-side panel. Sometimes, your HDMI cables or connection may cause a short circuit if not handled right away.

That is a RED FLAG. This can prohibit your display from working properly as well as being the cause for your TV turning off by itself.

If your Panasonic TV is turning off automatically, if you have HDMI cables attached to the HDMI ports, take out the HDMI cables and then reinstall them.

When removing the HDMI cables, it is essential to remember to slowly wiggle the cables from the ports rather than quickly snatching them out. This will cause more harm than solution.

After you have reinstalled the HDMI cables, try to resume watching your TV to ensure it does not turn off again. 

Fix – Replace HDMI

After removing the HDMI cables and reinstalling them, and there is still no progress, check the cables for damages.

Having a damaged HDMI cable is terrible news. Not only will the cable continue to cause issues for your television, but this is a hazardous situation.

If you notice the issue is your HDMI cable, the best option is to replace the HDMI Cable (view on Amazon).

5. TV Out of Date

Fix – Update Firmware

Just like any other high-quality device, updates are an essential part of the device’s functionality and properties. If you are experiencing an issue with your Panasonic turning off by itself, your TV may be out of date.

Most tech-savvy individuals will follow this method first above other options. However, for the individuals that are not so tech-savvy, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered! Here’s how you can update your firmware on your Panasonic TV. 

First, you must download the update. To download the update, proceed with the following steps below:

1. Before updating the TV, you must have access to a USB drive. The USB is utilized to transfer the downloaded update from your PC to the USB storage, to then switch the update from the storage to your TV. If you don’t have access to a USB drive, take a visit to your local electronics department store.

2. Once you have the USB drive, insert the USB into your computer’s USB port.

3. Open a compatible web browser and go to the Panasonic product downloads page. 

4. Select LCD TVs in the product category menu, then select your TV’s model number. Click Firmware in the download type menu, then click Search. 

5. Click the firmware for your television model, then click OK and Save. 

6. Double-click the firmware file when it finishes downloading, then click Extract. Select your USB location as the extraction location.

7. Once the file is downloaded, eject the USB from your computer safely by clicking the Safely Remove Hardware icon and the system tray and remove the USB.

Now it’s time to install the firmware on your TV. To install the firmware, you must:

1. insert the USB into the USB port on the side of your tv.

2. Power on the television.

3. Press OK to check the USB. A status bar displays the progress of the firmware update.

4. Press the OK button

5. Select Yes and then Press OK

6. After pressing OK, the following screen will show that the update is complete once the progress is final.

7. Press Enter when the update completes, then remove the USB from the set. 

And that’s how you rock it out with updating the firmware! Your Panasonic TV is officially up to date.

An update can be a quick and simple fix, especially if your TV is turning off by itself.

If the update does not resolve the issue, proceed to the next method.

6. Tv Damaged

The next alternatives available are methods performed if all other methods were utilized and there was no luck.

This likely means that your TV is on its way to the dumpster. It’s pretty sad to say, I know. But that’s what electronic stores, Geek Squad, and excellent Panasonic customer service representatives are for.  

Fix – Contact Panasonic

If your Panasonic TV is damaged, customer service support is available to answer all inquiries and concerns. You can contact Panasonic support via 1-877-803-8492. 

When visiting the website for Panasonic support at, navigate to the Contact Us section.

From there, you will see the options to chat with a live representative via message or email for support or check out some of the helpful articles available under the Support Center option. The email contact is [email protected].

If this issue persists and there is no progress after taking the proper precautions and utilizing alternatives, reach out to support for further inquiry and resolution. 

Fix 2 – Replace the TV

The next support option is to replace your Panasonic TV (View on Amazon) with a reliable Samsung model. If you notice that your TV is damaged and there is no fix for the damages, it’s best to replace the TV.

You can visit a local electronics department store for the replacement. If you are looking for a particular model and you are uncertain of where to search, you can reach out to Panasonic support via [email protected] or contact via phone at 1-877-803-8492. 

7. Too Little Storage

Storage, just like cache files, tend to build up if you’re paying close attention. If your TV is turning off by itself, you may be experiencing this issue due to high storage.

Fix – Clear Storage

To free up storage on your device, follow the steps listed for clearing the cache files from your TV. But, instead of selecting the option to clear cache, you will have the option to remove data.

If clearing the cache didn’t help free up more storage, you may have to try deleting some apps or data on your TV after you have deleted the apps that no longer serve a purpose, turn your TV off and back on, once the TV is back on, attempt to watch something to see if the display will remain on. If the display remains on, the issue is your storage.

Be sure to keep an Eagle’s eye on the files that are installed on your TV, since they may be the cause of your system suspiciously turning off. 

Final Thoughts

Having your TV turn off unexpectedly is an event that can appear as unfortunate. Given the circumstance, you have to look on the bright side and consider that there is always a way to fix this dilemma.

You can unplug your tv for a while, close out apps constantly running in the background, wait for your device to cool off, update your system, and even call support if you feel you have conquered the battle the best way you could.

Before utilizing these alternatives, be sure to attempt to isolate the issue on your own to see what is causing the issue. If you find it complex to isolate the case, no worries. These helpful tips will help you get to the root of the problem in no time.

So, the next time your TV switches off, and you are uncertain of what is causing the issue, take a deep breath, observe the situation in its’ entirety and rest assured that the issue will be resolved.

With these methods, you cannot go wrong. It’s just a matter of taking your time before exploding and throwing out your precious Panasonic. That should be the LAST option on your mind.

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