RAR (Roshal Archive Compressed file) is a very common file format on your Mac and it’s a collection of bundled up files compressed into one file – this makes it smaller and easier to send due to its lightweight.

When you download RAR files from the internet, you need to unpack or unzip the bundle to extract the files. If you’re familiar with Zip files, you’ll know that it’s very similar to a RAR file.

A zip is also a data container but instead of downloading a software on your Mac to open the RAR file, with a zip file, there’s already a tool to unzip compressed Zip files.

If there was a way to open RAR files on your Mac without downloading a software, you’ll be able to use a built-in utility on your Mac to open RAR files. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible on Mac and you have to download an app like Unarchiver to open RAR files.

Unarchiver opens RAR Files

You can open a RAR file will a Mac utility called Unarchiver – this is a free app that can open file formats such as RAR, zip, Bzip2, Tar, 7-zip and Gzip.

Before you can start extracting RAR files on your Mac, you need Mac OS X 10.7 and above. If you have an OS below this, there’s a version for older OS on the Unarchiver website.

How to Use Unarchiver to Open RAR File

  1. Download Unarchiver to your Mac for free from their website – if you download it from the App Store, you’ll have to pay, plus there are sandboxing limitations set by Apple if you download it from here.

Open RAR files on Mac

  1. Drag your RAR file and drop it onto the Unarchiver’s icon and the contents of the RAR file will be open and extracted, or, right-click on the compressed RAR file > click Open With > select The Unarchiver.

If you’re looking for a way to open RAR files without downloading any software, using Unarchiver would be the best option because it’s a Mac utility that hasn’t been pre-installed on your Mac so, all you need to do is download it for free and it’ll be part of your Mac utilities.

Remember that Unarchiver also allows you to open other file formats other than RAR which is why it’s the best tool to extract RAR file with – this means that you don’t need to download any other software.

Unarchiver Problems

You may experience some problems with Unarchiver when trying to extract files. Sometimes the compressed file may not open or it could turn into another file extension such as .exe.

If Unarchiver isn’t letting you extract files, you should uninstall the app and download it again. There may a bug in the software that’s stopping you from opening RAR files or any other file format on your Mac.

This means that there’s a failure somewhere that’s causing these unexpected results. When you re-download Unarchiver, this gets rid of the bug that’s stopping it from working properly.