No Quotes Available Metamask? Try These 12 Fixes

No Quotes Available Metamask

MetaMask is a crypto wallet and trading application that allows users to buy, sell, and store their cryptocurrency stored on the app. One of the most common problems users have reported when using MetaMask is the “No Quotes Available” notification, followed by a message that reads “Try adjusting the number of slippage settings and try again”. Users who have received this notification are often confused as to what it means.

If you have received this message, this guide will help you break down the common causes and offer a few troubleshooting methods for you to consider remedying this issue. It can be frustrating to encounter issues using financial applications. This guide can help keep your MetaMask application working the way it was intended.

What Does “No Quotes Available” Mean On MetaMask?

Simply put, the “No Quotes Available” notification means that you have attempted a swap, which is an exchange of currency on the MetaMask application, that there is currently no market for or liquidity. This will cause MetaMask to flag the swap request and display the “No Quotes Available” notification.

This notification acts to indicate to the user a lack of interest or available market swap request that matches your request. It will restrict you from trading the token pair that you have currently selected. This can keep you from cashing out your tokens, which can lead to frustration.

Whether or not you are displaying this message regularly will depend largely on your slippage settings in the app, which determines how your account interacts with tokens that have recently experienced vast changes in value.

Why Does MetaMask Say “No Quotes Available”?

Now that you understand a little more about what the “No Quotes Available” notification means, you can start looking at some of the common causes. There are several reasons that you might receive this notification. Look for one that matches your situation in the list below:

1. There Is Not A Match For Your Swap Request

The tokens on MetaMask frequently fluctuate in price. These price changes can affect the liquidity of the tokens that you currently own. To trade tokens successfully on the application, you must have an appropriate token match or else the transaction will not be processed.

It is important to stay aware of the trending token prices before trying to attempt any swaps.

2. You Do Not Have Enough Liquidity

If there has been a recent drastic change in the trending token price, then the liquidity of your account could keep you from making swaps successfully. Your liquidity on the application is determined by your maximum slippage, which is the amount of difference you are willing to pay between the quoted and actual price of the token.

If the tokens have exceeded your maximum slippage limit, then MetaMask will not be able to complete the swap, keeping you from purchasing tokens that you could potentially not afford.

Fix – Change the Token

If the token that you are trying to change has recently experienced drastic price increases and you do not want to raise your max slippage to reflect this new liquidity, you can simply change the type of token that you are trying to currently swap.

This will allow you to keep making trades on the MetaMask application while you wait for the liquidity of the failed swap token to change to something that your max slippage can successfully process.

This is a simple way to bypass any potential liquidity issues that might be affecting your account’s ability to properly match token pairs.

3. Max Slippage Is Too Low

Your max slippage in the MetaMask application determines your overall trading limit. When tokens increase or decrease in price, their liquidity is affected. Your max slippage limit determines how your trading account and swaps react to those changes.

If your max slippage is too low, and the trending token price has risen drastically, you will likely not be able to complete swaps if your liquidity is set to low. MetaMask depends on making swap matches to complete transactions. The current liquidity of the tokens will keep them from being matched with the ones currently in your account.

Fix – Increase Max Slippage

The first thing that you should do when you encounter the “No Quotes Available” notification while using the MetaMask application is to adjust your max slippage settings. This will allow your account and swap matches to be more reactive to higher liquidity tokens.

To do this, simply open the MetaMask app and select the token pairs that you would like to attempt to trade. Once you have selected your token pair, you will be taken to the swapping page, where the Max Slippage option can be edited to represent your particular situation.

Tapping Max Slippage will give you the option to increase by percentages. It is advised to increase this percentage gradually and try the swap again. You should aim for the lowest possible max slippage that will allow you to complete the swap.

Fix 2 – Use A Decentralized Exchange

This method involves using a decentralized exchange application to swap your tokens instead of MetaMask. This will help you bypass any restrictions that MetaMask currently has in place regarding your account and any slippage issues that might be keeping you from successfully making a trade.

PancakeSwap is one of the most popular decentralized exchange applications on the market. Using PancakeSwap, you can trade your tokens quite easily. To begin, you will need to navigate to the PancakeSwap exchange website at,

From there, you can tap the connect button to link your MetaMask account to the PancakeSwap exchange. Then select the token pair that you would like to attempt to trade, followed by the amount.

After you have made your selections, you simply tap “Swap” followed by a confirmation. You will be notified of the successful transaction and it will have been successfully submitted.

4. There is a Problem With The Amount You Are Trying To Swap

If you try to make a swap on MetaMask that is outside of the acceptable boundaries, you will not be able to complete the swap and will be shown the “No Quote Available” notification.

You will not be able to complete any transactions of this sort no matter the liquidity of the tokens. If the swap you are attempting to make is either too high or too low, then you could run into problems when trying to find a match for your trade.

Fix – Change The Amount

You could be experiencing issues finding a token match on MetaMask due to an unauthorized amount that you are trying to swap. If you believe this is the issue, simply changing the amount can help remedy the issue. MetaMask has specifications for the allowable amounts that can be swapped on the app. If you are too low or too high, you could experience issues when trying to find a suitable match.

Fix 2 – Try Doing The Swap Again

MetaMask is subject to server lag that could affect its reaction to swapping attempts. Sometimes a failed swap attempt that results in the “No Quotes Available” notification can be resolved by simply waiting for a few minutes and trying again.

The failure for your tokens to be paired correctly was most likely due to a temporary glitch or bug if you can complete the swap after waiting for a few minutes.

5. There is an Error or Glitch

Like any application, MetaMask is subject to the occasional bug or glitch in functionality. Bugs and glitches can be caused by several things but are generally no fault of the user. These issues are temporary and will typically resolve themselves, with no action needed from the user.

MetaMask depends on updated software to function properly. If you have not updated the application in a while, you could risk running into bugs and errors more frequently. That being said, bugs and glitches are rare when using the MetaMask application but are still possible.

Bugs and glitches can cause problems with functionality, like swap matches not being found correctly, leading to the “No Quotes Available” notification being displayed to users. If the issue is not recurring and cleared up after a short amount of time, you were likely just experiencing a temporary bug or glitch.

Fix – Restart The MetaMask App

Like any application, MetaMask is subject to run-time errors that could potentially cause errors in functionality. These include being displayed the “No Quotes Available” notification incorrectly.

Restarting the application will give it the chance to reconcile any errors that it might have been experiencing and start over fresh. This is a good troubleshooting method to consider with any application that your might be experiencing problems with.

Fix 2 – Wait A Few Hours Before Trying Again

MetaMask could be experiencing server issues that cause your swaps to not process correctly. If you believe this is the case, you could solve your issue by simply waiting a few hours and then trying the swap again.

This will allow MetaMask to resolve any issues that it might have been experiencing that kept your swap from being processed successfully. Keep in mind that the liquidity of tokens on the MetaMask app is very volatile, so it could likely be different when you try the trade again even just a few hours later.

Fix 3 – Update Your MetaMask App

The MetaMask application has periodic updates released to fix bugs and optimize the user experience. These updates are important for ensuring the proper function of your application. If you find that you have fallen behind on updates, you could be experiencing errors that could cause the “No Quotes Available” notification to be displayed.

MetaMask offers these free updates to the user and will notify them automatically of any that are available. It is up to the user to manually download and install these updates, so sometimes they can be easy to miss.

You should check back now and then for any updates that you might have missed to ensure that your application is functioning as intended and running on the most recent software version.

Fix 3 – Update Your Phone

You could be experiencing issues with your MetaMask app due to out-of-date software on your phone. Since MetaMask is dependent on your phone to work properly, it is also imperative that you keep your phone updated to the most recent software version.

Similar to the MetaMask application, your phone will automatically notify you of any potential updates available for your phone. The user will have to manually download and install these updates for them to be applied.

Many application issues can be solved by simply updating all of the relevant software involved. Staying diligent about your updates for your devices is one of the key preventative measures concerning issues with applications.

Fix 4 – Check Your Internet Connection

Your internet connection could be causing your issues on MetaMask. If the app is not able to establish a proper connection to the internet, you could be met with the “No Quote Available” notification when trying to swap the app.

Always check that you are using the application with a stable internet connection to ensure that you do not have any transactions restricted by error.

Fix 5 – Contact MetaMask

If you are having persistent problems with your MetaMask app and none of the troubleshooting methods listed above solved your issue, then you should contact MetaMask Support and have them further investigate your issue.

You can access MetaMask support in the setting menu of your app. From there you can find the contact information to report your issue and have a ticket opened by MetaMask support. After explaining your issue in detail, MetaMask will put you in contact with someone from their support team who will help walk you through any potential troubleshooting methods that you might have missed.

You will then be directed to the next steps to help solve your issue. It can be frustrating dealing with technical support over the phone, so be patient. The support team at MetaMask will do everything that they can to ensure that any issues you are experiencing are promptly resolved.

Fix 6 – Look in the Forums

The cryptocurrency community is a rich and vast one, with forums discussing all types of issues regarding crypto and the apps that are used to buy, sell, and store them. The MetaMask forum is a rich community of people who have compiled tons of relevant information that could help you solve several different problems you might experience in the application.

You can access the forums on the MetaMask website. From there, you can simply search for your issue and you are almost guaranteed to find a detailed discussion on the topic. This makes the MetaMask forums one of the most valuable resources for troubleshooting that you can find.

You can also learn a lot about cryptocurrency on the MetaMask forums, making it a great place for those new to crypto to go to learn about how to use the app and get the most out of their token swaps.

Final Thoughts

Cryptocurrency is one of the fastest-growing trends of the 21st century. With more and more people jumping on board, it would not be unlikely to see cryptocurrency become a more widely accepted currency than cash sometime in the future.

Like any financial institution, you want your MetaMask application to work as intended and allow you access to all of the functions that are afforded to you. This can make the “No Quote Available” notification seem that much more frustrating, as it could keep you from having adequate access to your funds.

Luckily, this guide has provided you with all of the information you need to ensure that you can properly identify and resolve any potential issue you might encounter when swapping the MetaMask application.

Your ability to swap effectively on the application will ultimately be decided by your max slippage settings, which dictates how your account is allowed to interact with high liquidity tokens. Some other common issues can cause the “No Quote Available” notification, but typically it will be some type of slippage issue that keeps you from trading.

Keep in mind that you should increase your max slippage slowly and gradually. This will help you find the lowest possible slippage that will allow the restricted swap. There are many more different aspects to MetaMask and the forums can offer in-depth guides on how to use the app to its fullest extent.

This guide has provided you with all of the knowledge you need to bypass any failed swaps on the MetaMask application, to ensure that you can always trade your tokens as intended.

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