The emergence of the smartphones had made it easier for people to share photos and videos of anything from food challenges, to unboxing, and many more.

This has made companies go into the development of photo and video related apps. And as much as developers would like to have their app be used by everyone, there is an associated cost to publishing and sustaining an app.

This is the reason why several online video editors have watermarks along with the finished file. For a premium, you can get the watermark removed from your output file.

1. Online Video Cutter

video cutter

Online video cutter lets you do several things such as cutting the video, rotating, cropping, exporting to most formats, and it’s free to use. You simply visit their site and drag your video to the blue screen on the landing page.

The service is completely free and works best when you have a fast and stable internet connection. Also, smaller files may prove faster to edit.

I tried to use this to convert some of my saved videos from AVI to MPEG4 and it took a short wait but I got my files converted, just like I intended for them.

Edit videos with Online Video Cutter

2. Ezgif


The Ezgif is a cool website that offers video editing without the need for watermarks. When you download the edited files, they are exactly how you’d like them to be.

The online editing site allows you to rotate, crop, resize, and convert the video files. Moreover, the video file’s playback speed can be altered so there is much more room to edit with that feature.

The site is pretty easy to use and it shows you a progress bar when you’re saving the video.

Edit videos with Ezgif

3. Video Crop

video crop

The Video Crop online video editor is also another simple and straightforward editing tool. You simply upload the video you want to edit and you can crop it, slice it, stabilize it, and rotate it.

The video files can also be exported to a dropbox account which comes pretty handy if you need to share the video quickly.

No need to manually download and transfer the files and then re-upload them again.

Edit videos with Video Crop

4. Movie Maker Online

movie maker online

One of the best online video editors is Movie Maker Online. It’s comprehensive for a free online editing tool because it’ll allow you to trim the video, add transitions, add texts, and add music to the entire project.

Edit videos with Movie Maker Online

5. Hippo Video

hippo video

This video editing tool is also good because of its added capabilities such as detailed editing through a timeline, added layers for sound and audio, as well as exporting to common file types. Although there is a size limit of 500 MB so its best suited for a small project and short snippets.

Edit videos with Hippo Video

6. Video Toolbox

video toolbox

In line with one of the best is Video Toolbox. This online video editing software is great because it can edit up to 1500 MB file sizes. On top of that, the basic features such as cropping, trimming, rotating, and direct webcam recording is available for your use.

One key feature that this editor has is that you can add your own watermark. This is really unique because we are trying to remove other editor’s watermarks but this time, you can make the watermark your own so the video will have a more personalized touch.

Edit videos with Video Tool Box

7. Magisto


One of the paid online video editing tools is Magisto. For only $4.99/month, you can edit your videos and share them with families and friends. The more tools you require, the higher the package price you need to pay.

Edit videos with Magisto

8. Kapwing


Sometimes we really need a quick edit such as resizing or cropping. For Kapwing, you can easily resize videos that are meant for social media posts. The settings are predetermined for social media usage so it becomes easier for people to edit the videos into the size requirements of Facebook and Instagram.

The promise of Kapwing is you can edit the video you need in just three clicks. I tried this out and it just saved me a whole lot of time as compared to using big program editors such as Adobe Premiere. Kapwing just saved me the trouble.

Edit videos with Kapwing

9. VideoLouder


In many cases, we often record a video that is inaudible because of things that are out of our control. Simply go to the website of VideoLouder and edit the volume of the video. You can increase it or decrease it through this online editor.

This is pretty unique and different from all the other online video editors I’ve tried. Apart from this, the VideoLouder site also offers audio conversion, image compression, and pdf conversion.

Edit videos with VideoLouder

10. RotateMyVideo


Save your time whenever you need to rotate a video and use RotateMyVideo. It’s free to use and only requires a few clicks before you’re done. You can rotate, mirror, and export the video you need. Simply access the site and upload the video you need to work on.

Edit videos with RotateMyVideo