Snapchat is a social networking platform that allows its users to interact with their friends in a fun way by sending them photos and videos that last a few seconds, or you can just text them normally in the chat.

At first, Snapchat was just an app that allowed people to send photos and videos to their friends. This would lead to people getting spammed because people will send snaps daily of what was currently going on because there was nowhere else to put it. So, you really didn’t have any choice whether to view it. Now, Snapchat have a Story feature that allows people to take a photo or video of what they’re doing at the current moment and upload it to their story. This gave others the option to click someone’s story and watch it rather than watching someone’s snap because it was sent to them.

Before you upload a snapchat to your story, you can control who sees the snap. The first option is to customize a list of your friends and selecting the people that you don’t want to watch your Story and these people won’t find out you blocked them. This feature is mainly used if you don’t want someone to know you posted a story. Another thing you can do is create a list of people that you exclusively want to watch your story, this is called a Private Story.

Padlock on Snapchat Story?

Padlock on Snapchat story

The reason you see a padlock on a Snapchat story is because you were added to a list of people that are able to view that story also know as a Private Story. The padlock is there so that you know you’re part of an exclusive group of people who can view the story. Without the Padlock, people wouldn’t know which stories are private and which stories aren’t.

making custom story

When someone posts a normal story, you’ll see that story normally without the padlock icon at the bottom. But when they post a private story, this story will have a custom name and a padlock at the bottom of it indicating that it’s private or custom made. Anyone one can make a private story by going into story the story section and selecting custom story.