No Views on eBay? 12 Reasons Why

No Views on eBay

There are a few reasons why your listing on eBay isn’t getting views. Luckily, there are ways to fix this, so you can start getting views again in no time.

Why Am I Getting No Views on eBay

1. Your Listing Isn’t SEO Optimized

Fix – Optimize Your Listing

One reason why your eBay listing has not gotten any views yet is that it is not SEO optimized, meaning when someone goes to search for whatever you are selling, your listing will not appear because you have not added the proper features to make it appear early on in the search.

Some of the things that you can do to make your listing SEO optimized is by using effective words in your listing related to your product, including: a very fun and eye-catching title to your listing, having detailed but not too long descriptions attached to your listing, having quality photos included with your listing, making your listing incredibly accessible, using the correct eBay categories for your listing, include descriptions in eBay’s dropdown and menu checkboxes, providing excellent customer service, and actively work to get your listing promoted by eBay.

While there are also plenty of other ways to try to optimize your listing, these are just a couple of ways that you can, which should finally get you some views on your listing.

2. Your Listing Hasn’t Been Indexed

Fix – It Can Take 24 Hours For Your Listing to Be Indexed

If you just posted your listing on to eBay in the last 24 hours, this may be why you currently have no views on it. Through eBay, your listing needs to be indexed, which just means it needs to be approved by eBay to verify that whatever you are selling fits the guidelines designated by the rules, and this can take up to 24 hours for eBay to do.

If you are trying to see how many views your listing has had mere hours after you decided to list it, then there is a good chance that eBay has not yet indexed your listing and that is why you do not have any views left.

There is no way that you can fast track your listing to be indexed by eBay, either. You will simply just have to wait until they are able to view your listing and get to indexing it. Once it is indexed, shoppers on eBay will finally be able to see your product and you will be able to get views on your listing.

Again, there is nothing you can do to solve this issue, you simply have to play the waiting game.

Indexing typically does not take over twenty four hours, so if after a full day of you having listed your product, if you are finally getting views now that your product was indexed, so if you still have no views, the cause is probably something else.

3. eBay is Down

Fix – Wait For eBay Server Issues to Resolve

If you keep trying to advertise whatever it is that you are trying to sell through eBay but you notice that after a while, you still have no views, eBay server may be to blame. It is very common for networks to go out for a couple minutes every once and a while, so do not fret.

There are quite a few ways to try and get it back up and starting, or you may not even be connected to your network at all. Sometimes a quick reset is all your connection may need to get back up and running. You can also go to and type eBay into the search box.

This will let you know if the eBay server is currently having any issues. Once you search it, the website will tell you if the eBay network is up and working. If it is not, you will have to wait until it is or you can try to restart your router.

Otherwise, if your network is not down, that is not why you are not getting any views on your sale on eBay and the eBay server is not to blame, something else is.

4. You’ve Made A New Account

Fix – Wait For Your Account to Get Older

If you just recently created your eBay account because you recently learned a new skill and realized you could make some money off of selling whatever it is you have crafted to perfection, this may be why you are unable to get any view onto your sale on eBay.

Sometimes, there is a little glitch in the eBay system that works against people who have just created their eBay account.

This glitch is that new eBay accounts often have to have their account for a few days and interact with other aspects of eBay in order for your sale to be viewable by those who are shopping on eBay.

In order to overcome this glitch so that you can actually get some views on the product you are trying to sell on eBay, you have to use your eBay account for a few days and let it get older.

Once you have actively used your eBay account over the span of a couple of days and allowed it to get old, you should try and see if you now have any views on what you were trying to sell on eBay. Hopefully, using your new eBay account will allow you to finally get some views.

5. You’re Not Prioritizing Customer Service

Fix – Make Sure You Have Customer Service in Place

Another reason you may not be getting any views on your eBay listing is that your customer service is not the best. To try and get some views, make sure you have customer service in place.

To do this, include very clear instructions about your shipping and returns policies. Offer up your availability times, meaning the times you know you will be able to respond to any potential customers.

You can also share which days you ship and how long the shipping will take, along with tracking options for the shipment. Adding how to contact you outside of eBay is another way that you can level up your customer service.

Additionally, make sure you interact with any customers who reach out to you in a very respectful way and do anything in your power to meet their needs. By doing all of this, you are offering incredible customer service, which any potential customers will note.

This will then hopefully get you some views on your listings as customers know they can reach out to you without any problems.

6. You’re Not Offering eBay Guaranteed Delivery

Fix – Offer Guaranteed Delivery

You may not be getting any views on your eBay listing because you are not offering eBay’s guaranteed delivery. This service ensures that a product is delivered to the customer in just 1-2 days, and if it is not, customers can receive a voucher, shipping refund, or get a full refund if they return the item and shipping.

Guaranteed delivery is a feature that can be selected when customers are looking for a product, so if you are not offering this feature, your listing will not appear in their searches. You can include eBay guaranteed delivery to get some views on your listing, as your product will now appear in more people’s searches.

7. You’re Not Offering eBay Free Shipping

Fix – Offer Free Shipping

If your shipping prices are considered to be too expensive by various customers, this can also explain why your listing has no views. Shipping prices can be outrageous sometimes and be a huge turn off for any potential customers.

One way that you can try and get some views, finally, is by offering free shipping with your listing. eBay offers free shipping, so you are not losing out on any money when you provide free shipping and your customers are saving money.

This will make your product a lot more attractive to potential customers as they do not have to spend any money on shipping and we all know how wonderful that is. Providing this free shipping service should hopefully get you views on your listing so you can get to selling your product as soon as possible.

8. The Picture Quality is Poor

Fix – Provide Higher Quality Pictures

If the pictures that you have attached to your listing are not high quality, this could also be why you have zero views on your product.

Maybe you just took some really blurry photos, or maybe you did not upload them properly so they did not load into high quality images.

Whatever the reason is for having poor photos, people may not even want to click on your listing if they see that the photo is of terrible quality because they do not want to get scammed and low quality photos can often hint towards scamming.

To solve this, take some photos that are higher quality and then upload them to your listing. To do so, follow these steps.

1. Start by taking photos of your product with a camera that is of high quality.

2. Now, open up your eBay account and go to Selling Activity.

3. Next, click on the listing that you want to add higher quality photos to.

4. Then, click on More Actions and then Revise.

5. You can now upload your new photos.

Doing this will hopefully make people want to actually learn more about your listing which will lead to them clicking on it, gaining you views.

9. You’re Not Providing Enough Product Listing Information

Fix – Provide More Information

If you have listed your product on to eBay and feel as though you should have views by now when you have none, this could be because your listing does not have enough product information.

Potential customers want to know exactly what it is they may be purchasing, especially since eBay is an online retail business, so customers do not want to possibly be purchasing something that is of terrible quality.

Add every little detail you can think of as this will help potential customers learn more about your listing. If you are reselling something, you can add the brand of what you are selling, how used it has been, when you purchased it, what size it is, how much it was worn, etc.

If you are selling furniture, you can add the material of it, any possible damages were done, if you had pets on it, if anyone ever smoked near/on it, where you purchased it from, how worn it is, how old it is, etc.

If you are selling something you make on your own, you can include what materials you used, any specializations you can include, what the function of it is, what relatives would enjoy receiving it as a gift, etc.

If you need to add more information to your listing, follow these steps,

1. Open up your eBay account and go to Selling Activity.

2. Next, click on the listing that you want to add more information to.

3. Then, click on More Actions and then Revise.

4. You can now make any changes you want and add more information to your listing.

By adding this extra information, potential customers will have a better idea what your listing is and this should hopefully get you some views on your product.

10. You’re Not Providing Accurate or Relevant Listing Information

Fix – Make Sure Your Information is Relevant and Up to Date

Your listing on eBay may also not be getting any views on it because the information you have decided to add to your listing is not up to date and is not accurate.

When a customer is browsing through eBay, they can see your listing with the description and then a photo of it, if you have attached a photo.

Customers can then click on the listing if they like it and this is how you gain views. Let’s say you are selling some collectible items and in your description, you claim that they are in perfect quality and hardly used.

However, the picture of said collectible items shows plenty of damage and wear to the product. A customer will probably not click on your listing because they can see that you have included false information and they may think you are scamming them.

If this is the case for you, you can easily go to your product and edit the description.

1. Open up your eBay account and go to Selling Activity.

2. Next, click on the listing that you want to add more relevant and accurate information to.

3. Then, click on More Actions and then Revise.

4. You can now make any changes you want and add more relevant and accurate information to your listing.

Once your description accurately portrays your product and includes up to date information, this may help you finally get some views on your listing.

11. You’ve Over-Priced Your Product

Fix – Make Sure Your Pricing is Competitive

If your listing is priced way too high when compared to your competition, this is another reason that your listing may not have any views. No one wants to buy your product when it is offered way cheaper through another seller.

You can easily check to see if your listing is over-priced by looking at other people who are selling the same product as you. If your price is fairly close to or exactly the same as other sellers, then this is not why you are not getting any views on your eBay listing.

However, if you are charging way more for your product than those selling the same thing and of the same quality, this can easily explain why you have yet to get any views on your eBay listing. You can quickly try to solve this by changing the amount you are asking for.

1. Open up your eBay account and go to Selling Activity.

2. Next, click on the listing that you want to change the price of.

3. Then, click on More Actions and then Revise.

4. You can now make any changes, including lowering the original price you were asking for.

Making your product the same price as your competition will hopefully allow you to finally get some views on your listing.

12. You’re Not Sharing Your Listing on Social Media Platforms

Fix – Share Your Listing on Other Social Media Platforms

If you are not getting any views on your listing on eBay and just really want to sell your product to get it off of your hands, you can also utilize other forms of social media and post your product there as well.

Three of the more popular sites that offer a form of shopping that is heavily utilized by accounts is Craigslist, Instagram, and Facebook. If you want to try out Craigslist, it is very similar to eBay. It exists purely for selling products and is easy to navigate.

You just have to enter the same information that you used on eBay and you can get your product listed on to Craigslist. Adding a link to your eBay listing is another option as well on your Craigslist post so that potential customers can just use that.

You can also use Instagram and Facebook, even though these sites are used mainly for social media purposes. On Instagram, you can just share a post explaining the product you are selling.

Then, you can add in the caption any further information such as prices, details about the product, and shipping, and add that they can Direct Message you for any further inquiries about the listing.

You can also add the link to your eBay listing as well in the caption. Another very popular option is Facebook, specifically Facebook MarketPlace. Here, you can once again list your product and

Facebook users can see it and interact with you. Just like with the other two, you can also add a link to your eBay listing on Facebook MarketPlace. Any other form of social media that you use can also be utilized to promote your product by simply just posting about it.

By doing this, you are reaching more people and informing them about your product, hopefully getting you some views on your eBay listing.

How to Get More Views on eBay

1. Promote Your Listing By Letting eBay Take a Final Cut

One way you can try to get more viewing on your listing is by letting eBay take a higher final cut from your listing. When you decide to sell your product through eBay, there is a set amount that eBay automatically takes from your earnings.

This is how eBay is able to make money, keep their company and employees afloat, and also ensure that the website is able to exist so people like you can list your products.

While there is already this set amount being taken by eBay, this is consistent for every seller and makes up a set percentage of your earning, not just a random number each time.

However, you can allow eBay to take even more from your final cut than what is included in this set amount. By doing this, eBay will get more of an income from your earnings, and you will be a more profitable seller for eBay than a regular seller.

This will allow eBay to advertise your listings more frequently and often, making it so that you can get more views on your listings. You can decide exactly how much more eBay makes from each one of your listings and it does not have to be a set amount.

You can say that eBay gets an extra 4% from this specific listing but then an extra 8% from another.

This change up will cause eBay to create more of a demand for the listing you post to their website which will result in you gaining more views.

2. Listing New Products Frequent As eBay Rewards Active Sellers

Another way that you can work to try and get more views on your eBay listings is by becoming an active seller on eBay. This just means that you frequently use eBay to sell your products and do not just occasionally or just one time decide to use eBay for your listings.

The more that you sell on eBay, the more that eBay as a company makes. This makes it so that eBay then rewards people who are active sellers as they are bringing more money to the company.

These rewards are then shown through your account. Your listing will appear sooner when people are looking for a product instead of potentially being on one of the last pages.

By being an active seller, you are also proving to potential customers that you are a reliable seller and that eBay is comfortable advertising your products as they know your listings are genuine and accurate to what you are claiming to sell.

Overall, being an active seller is good for you in multiple ways. eBay will reward you, and customers will be more likely to view your listing.

By having more views on your listings, you will, in general gain more views on all of your future listings as well as have more customers wanting to buy your products which can greatly increase your revenue.

3. Provide A Valuable Return Policy

Another way that you can work to try and gain more views on your eBay listings is by offering more of a valuable return policy.

This way, if potential customers are on the fence about deciding whether or not to purchase your listing, they may keep going back to it because you offer such a valuable return policy which will generate more views for you.

You can offer this more valuable return policy in a couple of different ways. One may be that they get a full refund if they want to return your product, which includes all taxes and shipping fees so that if the customer is not happy with what they have purchased, they have no financial ties anymore and get all of their money back.

You can also offer free return shipping, so that if a customer wants to return your product, they do not have to pay any shipping fees as you have done that and have included a shipping label for them to put on the return box.

Another way you can create a more valuable return policy is by offering an option where they do not have to pay for anything until they receive your product and are happy with their purchase.

This is very common with online dealings, as the customer has no way to know what they are truly buying. A lot of companies who sell clothes offer this feature as this way, customers can make sure their purchase is before actually paying for it.

By offering these types of valuable return policies, customers will be more likely to buy your products, increasing your listing views.

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