On your Mac, .Pages is the equivalent to Microsoft Word on your PC. Any document made in Pages is saved with a .pages file extension and on your PC, a Microsoft Word document is saved with a  .doc.

If you send a .page file to a windows PC, the file will be unreadable because your PC isn’t compatible with .Pages extension. Although, the file isn’t compatible, there are still ways to open and edit this file format on your Windows PC.

There are two ways to open a .page format. The first way involves converting the file to a zip file and extracting it on your Windows PC. And the other way includes download the .page file format and opening it using Microsoft Word.

Download From iCloud

Another way to download the .page file format is to upload the file to iCloud.com and to download a copy on your PC. This will download the copy that will be compatible with your PC which means you can open it from Microsoft Word.

1. Go to iCloud.com on your PC.

2. Sign in with your username and password. You’ll need to make an Apple ID account if you want to use iCloud.

pages iCloud

3. Click on Pages.

4. Click Settings > Upload Document to upload the .Pages file. You can also drag the file from your desktop. Once the document is uploaded, you can either view and edit the document in your browser, or you can export the .pages file as a .doc or .docx and edit it on your PC.

Download a Copy

5. Click on the Tools icon > Download a Copy. When you download a copy of the .pages file, it will download as a .doc file on your PC and you can open it with Microsoft Word.

choose Word download format

6. Choose Word format. When the pop up appears saying Choose a Download Format, make sure you click Word and not Pages.

7. Open the downloaded Word file.

Convert .Pages to ZIP

Before you convert your file so that it’s compatible with your PC, you should make a copy of the file in case anything goes wrong. This will ensure that you have a backup that you can work with if something goes wrong with the original .pages file.

turn on file name extensions

1. Go to File Explorer > View > check File name extensions. This will make sure that the .page extension is visible show you can edit the extension.

rename .pages file

2. Right-Click on the .pages file > Rename.

change file to .zip

3. Remove .pages extension and change it to .zip extension. You’ll receive a warning, make sure to click Yes to confirm the changes to the file extension.