What Does Other Snapchatters Mean

What Does Other Snapchatters Mean

There are some unclear aspects of the application that leave people confused. One of these aspects is the “Other Snapchatters” label that sometimes is displayed when viewing who has looked at your story.

Snapchat does not offer any clarification on this label on their website or in the application. Because of this, many users have been left wondering, what does “Other Snapchatters” mean? This guide will help you better understand what the “Other Snapchatters” label means and what the circumstances are that cause it to be displayed.

While the “Other Snapchatters” label does not affect your ability to use the Snapchat app typically, it can still be frustrating to see the “Other Snapchatters” label when viewing your story and not know what it means.

The reason for Snapchat not clarifying the meaning behind “Other Snapchatters” is unknown. It is possible that Snapchat did not consider it significant enough to explain further. For those who are still curious about the “Other Snapchatters” label, this guide will help explain in detail the meaning behind it.

What Does “Other Snapchatters” Mean On Snapchat Story

When you see the label “Other Snapchatters” when reviewing who has viewed your Snapchat story, this indicates that there are other users of the Snapchat application who have viewed your story that you are not currently friends with or who do not currently follow you.

When you follow someone on Snapchat, it adds you to their follower’s list and will notify the user that you have followed them along with additional notifications when you interact with their story.

If someone that is not currently on your friend’s list or currently following you views your story, Snapchat will take note of this strange account viewing your story and notify you by making their username visible in the “Other Snapchatters” section.

This is merely a user notification feature meant to indicate to the user that their story is being viewed by someone who they may not be associated with very well. If you notice someone who was once your friend in the app or that was following you before in the “Other Snapchatters” section, this could be caused by a few different things.

Use the next part of this guide to help determine exactly why a person has appeared in your “Other Snapchatters” list.

Why Does It Say Other Snapchatters on Snapchat?

There are a few reasons that you have people being added to your “Other Snapchatters” list. The next part of this guide will focus on some of the common reasons that someone would be added to your “Other Snapchatters” list.

1. You Have Not Added Them Back

If you have not added the person who has viewed your Snapchat story as a friend, they will automatically be sent to the “Other Snapchatters” section. They will remain there as long as they continue to view your story while not on your friend’s list.

You can remove profiles from the “Other Snapchatters” section by simply adding them as a friend. This will indicate to Snapchat that you recognize the user and it will no longer place them in the “Other Snapchatters” section, which is intended for users whom you might not be well associated with.

2. They Have Subscribed To Your Profile But Have Not Added You As A Friend

If someone has subscribed to your profile and not added you as a friend, they will automatically be sent to the “Other Snapchatters” section of who has viewed your story. Subscribing is the same thing as following a user on Snapchat.

Users who are subscribed to you will be notified of your story activity on the application. When they view your story, however, Snapchat will detect that they are not currently on your friend’s list, leading them to be placed in the “Other Snapchatters” section of your story viewers.

To remedy this, you can send them a friend request. They will remain in the “Other Snapchatters” section until they accept the friend request.

3. They Have Stopped Following You Or Removed You As A Friend

If you notice someone who used to be on your friends or followers list in the “Other Snapchatters” section, this means that they have either stopped following you or have removed you as a friend on the app.

When Snapchat detects that the user in question is no longer on your friends or followers list, it will automatically start placing them back in the “Other Snapchatters” section to reflect this change.

If this is a concern for you, consider reaching out to the individual and asking them upfront if they unfollowed or unfriended you. This is likely the easiest way to get to the bottom of these types of issues.

Why Does It Say Other Snapchatters But Are Still Friends?

There are some instances where you might find that you are still friends with a user on Snapchat but they are appearing in the “Other Snapchatters” section of your story viewers. This can be frustrating to encounter as it can be confusing to not accurately gauge the friend status of users with your account.

The list below has compiled a few of the common reasons that you might be seeing someone on your friend’s list in the “Other Snapchatters” section.

1. They Have Just Recently Removed You As A Friend And You Have Not Realized It

If you notice someone that was recently on your friend’s list is now appearing in the “Other Snapchatters” section, they could have just recently unfriended you. This would cause them to automatically appear in the “Other Snapchatters” section of your story viewers list.

If you believe this is the case, you should reach out to the user and ask them upfront why they unfriended you. This is the best way to get to the bottom of these types of situations.

2. They Have Blocked You And You Do Not Realize It Yet

If someone has blocked you, it will automatically remove them from your friend’s list and followers list. This will cause them to be added back to the “Other Snapchatters” section due to Snapchat detecting a change in friend and following status.

Unfortunately, if someone has blocked you there is no way for you to get in contact with them to try and resolve the issue. You will be unable to communicate with the user and will not be able to search for their profile using the Snapchat user search features.

3. You Have Encountered A Bug

Sometimes bugs and glitches can cause your Snapchat application to not work properly. This could cause users to be added to your “Other Snapchatters” list incorrectly. These errors are usually temporary and often resolve themselves on their own, without any additional action from the user.

At the end of this guide, you will find detailed troubleshooting methods for resolving these types of issues that could cause your “Other Snapchatters” list to be compiled incorrectly.

How Can Other Snapchatters See My Story?

The next part of this guide will detail the ways that “Other Snapchatters” gain access to your story. There are several ways that users who are not on your friends or followers list can gain access to your profile stories.

1. They Are Subscribed To You

As previously mentioned, when a user subscribes to you on Snapchat, they will be notified of any stories that you post. The stories you post will appear in their story feed on the home page of their Snapchat application.

This will give them total access to all of the stories you post, leading them to be added to the “Other Snapchatters” list upon interacting with your story. The only way to keep “Other Snapchatters” from viewing your story is to set your profile and story permissions to private.

Having a private Snapchat profile will limit your story’s visibility to only friends or followers. This can help cut down on the number of “Other Snapchatters” that you have interacting with your profile.

How To Add Other Snapchatters

If you wish to add some users from your “Other Snapchatters” list, the process is quite simple. All you must do to add a user to your friends list from your “Other Snapchatters” list is to tap their profile name in the list.

Once their profile has loaded up, you simply add them as a friend using the Add Friend button near the top of their profile page. This will begin to process of adding them to your friends list. Once they have accepted the request, they will be removed from the “Other Snapchatters” list and appear with the normal viewers who are currently following your profile.

Does Other Snapchatters Mean Blocked?

The “Other Snapchatters” label does not necessarily mean that you have been blocked. There are several reasons that a user could appear in your “Other Snapchatters” list. These reasons have been detailed above.

That being said, the “Other Snapchatters” label can be an indication that you have been blocked by a user. If the user was once on your friend’s list and is not appearing in your “Other Snapchatters” list, then it is a possibility that you have been removed as a friend or blocked.

To check if you have been blocked by a user on the Snapchat application, you should attempt to search for their username in the Snapchat search bar. If you are unable to locate their profile using the Snapchat search bar, this means they have blocked you.

While blocked you will be unable to interact with that profile in any way. The best course of action is to try and get in touch with the person who has blocked you on another platform or by phone and convince them to unblock you.

How To Fix Problems With Snapchat “Other Snapchatters”

If you believe that you are experiencing issues with your “Other Snapchatters” list, including the list being compiled incorrectly or displaying users who you are currently friends with, then these troubleshooting methods could help resolve your issue.

There are several bugs and glitches that you could encounter that could cause the “Other Snapchatters” data to not be transmitted correctly. This could lead to users being added to the “Other Snapchatters” list that do not belong there.

Use the methods below to resolve these issues:

1. Restart Snapchat App

The first thing you should do if you encounter issues with your Snapchat “Other Snapchatters” list is to restart the Snapchat app. This will give Snapchat the chance to end any erroneous functions and restart fresh.

2. Update Snapchat

Snapchat depends on the most current software version to function correctly. If you find that you are experiencing issues with your Snapchat “Other Snapchatters” list, it could be due to out-of-date software. Snapchat periodically releases updates for the app to help improve functionality and patch any potential bugs or glitches that they have become aware of.

Falling behind on your app updates puts you at risk of encountering errors more frequently while using Snapchat. It is wise to check now and then and apply any available updates.

3. Wait For the Problem to Go Away

You can often save yourself quite the headache if you simply give Snapchat a little while to consolidate itself. Problems with your “Other Snapchatters” list not working properly can typically be resolved by just waiting it out. Eventually, as long as a valid internet connection is available, the list will automatically update appropriately.

4. Consult the Internet for More Information

The internet is your best friend when it comes to troubleshooting any type of Snapchat location problem. Guides like the one you are currently reading can help you find the root of your issue and provide practical guidelines for addressing them.

This guide has provided you will detailed explanations regarding the “Other Snapchatters” list, as well as troubleshooting methods to help you resolve any issues that you may be currently experiencing while using the Snapchat application.

5. Contact Snapchat Support

If you find that you are experiencing persistent problems with your Snapchat “Other Snapchatters” list not displaying correctly, and you have tried all of the troubleshooting methods in the list above, then you could consider contacting Snapchat support and having them investigate your issue.

The process to report an issue is simple, just navigate to your Snapchat setting and tap into the Help and Support tab. From there you will be provided instructions on how to get in touch with a technical representative to help solve your problem.

No one likes dealing with customer support over the phone, so this should be considered as a last resort after all other troubleshooting methods have been tried. Rest assured that the technical team at Snapchat is well qualified to help solve your issue and will walk you through any troubleshooting methods that you might have missed. They will then provide you with a detailed plan of action to solve your issue.

Final Thoughts

The “Other Snapchatters” list has been a source of much confusion for users of the Snapchat application. Luckily, this guide has provided you with all of the information you need to better understand the “Other Snapchatters” list.

To summarize, the “Other Snapchatters” list is compiled of the users who have viewed your Snapchat story without being on your friend’s list. This is Snapchat’s way of indicating to a user that their story is being viewed by someone they might not necessarily be associated with very well. Using this guide, you can ensure that your Snapchat application is always working as intended.

This is a quality-of-life feature that is no cause for alarm. It is simply meant to indicate that your story has been viewed by someone not currently on your friends or followers list. That being said, there are some issues that you could encounter that could cause your Snapchat “Other Snapchatters” list to not be compiled correctly.

To resolve these issues, use the troubleshooting guide provided to help you get your Snapchat application running as it should.

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