When followers make new posts on Instagram, your Instagram feed is updated to accommodate those new posts and old ones are faded out, but what if no new posts are present? For individuals with dozens of followers, this can seem strange and it’s unlikely every single soul decided against making a new post. Something must be wrong.

Have You Followed Anyone Yet?

It may seem silly to ask yourself that question, but not everyone joining Instagram is a social media expert and it’s worth considering. In order to see posts on your Instagram feed, you need to start following someone and they need to extend the same invitation. After that connection has been established, your Instagram feed will, indeed, fill with posts from individuals you’re following.

Posts On Your Feed Don’t Hang Around Forever

What you could be experiencing is simply an empty Instagram feed. Posts shared by your friends, family and followers won’t hang around forever. If the last post your friend made was a week ago, chances are you won’t see a week old post on your Instagram feed.

A Problem with Your Network Connection

If you aren’t seeing new posts on your Instagram feed, the root cause of the problem could be stemming from your internet connection. Try testing out the Instagram app over mobile data or vice versa. Even better, if you have a second device, try using Instagram on the secondary device. If the second device is experiencing the same problem, it’s either Instagram as a whole or your network connection. Get in touch with a friend and ask them on the status of Instagram through their end.

If you’re at home, reset your modem. Here’s what you do:

1. Locate your modem and router (if you have a router).

2. In the back, find the power cable for both your modem and router. Follow the cords until you reach the power outlet they are both plugged into.

3. Pull the power cords from the power outlet and give the modem and router at least 2 minutes.

4. After 2 minutes is up, go ahead plug them back in and reconnect your device to your network connection. If the problem was solved, then you discovered the source of the problem.

Log Out of Your Instagram Account

Like any application full of code and background processes happening at once, you’re bound to have a problem with the application. You can attempt to rectify the problem by logging out of Instagram. In doing so, you can refresh Instagram.

1. Head into your Profile. It’s a silhouette of a person in the bottom right corner of the screen.

2. Open the menu in the top right corner of the screen. It will prompt a side panel. Afterwards, head all the way down the panel and select Settings.

3. In Settings, scroll to the very bottom of the menu and select Log Out.

4. Close Instagram completely and then fire it back up. Afterwards, log back into Instagram.

Force Stop Instagram and Clear Cache Data

If you tried logging out of Instagram and logging back in, but it didn’t solve your problem, you may have to resort to a more drastic measure: forcing Instagram to stop and clearing its cache data. Flushing cache data will get rid of any corrupted data that was collected along the way. Before doing that, forcing Instagram to stop will halt any processes that could be hanging around causing problems.

1. Locate and launch the Settings app. Its icon is a gear. You can the Settings app somewhere on one of your home screens or inside your App Drawer, where all currently installed apps are housed.

You can launch the Settings app from your Quick Settings Menu, too. To find it, open your notification shade. Tap your taskbar or tap and swipe down to open it. Once the notification shade is open, swipe down again to reveal your Quick Settings Menu. You’ll find the Settings app their as a gear icon.

2. In Settings, head down to Apps or Applications and select it. It varies between manufacturers.

3. In Apps, locate Instagram. When you’ve found it, go ahead and select it.

4. In App Info, tap FORCE STOP. It’s at the top of the page. Afterwards, fire up the Instagram app to see if anything changed. After that, head into Storage.

5. Finally, select CLEAR CACHE in Storage.

6. Fire the Instagram app back up.

Reinstall the Instagram App

So, you’ve tried everything. You rebooted your modem and router, you logged out, force stopped its processes and even cleared the cache, but Instagram is still coming up blank. The final method you can try is uninstalling the Instagram app. However, many devices won’t allow you to uninstall Instagram. What you’re doing, instead, is, essentially, rolling the Instagram app backwards. You’re disabling it.

It’s possible you downloaded a recent update for Instagram and, at one point, your connection went bad and ended up corrupting Instagram. Here’s what you do:

1. Locate and launch the Settings app. Its icon is a gear.

2. Head down the list to Apps and select it.

3. Select Instagram from your list of apps.

4. Select FORCE STOP and then select DISABLE.

5. When prompted, your Android will ask if you want to replace it with the factory version. Select OK.

6. Now, select ENABLE.

7. Locate Instagram on your device and start it. Before you update it, make sure you have a solid network connection, then select UPDATE.

Bottom Line

With that being said, you should be seeing new posts if any are supposed to be present. After all that and you still don’t see any new posts on your Instagram feed, then it’s time to get in touch with Instagram’s help center.