Oculus Store Not Working? Try These 11 Fixes

Oculus Store Not Working

To access the available games and applications for Oculus devices, you will need to download them from the Oculus store. The Oculus store is similar to other app stores like the Google Play Store or Apples App Store. Users can download and purchase games and applications designed specifically for Meta Quest 2 functionality.

Unfortunately, some users have reported issues with the Oculus Store. These issues include not being able to properly access the store, issues buying or downloading software, or the Oculus Store not accepting your debit card.

This can be frustrating and will severely affect your ability to properly use your Oculus device. If you are experiencing these types of issues, it is important to accurately identify the root of your problem so that you can proceed with the proper troubleshooting method.

This guide will provide you with all of the information you need to accurately identify your problem and resolve it with the proper troubleshooting method. It is important to be able to properly access your purchased games and apps stored on your Oculus device. Use this guide to ensure that you can always access your media.

Why Is My Oculus Store Not Working

The next part of this guide will focus on the many reasons that your Oculus Store might not be functioning correctly. Use the list of common causes below to identify your issue so that you can more accurately troubleshoot it using the fix list later on in this guide. It is important that you are able to figure out exactly what is causing your issue.

1. There Is A Glitch Within The Oculus Store

Like any software application, the Oculus Store is subject to bugs and glitches that could cause it to not function correctly. These bugs and glitches are typically caused by some form of internal error and happen randomly.

Bugs and glitches are rare but are still a possibility. These types of errors often resolve themselves with no additional action needed from the user. The reason you are experiencing bugs or glitches with your Oculus Store could be due to out-of-date software, a weak internet connection, or server issues with the Oculus Store.

It can be frustrating to encounter bugs and glitches while trying to access the Oculus Store but luckily, these types of errors are not recurring and will resolve on their own after a little while.

2. Oculus Is Down

The Oculus Store depends on servers to keep the store up and open for access by users. If the Oculus server is currently down, you will be unable to access any of the network features, including the Oculus Store.

Most server outages are announced in advance and part of routine scheduled server maintenance. During these scheduled maintenance times, you will be unable to access the Oculus Store to purchase software or download any purchased software.

Although a rarer occurrence, the Oculus servers could become overloaded or incur some kind of internal error that requires them to be shut down and repaired. When this happens, you will likely experience errors when trying to access the Oculus Store, including issues purchasing, downloading, or viewing the store.

3. Your Phone With The Oculus App Installed Is On A Different Network Than The Headset

The Oculus App is what is used to control the Oculus headset device and mitigate its internal network functions. Because of this, it is important that both your headset and the device you have the Oculus app installed on are connected to the same internet network.

If you have somehow connected your devices to separate internet connections, you will experience issues while trying to use the Oculus store due to this network conflict.

You should ensure that you are attempting to connect to the Oculus Store using the same internet connection across all of your devices currently in use.

4. Your Headset Is Not Up To Date

Your Oculus Headset depends on the latest version of its respective firmware to operate correctly. If you have not updated your headset in a while, you could be operating on out-of-date firmware, which will cause you more frequent performance errors.

These types of errors could stem from bugs and glitches that are present in your device due to outdated firmware. As previously mentioned, bugs and glitches could cause issues with your Oculus Store.

Your headset will need to be updated separately from the Oculus app, as the updates will need to be applied manually to your device. You should check periodically for headset firmware updates to ensure that your device is operating on the proper software version.

It can be easy to overlook Oculus headset firmware updates, even if you are keeping up with your Oculus app updates. Many people are not even aware that their headsets could possibly need updates separate from the Oculus app.

5. Your Oculus App Is Out Of Date

The Oculus app is one of the most important aspects of your Oculus device. The Oculus app is responsible for many of the key functions of your Oculus headset. The app is also responsible for transmitting connection and account information to your device.

If you have not been updating your Oculus app, then you will likely experience issues when trying to access key functions of your device, including the Oculus Store. Updates to the Oculus app usually patch out bugs and glitches and allow for the introduction of new features and user optimizations.

Without these patches and optimizations, you will not be able to use the Oculus app or your Oculus headset as intended. The Oculus app will automatically notify you of any updates available for your device.

Once you have been notified of these updates, you will need to download and install them manually before they will be applied to your devices.

Oculus Store Not Working? Try These Fixes

Now that you have the information to help you accurately identify the cause of your Oculus Store issue, you can examine some troubleshooting methods that can be used to help resolve your problem. Making sure that you have first accurately identified your issue is important before moving on to the next part of this guide.

The most frequently used methods to successfully resolve Oculus Store issues have been listed below:

1. Launch the Store From The Oculus Mobile App

If you are having trouble accessing the Oculus Store on your headset device, then you should attempt to access the store through the Oculus app on your mobile device. This will often help you bypass any connection issues that your headset is currently experiencing.

Any purchases that you make in the Oculus app will eventually be reflected on your headset. You will also be able to initiate downloads to your headset from the Oculus application.

You should try and resolve the issue with your headset using some of the troubleshooting methods listed later in this guide.

2. Restart Your Headset

You should consider restarting your headset by powering it on and off to resolve Oculus Store errors that you are experiencing. If you are unable to use the Oculus Store through your headset device as intended, a restart can help encourage the end of any erroneous functions that could be causing issues for your headset.

Once you have restarted your headset by powering it on and off, it will be able to resume functions as intended, with any run-time errors being resolved.

3. Make Sure Headset Is On The Same Network As Phone

Before attempting to access the Oculus Store you should first make sure that both your mobile device and headset are connected to the same internet network. This will allow both devices to communicate properly and transmit the information as intended.

4. Force Oculus Store To Open Through SideQuest

SideQuest is a website that offers in-browser downloads directly to your Oculus device. The games and applications available from SideQuest include many that are not natively available on Oculus devices.

Some of the software available on SideQuest will require complicated sideloading methods which can be time-consuming and difficult, but most can be easily installed without using this method.

You can use the Oculus Store through the SideQuest website once you have given the site access to your device. Then you will be able to purchase and download games and applications using this third-party software.

5. Sign Out And Into Your Facebook Account

Your Oculus account is tied to your Facebook account. If there is some type of communication error regarding the information with your account, this could cause you to not be able to access the store properly.

To remedy this issue, simply log in and out of your Facebook account before attempting to access the Oculus Store. This will encourage any communication issues with your Facebook account to be resolved automatically.

6. Fix Your Internet Connection

To be able to properly access and utilize the Oculus Store, you will need to ensure that you have a stable internet connection. If you are experiencing internet issues, this could cause your Oculus Store to not function as intended.

Consider resetting your router or moving it closer to your device. If you are experiencing persistent internet issues after resetting your router, then you should consider contacting your internet service provider to report an outage and get more information.

7. Update Oculus App

The Oculus app is one of the most important components of your Oculus device. If the application has fallen behind on updates, you could potentially experience issues. These issues include your Oculus Store not functioning correctly, as well as numerous other bugs and glitches.

Updates for your device act to patch out the bugs and glitches that could potentially cause issues with functionality. Missing out on these updates will keep your Oculus device from working optimally and could eventually lead to your device becoming inoperable.

You can check for updates or have them downloaded and applied automatically depending on your app installation settings on your phone. It is safe practice to keep automatic downloads turned on for all your apps so that you do not fall behind.

8. Update Oculus Headset

Just like the Oculus app, you will need to keep your Oculus headset updated to the most recent software version. You will need a stable Wi-Fi connection to complete your headset update, as it will need to communicate the update information wirelessly between your phone and headset.

If you have not been keeping your headset up-to-date, your risk encountering more frequent hardware errors including Oculus Store not working correctly.

It can be easy to overlook updating the headset, even if you have been keeping the application up-to-date on your phone. Be mindful of the potential updates that your headset might need and install them promptly to ensure proper functionality.

9. Wait For The Problem To Go Away

Sometimes all you need to do to resolve Oculus Store issues is to wait a little while before trying again. This can give the Oculus servers a chance to resolve themselves or any internet connection issues you are experiencing a chance to pass.

Bugs and glitches causing your Oculus Store to not function correctly could also be solved by giving your Oculus device a chance to resolve the issues on its own.

10. Factory Reset Your Device

If you believe that you are experiencing some type of hardware error with your Oculus device, then you should consider doing a full factory reset on your Oculus headset.

You can do this in the Oculus application or by turning off your headset and holding down the volume down button and the power button until you see the boot screen for your headset.

The boot screen will allow you to access the factory reset option on your headset without the need for the Oculus application. If you have the Oculus app, then you can simply navigate to the devices menu in the app and factory reset it there.

11. Reinstall The Oculus App

Sometimes application files can become corrupted or damaged in some way. This can lead to the Oculus app not working as intended, potentially causing your Oculus Store to not function correctly.

If you are experiencing persistent issues with your Oculus app and the Oculus Store, then you should consider reinstalling the application. Reinstalling the Oculus app will clear your device of any potentially damaged files and replace them with fresh copies.

This will also apply to any updates that you have missed since your first installed the application. You will not lose any of the games in your library or any account data by reinstalling the application. All of your games and data on the Oculus app are tied to your Facebook account, so you can reinstall them with no issues.

12. Contact Oculus

If you have exhausted this detailed list of troubleshooting methods and are still encountering issues with your Oculus Store, then you should consider contacting Oculus Support and having them further investigate your issue.

You can get in touch with Oculus Support on their website or through the Oculus app. You will need to provide an extremely detailed account of your issue so that Oculus support can walk you through any potential troubleshooting methods that you might have missed.

They will then get back to you with detailed instructions on how to solve your problem. It can be frustrating to deal with customer support over the phone, but rest assured that Oculus support will do everything they can to get your device up and running again, with proper access to the Oculus Store and its features.

Keep in mind that this should be considered as a last resort after trying all of the troubleshooting methods listed above. This is because Oculus Support is likely to suggest to you many of the troubleshooting methods already listed here. This can save you time when trying to get to the root of your issue.

Final Thoughts

Using the information provided in this guide you can now identify and troubleshoot any issues that you might be experiencing with your Oculus Store functionality. It is important to be able to access the Oculus Store to purchase and download games and applications. This guide will ensure that you can always access the store and use it as intended.

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