No Provider Was Found Pancakeswap? Try These 7 Fixes

No Provider Was Found Pancakeswap

PancakeSwap has quickly become one of the most popular decentralized exchange methods. It operates on the Binance Smart Chain, which is one of the largest blockchains in the world.

Users of PancakeSwap will find that they will also need to install Trust Wallet to be able to properly store and access their cryptocurrency using the Trust Wallet DApp.

Since having access to your funds is extremely important, knowing how to effectively identify and resolve any potential issues you are having with your PancakeSwap is essential. Some users have reported a common error they encounter while using PancakeSwap., the “Provider Error. No provider was found.” notification.

The “Provider Error. No provider was found.” notification is an indication that you have not been successfully connected to your Trust Wallet or PancakeSwap account. There are several reasons why this could happen. T

his detailed guide will walk you through many of the common causes for this error and some troubleshooting methods that have been proven to solve the issue.

What Does No Provider Was Found Mean On Pancake Swap

Users of PancakeSwap will receive this error when there has been an issue connecting to your account.

This can also indicate a problem with the connection between a user’s Trust Wallet and their PancakeSwap account. Any type of error that can cause connectivity issues with your account can result in the “Provider Error. No provider was found.” notification to be displayed.

Why Does PancakeSwap Say No Provider Was Found?

Now that you understand what this notification is meant to indicate, you can begin to diagnose the reason for any potential errors that can cause it. There are several reasons that you could be receiving the “Provider Error. No provider was found.” error message. The most common reasons are listed below:

1. You Are Using PancakeSwap on a Browser That Is Not Supported

For PancakeSwap to function properly and allow users to access their accounts, users must be connected to the service through the Trust Wallet DApp. A DApp is an application that has been specifically designed for use with cryptocurrency acquisition and management.

If a user tries to access their Pancake Swap account on any other type of web browser, they will not be able to connect and receive the “Provider Error. No provider was found.” notification.

Most browsers on PC and mobile will not support applications such as PancakeSwap, leading to the creation of specialized applications to handle all crypto management.

2. You Are Not Using DApp’s Browser

Users must access their Pancake Swap accounts and Trust Wallet using the respective DApp browser. A DApp browser is a specialized browser application that allows users to access the cryptocurrency market and make exchanges, while also providing a wallet to house their funds.

If a user tries to access their account from a standard web or mobile browser, they will be denied access to their account and the “Provider Error. No provider was found.” notification will be displayed.

3. There Is Something Wrong With Your DApp Browser (Like A Bug)

If you have encountered a bug with the Trust Wallet DApp, this could cause you to receive the “Provider Error. No provider was found.” error notification.

If PancakeSwap cannot establish a valid connection to the application using the DApp, then you will not be able to access your account until the issue is resolved.

Software bugs can be encountered when using any type of tech-based application. These types of errors will typically sort themselves out after some time. To counter bugs and glitches most applications release periodic updates to patch out any potential errors.

4. There Is A Bug In PancakeSwap

Just like the DApp browser, the PancakeSwap application is subject to occasional bugs and errors. These bugs can cause problems when trying to connect to your account, in most cases also causing the “Provider Error. No provider was found” notification.

Any software bugs that you encounter while using PancakeSwap will usually go away on their own, with no additional action necessary from the user.

5. You Are Trying To Use PancakeSwap on Google Chrome

If you try and use PancakeSwap on the Google Chrome web browser, you will find that you are unable to access your Trust Wallet, causing the “Provider Error. No provider was found” notification to be displayed on your screen.

This is due to the current incompatibility between the PancakeSwap application and Google Chrome. PancakeSwap can only be used with an appropriate DApp, else you run the risk of encountering connectivity errors while trying to access your funds.

The Trust Wallet DApp is currently the DApp that is supported by the PancakeSwap cryptocurrency platform. The Trust Wallet DApp allows users to access all of their cryptocurrency funds and manage them all in one place.

6. You Are Trying To Use PancakeSwap On A Mobile Browser Like Safari

Just like Google Chrome, the Safari web browser on your mobile device will not be able to establish a valid connection to your PancakeSwap account, causing the “Provider Error. No provider was found” notification to be displayed.

You must download and use the Trust Wallet DApp to ensure that your PancakeSwap account functions correctly. If you are attempting to access your PancakeSwap account from a mobile web browser, consider downloading the appropriate DApp instead.

7. Your Device Is Out Of Date

If you are currently using an out-of-date version of your phone’s software, this could cause issues with your PancakeSwap account, including the “Provider Error. No provider was found” notification to be displayed incorrectly.

To ensure that all your applications work properly, you must keep your phone regularly updated. Regular updates help to ensure that any potential bugs or glitches are remedied for you.

Oftentimes, if your phone needs an update while you are having problems with the PancakeSwap application, then an update could be a quick fix.

How To Fix PancakeSwap No Provider Was Found

Now that you understand more about the potential causes of the “Provider Error. No provider was found” notification to be displayed to users of the PancakeSwap application, you can start examining the different ways to troubleshoot your current issue.

This detailed guide will break down many of the common fixes for this issue and walk you through how to apply them to help remedy your issue. Some of the most common ways to fix problems with the “Provider Error. No provider was found” notification are listed below:

1. Use the DApp Trust Wallet Browser

To effectively utilize the blockchain technology offered by PancakeSwap, users must access the application through a DApp. A DApp is what is known as a “decentralized application”. Using a DApp is the only way that users can fully access their PancakeSwap accounts.

If you find that you are having problems accessing your PancakeSwap account from outside of the Trust Wallet DApp, then you can expect issues gaining access to your account, including the “Provider Error. No provider was found” notification being displayed.

To solve this problem, simply download the Trust Wallet DApp from your phone’s app store. Once downloaded, start it up and set up your cryptocurrency wallet so that you can properly store any funds.

You will need to make sure to enable the DApp browser in the Trust Wallet app to access PancakeSwap and buy and sell your cryptocurrency.

For Android users, the browser comes automatically enabled. Unfortunately, iPhone users will have a few more steps to take before they can successfully use the Trust Wallet DApp.

The Trust Wallet DApp browser is currently not available on the Apple app store. This can be a frustrating revelation, but rest assured that if you are an iPhone user that is trying to access their PancakeSwap account, this guide has a proven method that can help you get connected later on in the list.

2. Instead of Picking Your Wallet from the Options, Pick “WalletConnect”

This is one of the proven methods for working around the lack of compatibility with the Trust Wallet DApp for iPhone users, though it will generally work with other mobile devices as well.

This method revolves around choosing certain options that can help you bypass any incompatibility with your phone’s mobile browser and Pancake Swap.

First, navigate to the PancakeSwap website. From there, tap the “Connect” button that you will see displayed at the top of your screen. Once you have done that, you will be taken to a page that gives you the option to either select “Trust Wallet” or “WalletConnect”.

You must choose “WalletConnect” if you want to be able to access your PancakeSwap account on your iPhone or Android without direct use of the DApp. You will be asked to connect a Trust Wallet account and after doing so you will be able to access your Trust Wallet directly through PancakeSwap.

3. Use A Supported Browser

This is quite possibly the easiest solution to your Pancake Swap “Provider Error. No provider was found” notification problems. Simply ensuring that you are using the proper browser to access your account will significantly cut down on your chances of encountering any errors.

Although there is a workaround to gain some levels of access with the proper DApp browser, generally if you want to ensure that you are getting optimal performance out of the PancakeSwap application, then you want to make sure that you are using the appropriate Trust Wallet DApp.

Typical web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, and the Safari mobile browser do not fully support the use of PancakeSwap. This could cause you to not be able to buy or sell crypto or access your account entirely.

4. Keep Refreshing the Browser Till It Works

If you are currently using the Trust Wallet DApp and still find that you are experiencing issues with the “Provider Error. No provider was found” notification being displayed, simply refreshing the browser several times can help push your request through.

Web-based applications are prone to run-time errors and hang-ups that could cause any requests to be delayed or fail.

Often this is due to some sort of bug or glitch that will resolve itself. Refreshing the browser can help to consolidate any of these potential types of errors and let you gain access to your account faster.

5. On iPhone, Use trust://browser_enable In Your Web Browser

For iPhone users, who do not have direct access to the Trust Wallet DApp on the Apple app store, this method is likely the best one for you to consider if you are having a “Provider Error. No provider was found” notification problem.

This method focuses on giving iPhone users a way to access their Trust Wallet and PancakeSwap accounts using their standard web browser.

Using the URL, trust://browser_enable in your Safari browser will give users the ability to enable the Trust Wallet DApp browser without downloading it directly from the app store.

Simply enter the given URL into Safari and it will cause a notification to be displayed prompting the user to open the page in the Trust Wallet application.

When you return to the Safari browser after enabling the Trust Wallet application on your phone, there will now be a browser option at the bottom of your screen. Users can then access the features of the DApp browser on their device without having to download it from the app store.

This is a proven method to help iPhone users utilize all of the features associated with PancakeSwap and Trust Wallet in their mobile browser.

Accessing the application this way can cause some functionality issues, so be aware that you might run into some errors now and then. Hopefully, sometime in the future, the Trust Wallet DApp browser will return to the Apple App Store.

6. Update Your Phone

Using a phone with out-of-date software can lead to frequent performance issues with any application that you might be accessed on your device. You must keep up with any potential updates for your phone, else you run the risk of not being able to access your PancakeSwap account.

Updates for phones are periodically released and often include quality-of-life fixes and bug patches. For those reasons, it is important to check regularly for any updates available and install them immediately.

For those who have a lot of cryptocurrencies currently stashed away in the PancakeSwap app, it is even more important to ensure that you are always able to access your funds efficiently and easily.

7. Contact PancakeSwap Support

If you find that none of the above troubleshooting methods met your particular needs, then you can consider contacting PancakeSwap customer support to have them investigate your issue further. This should be considered as a last resort after you have exhausted the list of troubleshooting methods above to no avail.

Once you have reported your issues, someone from PancakeSwap technical support will be in touch with you to help walk through any potential troubleshooting methods that you may have missed.

Final Thoughts

The growing popularity of cryptocurrency around the globe is a phenomenon that has never quite been seen before. The drastic move from tangible currency to digital is likely one that will take many years to truly become integrated into the economy.

Those early adopters of cryptocurrency will have a significant head start in the market. Now using this guide, you will have a little more insight into how cryptocurrency works.

PancakeSwap is one of the most popular cryptocurrency platforms out right now. If you find that you are having issues with your PancakeSwap application displaying the “Provider Error. No provider was found” notification, you now know the necessary to identify and effectively troubleshoot any potential issues that might arise while using PancakeSwap.

Cryptocurrency can be confusing, so guides like the one you are currently reading can be an extremely valuable resource for learning more about the crypto-markets and the apps designed to accommodate their users. Most PancakeSwap users will tell you that being able to access their accounts successfully is vital.

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