Oculus Quest 2 Apps Not Showing? Try These 13 Fixes

Oculus Quest 2 Apps Not Showing

There’s probably nothing as frustrating for a gamer as powering on your headset to enjoy a VR title only to find that your apps are not showing on your Quest 2 headset.

As alarming as this can be, it is normally not a serious issue. So, it’s important to keep calm and not try extreme measures that may cause more harm than good.

If your Quest 2 apps are not showing, read on to find the easiest and proven solutions to the issue without breaking anything or losing your games and game progress.

1. Cause – There’s a Glitch In the App or Headset

The number one cause of your Quest 2 apps not showing up when you try to access them is that there is a glitch within the app or the headset. A glitch is a mere temporary malfunction in the software or hardware of a system.

For Oculus Quest 2, this glitch may be caused by a number of factors such as compatibility issues with some apps, interrupted update installation, broken circuits on the headset, issues with your current login session, issues on Facebook servers, and lots more.

Because there are many possible causes of a glitch on your headset or in the app, you have to try several fixes until you arrive at the solution that resolves the issue for you.

There are also cases where the issue is with a particular app only. That is, other downloaded apps are showing except the one you are trying to play. In that case, you should start with the first fix below:

Fix 1 – Launch the Game From The Oculus Mobile App

If you are trying to play a game on your Quest 2 headset and it’s not showing up, try launching the game on the Oculus mobile app. If you find and launch the game successfully, then strap on your headset and try launching the game again.


  • The headset should be turned on when you launch the game from the Oculus mobile app
  • The headset should be connected to the same WIFI as your phone when you launch the game from the Oculus mobile app
  • Your headset must show the Connected status on the Oculus mobile app

What this process does is to perform a proxy refresh or remote start on your headset while it is connected to your mobile app. It will flush out any glitches in the app that may have caused it not to show on the headset.

1. Simply open your Oculus mobile app

2. Open the Library

3. Search for the game you want to remote start and select Start

4. Then exit the game after it launches successfully

5. Go back to your headset and see if you can now launch the game

Fix 2 – Restart your headset

The next fix to try when you’re unable to see your apps on your headset is to restart the headset. A restart clears most of the glitches that occur on the headset; the first fix above clear glitches associated with the particular app.

There are 2 ways to restart your headset and you should try them in the order provided:

1. Press and hold the power button on your headset until a shutdown menu appears

2. Select Restart to restart your Quest 2 headset

3. After restarting, check to see if your apps are now visible.

If the first method above does not work, please perform a hard reboot. This will load all the programs from the headset memory afresh and should clear the error. To perform a hard reboot on Quest 2:

1. If the headset is connected to your PC or any other device, please disconnect it

2. Press and hold the power and (–) volume buttons on your headset simultaneously

3. Hold until the boot menu screen appears

4. Use the volume buttons to navigate and highlight Boot Device

5. Use the Power button to select the Boot Device option

Wait for the headset to reboot completely, then check for your apps.

Fix 3 – Sign Out and Into Your Facebook Account

Another cause of a glitch in Oculus is if there is an issue with your current login session. For you to access your library and store, you need to be signed in and authenticated on the Facebook servers.

This is the case until Facebook officially allows users to use Oculus without Facebook account.

Now, when you log into your Facebook account, you are given a token to access all the apps that are tied to your account.

However, a glitch on Facebook may cause you to lose this token and so lose access to the apps, hence your Quest 2 apps not showing. To fix this, you need to log out and log back into your account.

1. Open the Oculus mobile app

2. Select the Settings tab

3. Scroll to the end of the page and tap Log Out

Fix 4 – Use the Explore App

Sometimes, a glitch in the Apps panel may cause your apps not to show up when you open the universal menu. One easy method to clear this glitch is to force the app drawer to restart using the steps below:

1. Press the Oculus button on your right controller

2. Select Explore

3. Select See All

4. You will be redirected to All Apps where your apps get displayed.

Fix 5 – Wait For Problem to Go Away

If, after trying all the steps above problem still persists, you may wait for a while for the issue to go away. Some users reported that waiting for 24 hours caused the issue to resolve on its own. From our research, here are the reasons why this may happen:

The problem of Quest 2 apps not showing may be a result of downtime on Facebook servers. Your Oculus account and apps are synced to Facebook servers. Therefore, if the servers are down, it could cause your apps not to show up on your headset or app.

You could head over to service monitoring sites like Down Inspector to check the status of Oculus servers.

The problem may also be a result of an update installation in progress. We have found that sometimes when an update installation is in progress and you try to access your Library, the apps will not load until the update is complete.

This even sometimes causes the Oculus Home to not load as well. There it is a good idea to just wait it out and see if the issue resolves after a while.

2. Cause – Phone With Oculus App is On A Different Network to Headset

An often-overlooked but common cause of your apps not showing on Quest 2 is if the phone you’re trying to use is not connected to the same network as your headset.

Please note the following:

  • Oculus mobile app is merely a companion to your Quest 2 headset and does not function independently of your headset
  • Oculus mobile app can only work with your headset if it shows the Connected status on the app
  • For your mobile app and headset to sync, they need to be connected to the same network. If you are using a network extender, this will also work.

Fix – Make Sure Headset is on The Same Network As Phone

For the above reasons, when you’re unable to access your games on the app, you need to immediately check that the phone and the Quest 2 are connected to the same WIFI using the steps below:

Check WIFI on headset:

1. Strap on your Quest 2 headset

2. Press the Oculus button on your right controller

3. At the bottom of the screen in quick settings, select the WIFI icon

4. The network you are connected to will display in the WIFI bar

Check WIFI on phone:

1. Open Settings on your phone

2. Select WIFI

3. The WIFI network you’re connected to will have Connected beside it, or will be highlighted at the top of the screen

If you have access to more than one WIFI network in your home, it is more than likely that either your headset or your phone has connected to a different network as they seek better WIFI strength. So, always check the connections when you’re unable to find your apps on Oculus.

3. Cause – Your Headset Isn’t Up to Date

Another reason why you find that your apps suddenly do not show up is that your Quest 2 headset may be out of date, or may have had an update installation interrupted.

Oculus Quest 2 comes with some apps preinstalled: some free, some demo versions. Apart from these, every other app you install or sideload onto Oculus is developed and managed by third-party developers.

For these apps to work well on Quest 2, Oculus needs to be continually updated to enhance compatibility and capacity to run the virtual reality titles. The updates are also needed to fix bugs that occur on the Oculus firmware from time to time, which may sometimes cause your Quest apps not to show.

Granted, Quest is set to update automatically. But this may not happen sometimes because:

  • Automatic updates are best completed when the headset is turned on, connected to the internet, and left on idle for a while. It is not often that your headset gets to be in this state.
  • You may have powered off the headset while an update was installing
  • Network issues caused the update not to download and install completely
  • You may have enabled a feature to use Quest 2 without Facebook

Any one of these can cause your headset to not be up to date, so it’s something you may have to enforce manually from time to time. To manually update your Quest 2 headset:

1. Press the Oculus button on your right controller

2. Hover over the clock on the left side of the universal menu.

3. When Quick Settings appears, select it to open the Quick Settings panel.

4. Select Settings in the top right corner.

5. Select System, then select Software Update from the left menu.

Note: Many users report that when they check for updates, they find that no update is available. This is sometimes an error on WIFI networks. You need to connect your headset to your phone’s hotspot and then check again for updates.

When you find updates, you could then connect back to your WIFI and download the updates. Updates will restart your headset. When done, check again to see if your apps now appear.

4. Oculus App on Phone Is Out of Date

If you are trying to access your app library or launch an app from your phone when you encounter this error, it is likely that the Oculus mobile app is out of date.

Just as with the headset, the Oculus mobile app has to be up to date to integrate properly with your headset and your apps.

Therefore, if you encounter the error of your Quest 2 apps not showing on the mobile app, you need to update the Oculus app and try again.

Fix – Update Oculus Mobile App

To update the Oculus mobile app:

1. Open Play Store or App Store on your phone

2. Search for Oculus and select it from the results

3. At the top right of the window, click on Update if available

4. Wait for the app to finish updating

5. Restart your phone, and launch the Oculus app to see if the error has cleared

5. Cause – Internet Issues

Oculus Quest 2 is an internet-dependent headset that requires strong internet connections to work properly. Even if you are trying to play an already-downloaded VR title, you need your account synced with Facebook accounts in order to get access to the apps. Also, you need an internet connection for your Home and Library to load.

So, when your apps are not showing up on your headset or mobile app, you need to confirm that your internet connection is in order.

1. First, confirm that your headset is connected to the correct network using the steps provided earlier.

2. Then, if you have access to the Oculus browser, use it to stream a video and see if the connection is okay.

3. If the connection is poor, make sure that your headset is as close to the WIFI as possible. 30ft is the ideal distance

4. If the distance is okay, then restart the router and see if the internet improves

5. If it does not, contact your ISP to resolve the internet issues

Other things to note:

  • If you are trying to use Oculus Quest 2 on a free, public WIFI, you may not have internet access even if it shows connected. This is because public WIFIs usually use a captive portal which your headset cannot interact with.
  • If you have a Bluetooth device connected close by, it may be interfering with your headset connection to the internet, if you are using a 2.4Ghz router

6. Cause – Bug in Recent Update

Sometimes, updates released by Oculus do more harm than good. There was a particular update in July 2021 that caused apps to stop showing for several thousand users on Quest 2.

The users were unable to use their Oculus until another update was released to fix the issue. So, if you recently installed an update when this happened, it is possible that the update broke your Quest 2.

Fix – Try the Casting Workaround

Many users were able to bypass this problem temporarily by casting their headset to a phone or PC. To cast Quest to headset or PC:

1. Ensure that the headset and the phone or PC are on the same WIFI network and are within 30 feet of a strong internet connection

2. Open the Oculus app on your phone.

3. Select Cast (the meshed headset and Wi-Fi icon) in the top right of your screen.

4. Under Cast From, select your Quest 2 headset.

5. Make sure it says Connected under your listed headset.

6. Under Cast To, select This Phone

7. Tap Start at the bottom of your screen

8. Strap on your headset on and accept the in-VR prompt to start casting.

To cast to PC:

1. Make sure that your PC and headset are connected to the same WIFI

2. On your computer, go to oculus.com/casting and log in to your account.

3. Put your headset on and press the Oculus button on your right controller to open the universal menu.

4. Select Sharing then select Cast.

5. Select Computer then select Next.

6. Select Done.

Fix 2 – Factory Reset

If casting does not resolve the issue for you, then the last troubleshooting action to perform is to factory reset your Quest 2. You do not have to worry about losing your apps and game progress because you can back them up using Oculus cloud backup.

To back up your Quest 2 on the cloud:

1. Strap on your headset and press the Oculus button on the right controller

2. On the Universal Menu, select Quick Settings

3. Select Settings

4. Select System

5. Select Backup

6. At Cloud Backup, toggle to turn it on.

Please wait about 30 minutes after doing this to give your Quest 2 time to back up completely. Then, reset your headset to factory settings using the steps below:

To reset using phone app:

1. Make sure your Quest 2 is fully charged

2. Open the Oculus app on your phone

3. Select Devices

4. Select your Oculus Quest 2 headset

5. Select Advanced Settings

6. Select Factory Reset

7. Confirm Reset

To reset using headset:

1. Make sure your headset is fully charged

2. Turn off your headset.

3. Hold the power and volume down button on your headset down simultaneously

4. Hold until the start-up screen loads on your headset

5. Use the volume buttons on your control to highlight Factory Reset and press the power button to select it

6. Use the volume button to highlight Yes, Erase and Factory Reset

7. Press the power button to select it

Fix 3 – Contact Oculus Support

Some users reported that even a factory reset did not resolve the problem for them. This is especially for those who experienced the issue after an update. If the problem of your apps not showing on Quest persists after a reset, then open a support ticket with Oculus.

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